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A-Z of Banipal's contributors (by family name) – authors, translators, reviewers, essayists, interviewers, reporters and cover artists, with details as up to date as possible at the time of publication. For more information on any contributor, please contact

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Ines Abassi is an internationally published Tunisian poet [read more] [top]
Mohammad al-Abbas is a Saudi Arabian writer and literary critic. He has published four books of essays on prose poetry and modernism in literature. [read more] [top]
Luay Hamza Abbas was born in 1965 in Basra, Iraq. He has a PhD from Basra University (2002), where he teaches literary criticism. [read more] [top]
Hassan Abdallah bio-data coming soon [read more] [top]
Ibtisam Abdallah is an Iraqi novelist, short-story writer and literary translator. [read more] [top]
Yasir Abdel Baqi writes novels, short stories and screenplays. He is the editorial director for Al-Manara magazine. [read more] [top]
Mahmoud Abdel Ghani was born in 1967 in Khraibka, Morocco. He is studying for a PhD in autobiography in early Arabic literature. In 1999 he published his first collection of poems. [read more] [top]
Yasser Abdel Hafez (Abd el-Hafez) is a novelist and journalist, born in Cairo in 1969. He graduated in Law from Ain Shams University. [read more] [top]
Sarah H. Abdel Halim is a Palestinian translator, who translates between Spanish, English and Arabic. [read more] [top]
Ahmed Abdel Hussain was born in Baghdad in 1966. He published his first writing in 1982. [read more] [top]
Salah Abdel Latif was born in Baghdad in 1950. He has published two collections of short stories (1984 and 1993). In 2000 he published a novel, Nujoum Adamiyya [Human Stars] in Tangiers. [read more] [top]
Yasser Abdel Latif was born in Cairo in 1969. He graduated from Cairo University in Philosophy in 1994. [read more] [top]
Ibrahim Abdel Meguid was born in Alexandria in 1946. He is one of Egypt’s most respected and well-known of authors. [read more] [top]
Mohammed Abdel Nabi is an Egyptian novelist and short story writer, and teaches creative writing. [read more] [top]
Farouk Abdel Wahab Farouk Abdel Wahab was the pen-name of Farouk A W Mustafa, translator and Ibn Rushd Professorial Lecturer in Modern Arabic Language and Associate Director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago, who died, aged 70 years, on 3 April 2013. [read more] [top]
Mahmood Abdel Wahab was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1929. While still at school he wrote a play The Miserable. [read more] [top]
Marie-Therese Abdel-Messih is Professor of English & Comparative Literature at the University of Cairo. [read more] [top]
Ashraf Abdelshafy was born on 29 July 1969 in El-Minya, Egypt. He has a degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Cairo University [read more] [top]
Mohamad Alaaedin Abdul Moula is a writer and poet from Syria [read more] [top]
Luay Abdul-Ilah was born in Baghdad in 1949. He graduated in Mathematics from Baghdad University. A regular contributor of literary criticism and short stories to several Arabic magazines and newspapers. [read more] [top]
Noel Abdulahad was born in Bethlehem, and settled in Phoenix, Arizona. He was a poet, critic and translator from Arabic, and particularly enjoyed translating poetry. [read more] [top]
Samir Abdulfattah has authored three collections of short stories, two novels and may plays for the theatre. [read more] [top]
Mona Abdulkader al-Ali is a short story writer and painter, born in Dubai. [read more] [top]
Einas Abdullah has published a collection of poetry and a novel "La mala’ikah fi Ramallah" (There are no Angels in Ramallah), and is working on her second novel. [read more] [top]
Yahya Taher Abdullah was born in Karnak, Egypt in 1938. He has published four novellas, including The Collar and the Bracelet which was made into a major Egyptian film. [read more] [top]
Najat Abdullah was born in the province of Misan in Iraq. She has worked on a number of magazines and newspapers as a cultural journalist. [read more] [top]
Hassan Abdulrazzak Hassan Abdulrazzak is an Iraqi playwright and novelist, best known for his highly successful play Baghdad Wedding. [read more] [top]
Abdallah Abdulwahab is a poet, born in 1963 in UAE. [read more] [top]
Kareem Abed a poet and short story writer, was born in Iraq in 1952. After leaving Iraq in 1979, he lived in Beirut and Damascus. [read more] [top]
Pierre Abi Saab is a Lebanese journalist and Cultural Editor of Al-Akhbar daily newspaper [read more] [top]
Elmaz Abinader is author of a Memoir, Children of the Roojme, a collection of poetry, In The Country of my Dreams and several one-woman shows. [read more] [top]
Huda (Hoda) Ablan was born in 1971 in Ib, Yemen. In 1993 she obtained a Masters degree in Political Science from Sana’a University. [read more] [top]
Hosam Aboul-Ela is an associate professor at the University of Houston, Texas. [read more] [top]
Leila Aboulela was born in Cairoo and grew up in Khartoum, now a well-known novelist and writer. [read more] [top]
Hamdy Abowgliel was born in 1968 into a Bedouin family in Egypt. He has published two volumes of short stories, Asrab al-Naml [Swarms of Bees] in 1997, and Ashya’ Matwiyya bi-‘Anaya Fa’iqa [Items Folded with Great Care] in 2000, for which he has received three literary awards, and one non-fiction work. [read more] [top]
Nazih Abu Afach was born in Syria in 1946 in Homs. He is a poet and painter and has published 13 collections of poetry, the first in 1968 and the latest [The Bible of the Blind] in 2003. [read more] [top]
Rasmi Abu Ali was born in 1937 in al-Malha, Jerusalem. [read more] [top]
Kamal Abu Deeb is holder of the Chair of Arabic at the University of London. [read more] [top]
Nabil Abu Hamad is an painter, political cartoonist and caricaturist, with a weekly cartoon in Al-Hayat newspaper. He was born in the small Palestinian village of Kafr Yasif of a Lebanese father and Palestinian mother. [read more] [top]
Jamal Abu Hamdan was born in 1944 in Jabal Al-Arab, Syria, while the family was moving from Lebanon to Jordan. [read more] [top]
Mahmoud Abu Hashhash was born in the al-Fawar refugee camp, Hebron, in 1971. He has a degree in English language and literature from Birzeit University. [read more] [top]
Samer Abu Hawwash was born in Beirut in 1972 to a family of Palestinian refugees. Since 1991 he has published poetry and articles in various Lebanese newspapers and magazines. [read more] [top]
Fawziyya Abu Khalid was born in Riyadh in 1959. She has BAs from universities in Lebanon and the USA, and an MA from King Saud University, where she lectures in Sociology. She has published three books of poetry. [read more] [top]
Yusuf Abu Rayya (1955-2009) was born in Hihya in the Nile Delta. He published six short story collections, five novels, and seven books for children. [read more] [top]
Atef Abu Saif is a Palestinian writer. [read more] [top]
Emad Abu Saleh was born in a village in the Egyptian Delta in December 1967. He has lived and worked in Cairo since 1990, presently as a journalist on Al-Wafd. [read more] [top]
Rashad Abu Shawar was born in 1942 in Thikreen in Palestine. He is a novelist, short story writer and journalist. Since 1970 he has published seven collections of short stories, six novels, four books of essays, two children’s books and one play. [read more] [top]
Zuhayr Abu Shayeb was born in Amman. He has published two collections of poetry in 1986 and 1987. [read more] [top]
Zuleikha Abu-Risha has published her poetry in several literary magazines and has three collections, the first 1998. She studied at Exeter University, UK. [read more] [top]
Kareem James Abu-Zeid born into an Egyptian American family, he has lived an itinerant life. He was a runner-up for the 2010 Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation. [read more] [top]
Maya Abul Hayyat is an award-winning young Palestinian writer of novels, poetry and short stories. Her new novel will be published by Dar Al-Adaab in January 2013. [read more] [top]
Amira Abul Husn was born in Qamishli, Syria, in 1959. She studied business for two years befpre eaving college to devote heself to her poetry. [read more] [top]
Fathi Abul Nasr is the author of two books - one poetry anthology and one collection of poems with narrative texts. [read more] [top]
Redwan Abushwesha is a writer and a painter. He has published one collection of short stories, a novel, several texts on Libyan history, and in English translation, The King of the Dead and other Libyan Tales. [read more] [top]
Mohammed Achaari is a Moroccan poet and author, born in 1951 in Moulay Driss Zerhoun. He graduated in law in 1975 from Mohammed V University, Rabat. He started his literary life with a short story, “Waiting for the Death of the Father” in 1967. [read more] [top]
Hisham Adam is a Sudanese novelist and short story writer, currently living in Belgium. [read more] [top]
Majid Addam was born in Kirkuk, Iraq, in 1972, and graduated from the Baghdad Institute of Technology in 1993. [read more] [top]
Yassin Adnan was born in 1970 in Safi, Morocco. [read more] [top]
Etel Adnan is a Lebanese-American poet, essayist and painter. She studied Philosophy at the Sorbonne and at the universities of Berkeley and Harvard, and taught Philosophy in San Rafael, California. [read more] [top]
Taha Adnan He's a Moroccan poet and he organizes an annual Arabic literary festival, Al-Salon al-Adabi in Brussels. [read more] [top]
Yassin Adnan Is a poet, short story writer, and presents a weekly cultural program on Moroccan television. [read more] [top]
Adonis is an internationally renowned poet, essayist, and theoretician of poetics. He was born Ali Ahmad Said Esber in Qassabin, Syria, in 1930, and adopted the name Adonis when he was 17. He co-founded the ground-breaking modern poetry magazine, Sh’ir, and later Mawaqaf magazine. [read more] [top]
Mamdouh Adwan was born in Hama in Syria. He was a prolific writer, poet, playwright and critic, publishing his first collection of poetry, al-Dhul al-Akhdhar [The Green Shadow] in 1967 and since then 17 further collections. [read more] [top]
Mofleh al-Adwan is a short story writer, born in Jordan in 1966. He graduated in Chemical Engineering from Jordan University. [read more] [top]
Wajdi al-Ahdal is a Yemeni novelist, short story writer and playwright. Some of his works have been banned in Yemen and was forced to leave the country at one point. He has won numerous Yemeni literary prizes for his work. [read more] [top]
Ibrahim Ahmad was born in Iraq in 1946. He graduated in Law from Baghdad University. He is a well-known short story writer and has published eight collections, the first [20 Very Short Stories] in Baghdad in 1976. [read more] [top]
Mohammad Jamil Ahmad is a poet and critic from Sudan. [read more] [top]
Hagar Hesham Ahmed is an Assistant Lecturer at Ain Shams University, Cairo, where she is pursuing a PhD in Drama. [read more] [top]
Abdul Hamid Ahmed is a pioneer short story writer in the Emirates, born in Dubai. [read more] [top]
Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp is a British translator of Arabic, German and Russian into English. [read more] [top]
Ibrahim Ahmidan is a short story writer and literary editor from Tripoli. [read more] [top]
Nesreen Akhtarkhavari Nesreen Badi Akhtarkhavar was born in the city of Irbid, Jordan. She graduated with a Law degree from the University of Jordan in 1982, and received a Master’s in Criminology (1984) and Ph.D. in Multilingual Multi-Cultural Education from Florida State University in 1992. [read more] [top]
Younis al-Akhzami is a short story writer from Oman. He has published two collections, An-’atheer (1992) and Habs an-'Nawras (1996). [read more] [top]
Mersel Faleh Al Ajami is a Kuwaiti critic and academic. [read more] [top]
Sultan Al Ameemi is an Emirati writer. His second novel was longlisted for the 2017 International Prize for Arabic Fiction [read more] [top]
Shahad Al Rawi is an Iraqi writer, born in Baghdad in 1986 and now living in Dubai. [read more] [top]
Ahmed Alaidy was born in 1974, studied marketing at Cairo University, and has worked as a scriptwriter on quiz shows and for the cinema, and as a writer of satirical stories for young people and a book designer. [read more] [top]
Osama Alaysa is a writer and journalist, born in Bethlehem, Palestine, in 1963. [read more] [top]
Astrid Alben is a poet, editor and translator from Dutch to English. [read more] [top]
Fatma Alboudy Fatma Alboudy is the publisher of Dar al-Ain, based in Cairo [read more] [top]
Khalid Albudoor is at the forefront of the modern poetry movement in Dubai, where he was born. He won the Al-Khal Prize for Poetry in Lebanon in 1991, and has published five poetry collections. [read more] [top]
Ammiel Alcalay is a poet, translator, critic and scholar. He teaches at Queens College, New York, and is former chair of Classical, Middle Eastern & Asian Languages & Cultures. [read more] [top]
Dima Alchukr is a Syrian literary critic and journalist [read more] [top]
Raja Alem is an award-winning author from Jeddah, Saudia Arabia. She was joint-winner of the 2011 IPAF Arabic novel prize. [read more] [top]
Edward Alexander is a translator between Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and English who splits his time between the UK and Croatia. [read more] [top]
Ahmed Alfaitouri is a journalist and writer, born in Benghazi, Libya in 1955. [read more] [top]
Muniam Alfaker was born in Iraq in 1953. He left in 1979 and lived in Beirut and Damascus before settling in Copenhagen. [read more] [top]
Ghazi Algosaibi (1940-2010) was a respected Saudi intellectual, poet, essayist and critic, and government minister, well known in the Arab world in the worlds of academia, politics and diplomacy. [read more] [top]
Jokha Alharthi is an Omani author and Professor of Literature at Sultan Qaboos University. [read more] [top]
Nagat Ali was born in Cairo. She graduated from Ain Shams University in literature and is currently preparing an MA on irony in the short stories of Yusuf Idris. [read more] [top]
Fatima Yousif al-Ali was born in 1953 in Kuwait. She is a journalist and short story writer. She has a BA in Arabic Literature from Cairo University and an MA in literary criticism on “the movement of society in the Kuwaiti short story”. [read more] [top]
Marwan Ali was born in 1968 in Qamishle, Syria. He started publishing poetry in 1999 in Arab quarterlies and newspapers. [read more] [top]
Taha Muhammad Ali (1931 - 2011) was born in Saffuriyah, near Nazareth. He was 17 when the Saffuriyans were forced out of their village by the Jewish army in July 1948. [read more] [top]
Mohamed Ali Yousfi Tunisian writer, poet and literary critic. [read more] [top]
Pius Alibek Was born in Ankawa in northern Iraq and now lives and works in Barcelona. [read more] [top]
Omar Abulqasim Alkikli is a Libyan short story writer, editor and translator. [read more] [top]
Nadia Alkowkabani was born in Taiz, Yemen. She has published five collections and stories and three novels, selections of which have been translated into English, French, German and Italian. [read more] [top]
Roger Allen is Professor Emeritus of Arabic and Comparative Literature in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. [read more] [top]
Monir Almajid was born in 1951 in Qamishli, Syria. He graduated from Damascus University in the Faculty of Fine Arts [read more] [top]
Faouzia Aloui Is a Tunisian poet and fiction writer. [read more] [top]
Ahmed Alrahbi is an Omani journalist and short story writer, born in Muscat in 1971. [read more] [top]
Taleb Alrefai was born in Kuwait on 10th May, 1958. [read more] [top]
Hussain Alsagaaf Hussain Alsagaaf is an Iraqi art critic and writer, living in Denmark. He has a book of essays on the Iraqi novel, and has written two novels himself. [read more] [top]
Saud Alsanousi is a Kuwaiti novelist, journalist and winner of the 2013 International Prize for Arabic Fiction. [read more] [top]
Manhal Alsarraj (Sarraj) is a Syrian author who has lived in Sweden since 2006. [read more] [top]
Ahmed Alsoudani was born in Baghdad in 1975, and left Iraq during the first Gulf War, settling in the USA, where he graduated in 2008 from Yale School of Art. [read more] [top]
Salih J Altoma was born in Iraq. He is Professor Emeritus of Arabic and Comparative Literature at Indiana University, USA, and has been associated with the university since 1964. [read more] [top]
Mohammed Hasan Alwan was born in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia in 1979. He has published four novels and a collection of short stories. [read more] [top]
Jaber Alwan was born in Babylon, Iraq, in 1948 in 1970 from the Institute of Fine Art in Baghdad. [read more] [top]
Suzanne Alwayan was born in 1974 in Beirut. She has a degree in journalism and media studies from the American University in Cairo. She lives in Beirut. [read more] [top]
Nora Amin was born in Cairo, where she lives and works. She studied Cinema before turning to writing and has published a short story collection and a novel. [read more] [top]
Mohammed al-Amiry was born in al-Qulaiat, Jordan River Valley, in 1961. [read more] [top]
Piers Amodia translates from Arabic and Italian into English. He spent eight years in the merchant navy before going to Edinburgh University to study Arabic. [read more] [top]
Mohammed al-Anaizi is a short story writer and researcher, born in Benghazi in 1963. [read more] [top]
Ziad al-Anany was born in Naour, Jordan, in 1962. Since 1988 he has published four collections of poetry. [read more] [top]
Mona Anis is a writer and translator from Egypt. [read more] [top]
Jan-Willem Anker has four collections of poetry and has been a programmer for the Rotterdam Poetry International. His work has been translated into French and German. [read more] [top]
Bassim al-Ansar has been publishing his poetry since the early 1990s . . . [read more] [top]
Omar al-Ansari was born in Timbuktu in 1966. His debut novel is Al-Rijal al-Zurq (The Blue Men) about the Tuareg. [read more] [top]
Brother Anthony of Taize is an translator of Korean literature born in England. [read more] [top]
Sinan Antoon is a poet, novelist, translator and filmmaker. He was born in Baghdad in 1967 and moved to the USA after the 1991 Gulf War. [read more] [top]
Thomas Aplin was born in England in 1979. He has a first class degree in BA Arabic from the University of Exeter and an MSc in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies from Edinburgh, where he is currently pursuing a PhD on the Gulf novel. [read more] [top]
Anis Arafai Has published nine collections of short stories. [read more] [top]
Mohammed al-Arashiya was born in Sirte, Libya, in 1966 and writes short stories, novels and poetry. [read more] [top]
Sawsan al-Areeqi is a poet and co-founder of website. [read more] [top]
Tarek el-Ariss teaches contemporary Middle Eastern culture and literature, media, film, and Arabic and European intellectual history at New York University. [read more] [top]
Mustapha Arrar Known as Arrar, Mustapha Wahbi al-Tal (1899-1949) is considered one of the most popular poets in Jordan. [read more] [top]
Anna Asbury studied Classics and Linguistics at Cambridge University, then found her way into literary translation through a summer course with the Dutch Foundation for Literature. [read more] [top]
Mohammed al-Asfar is a Libyan novelist, who began writing in 1999. He has ten published novels and two collections of short stories. [read more] [top]
Gaber Asfour has been a professor at several Arab, European and American universities, and is a former President of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Culture. [read more] [top]
Radwa Ashour Radwa Ashour was an Egyptian author, scholar and translator. [read more] [top]
Yusef Habshi al-Ashqar (1922-1992) was born in Bayt Shabab, Lebanon. Author of several novels and collections of short stories, he is considered by many as one of the greatest of modern Arab writers. [read more] [top]
Waiel Ashry is an Egyptian writer and translator who currently resides in New York City where he studies Arabic literature at NYU. [read more] [top]
Ibrahim Aslan (1936-2012) was a leading Egyptian novelist and short story writer. His first novel, translated as The Heron, was voted as one of the 100 best Arabic books of the 20th century, and adapted into the film Kit Kat. He will be much missed. [read more] [top]
Jawad Al-Assadi is a leading theatre director, playwright, researcher and poet, born in Karbala, Iraq, in 1947. [read more] [top]
Zeinab Assaf is a young poet from Lebanon. She works as a literary critic and book reviewer for An-Nahar daily newspaper, and is editor-in-chief of the newly-established magazine Naqd (Critic). [read more] [top]
Zena Assi was born in 1974 in Lebanon. She graduated with honours from L’Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA) with a D.E.S. in publicity. [read more] [top]
Alaa Al-Aswany was born in 1957 and educated at the Lycée Français in Cairo, Cairo University, and the University of Illinois, Chicago. [read more] [top]
Seema Atalla was born in New York, completed high school in Amman, Jordan, and now lives in Southern California. [read more] [top]
Fahad al-Ateeq (Fahd al-Atiq) was born in Riyadh. He is a fiction writer and since 1985 has published 5 short story collections and one novel. [read more] [top]
Majed Atef was born in Ramallah, Palestine, in 1972. He has three collections of short stories. [read more] [top]
Laila al-Atrash is a Palestinian novelist, born in Beit Sahour, near Bethlehem, in 1948. [read more] [top]
Fouad El-Auwad Fouad El-Auwad was born in Damascus, Syria, in 1965, and lives in Germany. [read more] [top]
Akl Awit is a poet, critic, journalist and university professor, born in Lebanon in 1952. [read more] [top]
Salah Awwad is an Iraqi poet and journalist, born in 1956 in Bagdad. He left Iraq in 1979 and in 1988 settled in the USA. [read more] [top]
Kamal Ayadi Kamal Ayadi was born in 1967 and is a Tunisian writer and journalist. [read more] [top]
Mohamed Salah Al-Azab was born in Cairo on 19 September 1981. His first novel A Long Cellar with a Low Ceiling making you Crouch was published by Suad Al-Sabah Publishers, Kuwait, 2003 (second edition, Cairo 2006). [read more] [top]
Asma'a Azaizeh won the A M Qattan Foundation's Young Writer Award in 2010 and had her first collection of poetry published in 2011. [read more] [top]
Ibtisam Azem is a Palestinian writer and journalist. Her first novel, "Sariq al-Nawm" (The Sleep Thief) was published in Beirut by Dar al-Jamal in 2011. [read more] [top]
Ali Azeriah was born in Morocco. He holds an MA in Translation and Linguistics from the University of Bath, UK, and a PhD in comparative literature and translation studies from SUNY-Binghamton, NY (USA). [read more] [top]
Aziz Azrhai was born in Casablanca in 1965. He worked as a journalist in the nineties, is a member of the House of Poetry in Morocco and has published two collections of poetry and biography of Moroccan author Idris el-Khoury. [read more] [top]
Samira Azzam She was a pioneering Palestinian writer, publishing five novels and numerous short stories in her short life. [read more] [top]
Fadhil al-Azzawi was born in Kirkuk, northern Iraq, in 1940. He has a BA in English Literature from Baghdad University and a PhD in Journalism from Leipzig University. [read more] [top]
Saleh al-Azzaz worked for many years as a journalist in Riyadh where he lived, then became a television documentary filmmaker and well-known photographer. [read more] [top]
Adil Babikir is a Sudanese translator into and out of English & Arabic, living now in Abu Dhabi. [read more] [top]
Gabriela Babnik was born in Göppingen, Germany. Her works include two novels and a radio play. [read more] [top]
Ali Bader is an award-winning Iraqi novelist and journalist. [read more] [top]
Liana Badr is a well-known Palestinian novelist, and short story writer, also a journalist, poet and cinema director [read more] [top]
Enas al-Badran was born in Iraq and is a journalist and translator. [read more] [top]
Vasile Baghiu is a prominent Romanian poet and fiction writer, and member of both the Writers’ Union of Romania and the PEN Club. [read more] [top]
Abdallah Uld Mohamadi Bah is a writer, novelist and journalist from Nabaghiya, southern Mauritania. [read more] [top]
Hesham Bahari is the author of two novels in the Swedish language, and the publisher of Alhambra Förlag in Sweden. [read more] [top]
Tareq Bakari is from Missour, eastern Morocco. He is an author and teaches Arabic language in Meknes. [read more] [top]
Basheer al-Baker was born in Al-Hassaka, Syria, in 1956. He has been publishing his poetry in several Arab literary magazines. [read more] [top]
Salwa Bakr was born in Cairo in 1949. In the early1980 she was a film and theatre critic for Arabic-language newspapers and magazines and from 1985 concentrated on her own writings. [read more] [top]
Mohammad Bakri is a Palestinian actor and filmmaker who has won many awards, including the Palestine Award for Cinema, the award for Best Documentary twice, and the best actor award for "Private"(2006) at the Locarno Film Festival. [read more] [top]
Shimon Ballas was born in Baghdad in 1930 and immigrated to Israel in 1951. [read more] [top]
Aida Bamia is a former Professor in the African and Asian Languages and Literatures Department at the University of Florida, USA. [read more] [top]
Latifa Baqa was born in Sale, Morocco. She has one collection of short stories Ma allathi nafalahu? [What Do We Do?], published by the Moroccan Union of Writers when she won their Award for Best Young Writer of 1992. [read more] [top]
Thuraya Al-Baqsami is a Kuwaiti artist and writer, born in 1951. [read more] [top]
Ibtisam Barakat is an author, poet, translator and artist from Palestine. She lives in the United States and writes in both English and Arabic. Her memoir in English about growing up in Ramallah, Tasting the Sky, a Palestinian Childhood, won more than twenty awards and honours. [read more] [top]
Salim Barakat is of Kurdish origin, born in 1951 in Qamishli, Syria, where he was brought up and spent most of his adult life. [read more] [top]
Hoda Barakat is a highly regarded and acclaimed novelist. She was born in 1952 and brought up in Bsharré, Lebanon, the birthplace of Gibran Kahlil Gibran. [read more] [top]
Najwa Barakat was born in 1960 in Beirut, studied theatre and film. [read more] [top]
Ahmed Barakat was born in Casablanca. In 1977 he started publishing his poetry in Moroccan and other Arab newspapers. He published two collections of poems before his untimely death in 1994. [read more] [top]
Halim Barakat was born in 1933 into a Greek-Orthodox Arab family in Kafroun, Syria. [read more] [top]
Mourid Barghouti is a prominent and celebrated Palestinian poet and has spent most of his life in exile. [read more] [top]
Eyad Barghuthy is a short story writer, playwright and script writer. He works as editor for the weekly Fasl Al-Maqaal journal and is Project Director for the Arab Cultural Association in Nazareth. He lives in Acre. [read more] [top]
Muheeb Barghuty is a Palestinian poet and photographer. He has published two collections of short stories. [read more] [top]
Iman Bassir is a novelist and playwright, with a nursing degree from Ramallah. [read more] [top]
Raouf Mousaad Basta was born in 1937 in Sudan. He studied journalism in Cairo and joined a left-wing organisation. [read more] [top]
Issa Batarseh is a poet of Jordanian origin who lives in California. He has published two collections of poetry. [read more] [top]
Raji Bathish is a Palestinian writer. His play "Fiqdan" (Loss) incorporates poetry, modern dance and video art. [read more] [top]
Antonia Baum is a short story writer and novelist from Germany. [read more] [top]
Abdel Wahab al-Bayati was a pioneering Iraqi poet, who together with Badr Shakir al-Sayyab and Nazik al-Malaika broke the boundaries of poetic form to establish Arabic free verse. [read more] [top]
Mahmoud al-Bayaty (d.2014) , the Iraqi writer and journalist, passed away on Friday 31 October 2014, at his home in London. [read more] [top]
Faraj Bayraqdar was born in 1951 in the village of Tir near Homs, central Syria. [read more] [top]
Said el-Baz is a Moroccan poet and translator who lives in Agadir. [read more] [top]
Chawki Bazih was born in 1951 in southern Lebanon. He studied Arabic language and literature at the Lebanese University, Beirut, and from 1973 to 1989 worked as a teacher. [read more] [top]
Youssef Bazzi is a young poet and journalist, well-known in Beirut. He has four poetry collections, and has been awarded the Yousef al-Khal Poetry Prize. In 2005. [read more] [top]
Azouz Begag He is a French writer, politician and researcher in economics and sociology. [read more] [top]
Taher Bekri is a Tunisian poet and writer born in 1951. He writes in both French and Arabic and his poetry has been translated into several languages. [read more] [top]
Farid Belkahia Was born in 1934 in Marrakesh. [read more] [top]
Anthea Bell was born in Suffolk and educated at Somerville College, Oxford. [read more] [top]
Mohammed al-Belushi is an Omani short story writer who was born in Qurayyat, Oman, in 1970. [read more] [top]
Rawdha al-Belushi was born in Al Ain in 1975, and has been publishing her stories since 1983. [read more] [top]
Tahar Ben Jelloun Together with Naguib Mahfouz Tahar Ben Jelloun is probably the most translated Arab writer, the most read and studied in the world. [read more] [top]
Hassan Ben Othman was born in 1959 in Sqalba, Tunisia. He is a novelist, short story writer, and editor-in-chief of Al-Hayat Al-Thaqafa [Cultural Life] magazine in Tunisia. [read more] [top]
Abdelkader Benali (b. Ighazzazen, Morocco, 1975) moved to the Netherlands when he was four. After living in Rotterdam and Leiden, he moved to Amsterdam where he lives now. [read more] [top]
Rajae Benchemsi Is a poet and novelist, born in Meknes, Morocco. [read more] [top]
Widad Benmoussa was born in Ksar el-Kebir Morocco, en 1969. Her first poetry collection, was published in Rabat in 2001, establishing her as a poet to watch. [read more] [top]
Mohammed Bennis is a poet born in Fès, Morocco, in 1948. [read more] [top]
Noura Bensaad Is a Tunisian writer. [read more] [top]
Mohammed Bentalha was born in Fez, Morocco, in 1950. From 1979 to 1981 he was general secretary of the Union of Writers. [read more] [top]
Mohamed Berrada is a well-known Moroccan novelist, literary critic and translator. [read more] [top]
Hanna Bervoets writes novels, columns and scripts. Her columns for Volkskrant magazine are hugely popular in the Netherlands. [read more] [top]
Nouredine Betayeb Is a Tunisian writer and campaigner [read more] [top]
Abbas Beydoun was born in Tyre, Lebanon in 1945. He graduated in Arabic Literature from the Lebanese University, Beirut. [read more] [top]
Annamaria Bianco has a BA in Arabic language and literature from the University of Naples L’Orientale. [read more] [top]
Spela Bibic (1986) has a degree in Translation Studies (English-French) and is an undergraduate student of Slovene Language and Literature at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She mostly translates short fiction into English. [read more] [top]
Hussein Bin Hamza was born in Al-Hassaka, Syria, in 1963. Since 1995 he has lived and worked in Beirut. [read more] [top]
Mahi Binebine Mahi Binebine is a well-known painter and, since 1992, the acclaimed author of nine novels. He lives in the city of his birth, Marrakech. [read more] [top]
Najwa Binshatwan is a Libyan poet, fiction writer and award-winning dramatist. [read more] [top]
Mohamed el-Bisatie (-2012) , the writers' writer from Egypt, passed away on 14 July 2012. Born and brought up in the Nile Delta, since 1968 he has published seven volumes of short stories and eleven novels, with six works published in English translation. [read more] [top]
Badriya al-Bishr is a Saudi Arabian writer, born in Riyadh in 1967. [read more] [top]
Haifa Bitar is a Syrian author and ophthalmologist, living in Latakia, Syria. She has published 11 collections of short stories and 9 novels, including the much praised “A Woman of This Modern Age”. [read more] [top]
Emad Blake is a Sudanese novelist and critic, born in 1972. [read more] [top]
Allison Blecker is pursuing a PhD in Arabic literature at Harvard University’s Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Dept. [read more] [top]
Paul Blezard is a broadcaster and writer. [read more] [top]
Marilyn Booth is a well-known translator of contemporary Arabic fiction, and director of the Centre for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, and associate professor in the Programs in Comparative and World Literature and Gender and Women’s Studies, at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. [read more] [top]
Keith Bosley For over 30 years Keith Bosley combined a day job at the BBC World Service with a literary career. He has published a few books of poems and many of verse translation, including the Penguin Mallarmé, an anthology of German love poetry and the Finnish epic The Kalevala. [read more] [top]
Faraj Bou al-Isha was born in Libya in 1956. He worked as a primary school teacher, later a journalist and writer. He published his first collection of poetry in 1987, then two in Cyprus (1992 and 1993). [read more] [top]
Hafid Bouazza (b. Oujda, Morocco, 1970) came to The Netherlands in 1977. [read more] [top]
Kader Boubekri is a poet born in Algeria in 1943. He has published his poetry in several Arab magazines. He lives in Paris. [read more] [top]
Rashid Boudjedra was born in 1941 in Ain-Beide, Algeria. He published his first and immediately acclaimed novel La Répudiation in 1969, beginning a successful career as novelist and scriptwriter. [read more] [top]
Siham Bouhlal was born in 1966 in Casablanca, Morocco. [read more] [top]
Issa J Boullata is a writer, literary scholar and critic, an educator and translator, who was born in Jerusalem. [read more] [top]
Sargon Boulus (1944–2007) A celebration of the life and work of Sargon Boulus took place in London on 25 October 2008, just over one year after he died in Berlin, with many tributes and readings in Arabic and English by his friends and his nephew. [read more] [top]
Ahmed Bouzfour was born in 1945 in Taza, Morocco. He studied Arabic Literature and lectures at the College of Literature and Humanities in Casablanca, where he lives. [read more] [top]
Mahmoud al-Braikan was a highly regarded poet, and was born in al-Zubair, southern Iraq. [read more] [top]
Emma Branagan reviews children's books. [read more] [top]
Stephen Brown is a scriptwriter, editor, journalist and translator from German. [read more] [top]
Rima Buaini was born in Syria in 1971. She has a BA in English (Damascus University) and later studied theatre criticism at the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts. [read more] [top]
Wafa Al-Bueissa was born in 1973 in Libya, but now lives in Holland after her debut novel, Hunger has Other Faces (excerpted in Banipal 40) led to hate campaigns in Libya. [read more] [top]
Giuma Bukleb was born in Tripoli in 1952 and started publishing his short stories in Libya in 1976. Since 1988 he has lived and worked in London. [read more] [top]
Benjamin Burg is the author of the short story collections Camera, Leo, de vrouwenman (Leo, the Ladies Man) and the novel Redder in nood (The Life Saver). [read more] [top]
Peter Bush is an award-winning literary translator from Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese. [read more] [top]
Hisham Bustani was born in 1975 in Amman, Jordan. [read more] [top]
James Byrne James Byrne is a British poet, editor and translator who edited The Wolf magazine from 2002-2017. He has several poetry collections. [read more] [top]
Anthony Calderbank studied Arabic and Persian at Manchester University and taught Arabic in Cairo and at Salford University, UK. [read more] [top]
Elspeth Carruthers has a BA in Arabic from the University of Cambridge and is currently studying for an MA in Arabic Literature at SOAS, London. [read more] [top]
Mary Ann Caws is Professor of English, French and Comparative Literature at the Graduate School of City University New York. [read more] [top]
Gregor Timothy Ceh regularly translates passages of contemporary Slovene literature. He worked in London for a while and now lives in Cyprus. [read more] [top]
Sam Cha is a translator of Korean literature. [read more] [top]
Rifat Chadirji is a celebrated Iraqi architect, visual artist and author. [read more] [top]
Paul Chaoul born in Beirut in 1942, is a poet, playwright, literary critic and foremost translator of French poetry and plays. [read more] [top]
Hayan Charara Hayan Charara was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1972, to Lebanese immigrants, and is the author of two poetry books, The Alchemist's Diary (Hanging Loose, 2001), named a "Notable Debut" by Publishers Weekly, and The Sadness of Others (Carnegie Mellon, 2006), which was nominated for the National Book Award. [read more] [top]
Mehdi Charef was born in Algeria in 1952 and moved to France in 1964. [read more] [top]
Rachida el-Charni is an award-winning Tunisian author with two collections of short stories and one novel, published in 2011. Many of her stories have appeared in newspapers and magazines. [read more] [top]
Amal Chatterjee (Colombo, 1965) writes fiction and history. Now based in Amsterdam, he is working on his second novel while teaching fiction at the University of Oxford and reviewing fiction for the Dutch newspaper Trouw. [read more] [top]
Abdelkader Chaui was born in October 1950 in Bab Taza, Morocco. [read more] [top]
Aziz Chouaki was born in Algiers in 1951. His mother bought him a guitar at the age of ten and he learned to play the Beatles, the Stones, and Jimi Hendrix. [read more] [top]
Mohamed Choukri one of Morocco’s great contemporary writers, died November 2003 of cancer. He was 64 years old. [read more] [top]
Alexandra Chreiteh is the author of Always Coca-Cola. She is pursuing a PhD in comparative literature at Yale University. [read more] [top]
Clayton Clark is from Arkansas, USA. He began studying Arabic for his BA in Middle Eastern Studies, and has studied and worked in Jordan. [read more] [top]
Peter Clark is a writer and cultural consultant who lived in the Middle East for many years. [read more] [top]
Ken Cockburn is a poet, poetry translator from German and an editor. [read more] [top]
Raphael Cohen is a translator based in Cairo. [read more] [top]
Elliott Colla is Chair of the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University, and a translator of several works of contemporary Arabic literature. [read more] [top]
Charlotte Collins is a literary translator from the German. [read more] [top]
David Colmer is an Australian author and translator who lives in Amsterdam. He translates Dutch literature in a wide range of genres. In 2010 he was named co-winner of the IMPAC Award for his translation of Gerbrand Bakker's novel The Twin [read more] [top]
Alessandro Columbu is a PhD candidate and Arabic teacher at the University of Edinburgh. [read more] [top]
Alfred Corn is the author of nine books of poetry, a book of essays and a novel. He has numerous fellowships for his poetry. He has taught at Yale, Columbia and UCLA. [read more] [top]
Albert Cossery lived in Paris for over 60 years. He has published seven novels in French and was winner of the Francophone Prize for Literature. [read more] [top]
Tristan Cranfield London based literary translator [read more] [top]
Primoz Cucnik born in Ljubljana in 1971, has eight collections of poetry. [read more] [top]
Charbel Dagher is a Lebanese novelist, poet and critic of art. [read more] [top]
Rachid al-Daif is a Lebanese novelist and poet who lives between Beirut where he teaches Arabic at the Lebanese University and his family home in a mountain village. [read more] [top]
James Dalglish teaches English Literature and Creative Non-Fiction writing at Al-Ain University, UAE. [read more] [top]
Saleh al-Dames is a Tunisian fiction writer. [read more] [top]
Hassan Daoud is a novelist and journalist born in Beirut in 1950, where he lives and works. [read more] [top]
Brahim Dargouthi Is an extensively published Tunisian author. [read more] [top]
Faisal Darraj is a Palestinian literary critic who has lived between Damascus and Amman. [read more] [top]
Najwan Darwish is a poet from Jerusalem whose poems have been translated into more than ten languages. He is the literary advisor to the Palestine Festival for Literature (Palfest). [read more] [top]
Mahmoud Darwish (1941-2008) the great Palestinian poet, passed away on Saturday 9 August 2008, following complications after major heart surgery in Houston, Texas. [read more] [top]
Humphrey Davies has been twice the winner of the Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation (in 2006 and 2010 – the first and fifth years of the prize) and twice runner-up (in 2010 and 2012). [read more] [top]
Georgia de Chamberet is an editor and translator with thirty years of experience in independent publishing,and in 1997 founded BookBlast® Ltd. [read more] [top]
Erica Johnson Debeljak began to work as a writer and columnist after moving to Slovenia and learning the language. She has published three books in Slovenian, including Foreigner in the House of Natives. [read more] [top]
Alaa al-Deeb (1939-2016) was an enormously influential Egyptian author and critic. [read more] [top]
Tim DeMay Tim DeMay is a graduate student at the University of Chicago, where he is pursuing a PhD in English. [read more] [top]
Katy Derbyshire is a London-born translator based in Berlin. [read more] [top]
Hanane Derkaoui is a Moroccan writer and translator who currently lives in the south of France. Her first collection of short stories, White Birds, was published in 1997 by Dar al-Boukili in Morocco. [read more] [top]
Lukman Derky was born in Derbassiya, Syria, in 1966. He was a member of Aleppo University’s literary circle in the 1980s. [read more] [top]
Zoe Dexter is currently pursuing her MA in Migration and Diaspora Studies. [read more] [top]
Nasser al-Dhaheri is an award-winning author, journalist and photographer, born in 1960 in Al-Ain, UAE. [read more] [top]
Saleh Diab was born in 1967 in Aleppo, Syria. He went to live in France in 2000. [read more] [top]
Mohammed Dib was a writer born in Tlemcen, Algeria. [read more] [top]
Muhi al-din Lazikani was born in Syria in 1951 and studied literature in Syria and Egypt. [read more] [top]
Osama Dinassouri (1960 – 4 January 2007) was born in 1960 in a small village in Kafr el Shaikh, Egypt. He published four collections of poetry before succumbing to kidney failure. [read more] [top]
Veronika Dintinjana is a Slovenian poet and translator, born in 1977. [read more] [top]
Jeong Do-sang is a Korean author, born in 1960. He made his debut with a short story The Story of 15-Room. [read more] [top]
David Doherty was born in London and raised in Scotland. [read more] [top]
Ali al-Domaini was born in 1948 in Saudi Arabia, and is a poet, novelist and activist for human rights. [read more] [top]
Ali Douagi (1909-1949) is regarded as founding father of the Tunisian short story. [read more] [top]
Brian Doyle has translated a wide range of academic and literary works from Dutch/Flemish into English as well as poetry and literary non-fiction. [read more] [top]
Roddy Doyle is an acclaimed novelist, dramatist and screenwriter, born in Dublin in 1958. [read more] [top]
Lutfiya al-Dulaimi was born in Diyala, Iraq. She has published ten books of fiction, five plays and three books of essays. [read more] [top]
Ali Abdulameer Ejam is an Iraqi journalist, critic, TV presenter and writer. [read more] [top]
Fikri El Azzouzi is a Flemish-Moroccan author living in Belgium. [read more] [top]
Ounsi El Hage (1937–2014) was a pioneer of the prose poem and co-founder of the famous Arabic poetry magazine Shi’r, as well as translator into Arabic of major Surrealist French poets. [read more] [top]
Kamal Elgizouli is a Sudanese poet, fiction writer and critic, also a lawyer, international law expert, and human rights activist. [read more] [top]
Laila Elhan has published three collections of poetry and in 2008 was awarded the President's Prize for young poets. [read more] [top]
Jana Elhassan is a Lebanese novelist and journalist, born in 1985. [read more] [top]
Abderrahim Elkhassar is a poet from Asfi, Morocco. [read more] [top]
Maysoon Elnigoumi is a Sudanese writer, living in Sydney, Australia. [read more] [top]
Amir Tag Elsir is a Sudanese author born in northern Sudan in 1960. At an early age he wrote poetry and in the 1980s began to write novels, his first in 1988. [read more] [top]
Tarek Eltayeb was born in Cairo of Sudanese parents. He studied in Ain Shams University, Cairo, until 1981. [read more] [top]
Najlaa Osman Eltom is a Sudanese poet and writer based in Sweden. [read more] [top]
Basima al-Enezi is a Kuwaiti author who published her first collection of short stories, Al-Ashya’ (Things), in 1998. [read more] [top]
Safaa Ennagar was born on 15 May 1973. She has a BA in Communication – Radio and Television, Cairo University, and is studying for an MA [read more] [top]
Stephan Enter (b. 1968) has a collection of short stories Winterhanden (Chilblained Hands) and three novels, with his first Lichtjaren (Light Years, 2004), nominated for the Libris Literature Prize. [read more] [top]
Deniz Erol is a New York-based writer. [read more] [top]
Ashur Etwebi (al-Twebi) is one of Libya’s best-known authors, born in 1952. [read more] [top]
Mansoura Ez-Eldin is an Egyptian author and journalist and started publishing her short stories in the Arab press when she was just 21. [read more] [top]
Ayane Ezaki Ayane Ezaki was born in Japan and raised in Singapore. [read more] [top]
Youssef Fadel is a novelist, playwright and screenwriter, born in Casablanca, Morocco, in 1949. [read more] [top]
Bushra el-Fadil is a Sudanese short-story writer who lives in exile in Saudi Arabia [read more] [top]
Ahmed Fagih is a Libyan author and playwright. In 1965, at the age of 22, he was awarded a prize for his first book of short stories. [read more] [top]
Joseph Fahim is an Egyptian film critic and programmer and the curator of the 2018 SAFAR Film Festival. [read more] [top]
Hartmut Fähndrich was born in Tübingen, Germany, in 1944, and in 1972 moved to Switzerland, where he still lives. [read more] [top]
Salah Faik was born in 1945 in Kirkuk, Iraq. He began publishing his poetry in 1964. [read more] [top]
Miled Faiza Is a Tunisian poet living in America. [read more] [top]
Huda Fakhreddine is Assistant Professor of Arabic literature at the University of Pennsylvania. [read more] [top]
Jawdat Fakhreddine was born in 1953 in southern Lebanon. He has published seven collections of poetry, the first in 1979. [read more] [top]
Nassif Falak was born in 1954 in Iraq. He is a poet and novelist. [read more] [top]
Fadia Faqir is a Jordanian British novelist and teacher of creative writing. [read more] [top]
Noura Mohammad Faraj is a Qatari author, and an Assistant Professor at the Department of Arabic Language at Carnegie Mellon University, Doha, Qatar. [read more] [top]
Ibrahim Farghali was born in September 1967 in Mansourah, Egypt and spent a good part of his childhood in Oman. [read more] [top]
Mohammed Ali Farhat is a Lebanese poet born in Beirut in 1945. He graduated from the Lebanese University and has an MA in Philosophy. [read more] [top]
Elias Farkouh was born in Amman in 1948. A novelist and short story writer, he has published six short story collections, the first in 1987, and two novels in 1987 and 1996. [read more] [top]
Robert J Farley is a translator and doctoral student of comparative literature at UCLA, focusing on Arabic literature and gender studies. [read more] [top]
Ghaib Tu'ma Farman stands out among other Iraqi writers as the novelist who has contributed most to the advancement of the Iraqi novel during the 20th century in two respects: its artistic development or refinement and the authentic representation of Iraq’s socio-political life between the 1940s and 1970s. [read more] [top]
Fadhila el-Farouk was born in November 1967 in Arris, in the Batna Province of Algeria. She has published a collection of short stories and four novels. [read more] [top]
Abdulaziz Mohammed Majid Al-Farsi was born in Shinas in the Sultanate of Oman on August 27, 1976. [read more] [top]
Tamer Fathy is 25 years old and studying English literature at Alexandria University. [read more] [top]
Safaa Fathy is an Egyptian poet, documentary filmmaker, playwright, and essayist. [read more] [top]
Ali Hussain al-Felkawi is a Kuwaiti author and poet. [read more] [top]
Laura Ferreri has a BA in interpreting and translation from Trieste University, Italy. [read more] [top]
Adam Fet'hi Is a Tunisian poet, translator and song-writer. [read more] [top]
Emad Fouad is a poet and journalist, born in Al-Farouniya village in the Egyptian Delta. [read more] [top]
Bassam K Frangieh is a professor of Arabic language and literature at Claremont McKenna College, California. [read more] [top]
Jasmin B. Frelih was born in 1986 and is a student of comparative literature, literary theory and history at the University of Ljubljana. He has published short fiction in Slovenia's literary reviews Sodobnost and Literatura. [read more] [top]
Basim Furat was born in 1967 in Karbala, Iraq. He left Iraq in 1993, first to Jordan, then Wellington, New Zealand, and later Japan, and Laos. [read more] [top]
Babnik Gabriela Gabriela Babnik was born in Göppingen, Germany. Her works include two novels and a radio play. [read more] [top]
Stella Gaitano is a writer, born in Khartoum in 1979 into a South Sudanese family. [read more] [top]
Rodaan al-Galidi was born in Iraq around 1970; his exact date of birth is unknown. [read more] [top]
Lorand Gaspar Lorand Gaspar is a traveller, a poet, surgeon, scientist, historian, photographer and translator. He is recognised as one of France’s most important contemporary poets. He lived and worked for many years in Jerusalem and Tunis and is Guest Writer in Banipal 46. [read more] [top]
Hamdy el-Gazzar was born on 1 October 1970, in Giza, Cairo. He has a degree from Cairo University in Philosophy (1996). [read more] [top]
Mariam al-Ghafli is an author whose two novels have been recently published. [read more] [top]
Zahir al-Ghafri was born in 1956 in Oman. He is part of the avant-garde prose poetry movement in Oman. [read more] [top]
Duna Ghali was born in 1963 in Basra, Iraq. She graduated from the college of Agriculture, Basra University in 1987 and since 1992 has lived in Denmark. [read more] [top]
Reem Ghanayem is a poet, translator and a researcher in the fields of Arabic and English Literature. She was born and lives inside the Green Line in Palestine. [read more] [top]
Ali Ghandtschi Was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1969. He turned to photography in 1995. [read more] [top]
Nujoom al-Ghanem (Nujum al-Ghanim) is a poet from the United Arab Emirates. She has published seven collections of poetry. [read more] [top]
Hashem Gharaibeh is a novelist and short story writer and has published a number of books. He lives and works in Amman. [read more] [top]
Anwar al-Ghassani 1937 - 2009 Teacher, poet, fiction writer, translator and journalist [read more] [top]
Ismail Ghazali is a Moroccan novelist and short story writer, born in the Amazigh village of M'Rirt, Morocco, in 1977. [read more] [top]
Ghazi Gheblawi is a short story writer, poet and medical doctor, and also an award-winning blogger and podcaster. [read more] [top]
Mahmoud al-Ghitani is an Egyptian writer and journalist, living in Cairo. [read more] [top]
Gamal el-Ghitani (1945-2015) was one of Egypt’s leading novelists of the 20th & 21st century [read more] [top]
Mai Ghoussoub The sudden and untimely death of Mai Ghoussoub shocked the arts and literary worlds. [read more] [top]
Ferial Ghouzoul is Iraqi, living in Cairo, and Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the American University of Cairo. [read more] [top]
Mohammed Ghozzi was born in Kairouan, Tunisia, in 1949. Poet, critic and professor at Tunis University, he has published three collections of poems. [read more] [top]
Polona Glavan (b. 1974) is a Slovenian novelist, short story writer and translator from English. [read more] [top]
Giuseppe Goffredo is a poet and writer, born in Alberobello in Puglia, Italy, in 1956. He graduated in Philosophy. [read more] [top]
Sally Gomaa was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. Her publications include an English translation of Amina Zaydan’s Red Wine (AUC Press, 2010). [read more] [top]
Camilo Gómez-Rivas is currently an Assistant Professor of Mediterranean Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. [read more] [top]
Nabil Naum Gorgy was born in Cairo and studied Civil Engineering at Cairo University. [read more] [top]
Juan Goytisolo was born in Barcelona in 1931. In 1951 he founded the Turia group of writers opposed to Franco and in 1956 he moved to Paris. [read more] [top]
William Granara is Professor of Arabic at Harvard University. He has travelled extensively throughout the Middle East and North Africa. [read more] [top]
Nathaniel Greenberg Nathaniel Greenberg is Assistant Professor of Arabic at George Mason University, USA. [read more] [top]
Nick Grigg Is a photographer based in Scotland [read more] [top]
William Groenewegen (1971) grew up in Surrey, England. He holds an MA in English LIt. from Groningen University. His latest book of translations of Turger Kopland's work, What Water Left Behind (Dublin: Waxwing, 2006), was shortlisted for the Popescu Prize for European Poetry in Translation. [read more] [top]
Angel Guinda is recognised as “one of the most necessary and original poets in Spanish literature in recent decades”, with an "incorruptible voice". [read more] [top]
Eskander Habache was born in Beirut in 1963. He is a poet, and journalist with As-Safir newspaper. [read more] [top]
Hussein Habasch is a Syrian poet of Kurdish origin, living in Bonn, Germany. [read more] [top]
Huzamah Habayeb is a Palestinian author and journalist. [read more] [top]
Marilyn Hacker is the award-winning author of many collections of poems, including Desesperanto (W.W. Norton, 2003) and First Cities: Collected Early Poems 1960-1979 (also 2003). [read more] [top]
Fawwaz Haddad was born in Damascus. He graduated in law from Damascus University, and worked at several jobs. He is now a full-time writer. [read more] [top]
Qassim Haddad is a Bahraini poet, well known throughout the Arab world. [read more] [top]
Joumana Haddad was born in 1970 in Beirut, Lebanon, where she lives and works. [read more] [top]
Mayselun Hadi was born in 1954 in Baghdad. She graduated in Management and Economics from Baghdad University. [read more] [top]
Subhi Hadidi was born in Qamishle, Syria, 1951. A critic, editorialist, and translator, he writes extensively on contemporary Arab poetry. [read more] [top]
Jad El-Hage was born in Beirut in 1946. He is a poet, novelist and playwright, and published his first creative works, poems, in newspapers in 1966. [read more] [top]
Rawi Hage is a Lebanese novelist, based in Canada, the author of three best-selling novels, Carnival (2012), Cockroach (2008) and De Niro’s Game (2006). [read more] [top]
Haidar Haidar was born in 1936 in the small village of Husain-al Bahr near Tartus in Syria. [read more] [top]
Bassam Hajjar (1955-2009) With great sadness we report that Bassam Hajjar died of cancer on 17 February. Born in Sûr (Tyre), Lebanon, he became a philosopher and a poet – with a Diploma of Advanced Study in Philosophy from the Sorbonne. [read more] [top]
Jalal Hakmaoui was born in 1965 in Casablanca. He studied in Sale and now teaches Translation in Meknès. He published his first collection of poems in 1997. [read more] [top]
Marzuq Halabi is a Palestinian writer, journalist and jurist who lives in Haifa. He writes about political philosophy, culture, literature and has an opinion column in the Lebanese newspaper “al-Hayat”. [read more] [top]
Laila Halaby Laila Halaby is a Lebanese born poet and novelist living in America. Her novel 'West of the Jordan' won the PEN Beyond Margins Award. [read more] [top]
Ghalib Halasa was born near Madaba in Jordan. He lived in Beirut as a teenager and went on to live in Baghdad, Cairo and Damascus, writing seven novels and a collection of short stories considered among the best of modern Arab literature. [read more] [top]
Kadhim al-Hallaq was born in Basra, Iraq, 1959. He qualified as an archivist in Baghdad, 1985. [read more] [top]
Kadhim al-Hallaq Kadhim Al-Hallaq, pen name of Kadhim Joni Mahdi, was born in Basra, Iraq. His short stories and non-fiction have been published in Arabic literary journals, and a first collection of short stories (“Shadow of Sleepiness") was published in 1997 in Damascus, Syria. [read more] [top]
Janan Jassim Hallawi was born in old Basra city in 1956. He studied electric engineering. [read more] [top]
Turki al-Hamad is a well-known Saudi author of a number of books of fiction and essays, and a former university lecturer. [read more] [top]
Salah al-Hamdani was born in Iraq where he was imprisoned for his opposition to the Saddam Hussein regime. [read more] [top]
Huda Hamed (al-Jahouri) is an Omani writer and journalist. She has published three collections of short stories and three novels, the first being Al-Ashia’a laysat fi Amakiniha (Things are not in their Place). [read more] [top]
Khalida Hamid is an Iraqi researcher and bilingual translator from Baghdad. She has a BA and MA in Translation from Al-Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad. [read more] [top]
Hameady Hamood is an author and story-teller, born in Kuwait in 1973. [read more] [top]
Abd El-Din Hamrouch was born in 1964 in Casablanca, Morocco. In 1991 he received his diploma from the College of Literature and Humanities in Rabat. He has one collection of poems, published in 1993. [read more] [top]
Lara Hamza Lara Hamza’s poetry can be read in the anthology "Inclined to Speak" and her non-fiction writing in Arab Detroit: From Margin to Mainstream. [read more] [top]
Tony Hanania was born in Beirut in 1964. He was brought up in Lebanon and educated at Winchester and the Warburg Institute. [read more] [top]
Nathalie Handal is an award-winning poet, playwright, and writer. Her most recent poetry collection is "Love and Strange Horses". [read more] [top]
Yasmeen Hanoosh is an Iraqi academic and translator of Iraqi fiction. [read more] [top]
Ann Harrison is Programme Director of PEN International’s Writers in Prison Committee. [read more] [top]
Ibtihaj Al-Harthi is from the Sultanate of Oman. She is an illustrator who also does some literary translation. [read more] [top]
Mohamed Al-Harthy was born in al-Mudhayrib, Oman, in 1962. [read more] [top]
Michelle Hartman is an associate professor of Arabic and francophone literature at McGill University in Montreal. [read more] [top]
Salah Hasan was born in Babel, Iraq, in 1960. He studied theatre at the Academy of Fine Art, Baghdad, leaving Iraq in 1992. [read more] [top]
Mohammed Hashem established his independent publishing house Dar Merit in Cairo in 1998, has been awarded the 2006 Jeri Laber International Freedom to Publish Award by the Association of American Publishers’ International Freedom to Publish (IFTP) Committee. [read more] [top]
Maha Hassan was born in Aleppo, Syria in 1966 and since 1995 she has published five novels. [read more] [top]
Rosa Yassin Hassan is a Syrian novelist and writer from Damascus. [read more] [top]
Mohamed Hayawi is an Iraqi journalist and author who now lives in the Netherlands [read more] [top]
Mahdi Haydar is the nom-de-plume of the author of Alaam Saddam Hussein, excerpted in translation in Banipal No 24, pages 22-31. The real identity of the author has not been revealed. [read more] [top]
Paula Haydar is Professor of Arabic at the University of Arkansas. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Comparative Literature, an M.F.A. degree in Literary Translation, and has translated several novels by contemporary Lebanese and Palestinian writers. [read more] [top]
Jalil Haydar (Haidar) is an Iraqi poet, born in Baghdad in 1945. He has published nine collections. [read more] [top]
Buland al-Haydari was born in north Iraq on September 26, 1926, moving to Baghdad as a boy. [read more] [top]
Ghenwa Hayek was born in Beirut, Lebanon. [read more] [top]
Renée Hayek was born in southern Lebanon and has published two collections of short stories and eight novels. She has been twice longlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction. [read more] [top]
Ra Hee-duk made her literary debut in 1989 when she was named winner of the annual spring literary contest sponsored by the The joongang Ilbo [read more] [top]
Sherif Hetata is a physician, political activist and novelist, born in Egypt in 1923. [read more] [top]
Zeinab Hifni was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In 1987 she started working as a journalist, and for five years wrote a weekly column in the daily Asharq al-Awsat newspaper. [read more] [top]
Bensalem Himmich was born in Meknès, Morocco in 1949. He has published eleven novels, four collections of poetry, and a number of volumes of essays and literary criticism. [read more] [top]
Norbert Hirschhorn Norbert Hirschhorn is both a poet and a doctor specializing in international public health. He divides his time between London and Beirut. [read more] [top]
Jack Hirschman is a prolific American poet, painter, translator and social activist. [read more] [top]
Salah Hithani was born in Karbala, Iraq, and is a poet and academic. [read more] [top]
Ala Hlehel was born in Jesh, Galilee, in 1974. [read more] [top]
Thomas Hoegh is the founder and CEO of Arts Alliance Media (sister company of Arts Alliance Ventures). [read more] [top]
Khaled Hroub is a professor of Middle Eastern Studies and Arab Media Studies at Northwestern University, Qatar, and a senior research fellow at the Centre of Islamic Studies of the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge. [read more] [top]
Nur al-Huda Mohammad Nur al-Huda founded Azza Publishing in 1991, and has published over 500 titles in the fields of philosophy, literature and the sciences. [read more] [top]
Michael Hulse is a poet and professor of poetry and comparative literature at the University of Warwick. [read more] [top]
Yair Huri is a senior lecturer of Arabic literature and the director of the Program of Arabic language & Literature at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. [read more] [top]
Mohammed Afif al-Hussaini was born in Amouda, Syria, in 1957, into a Kurdish family. [read more] [top]
Aamer Hussein is well-known author and has published four collections of short stories. [read more] [top]
Jabbar Yassin Hussein was born in 1954 in Baghdad. He left Iraq in 1976 and since then has lived in France where he began writing short stories, poems, novels and essays in an attempt to recall what he had left behind. [read more] [top]
Hadiyya Hussein is an Iraqi writer from Baghdad. Since her first collection of short stories in 1993, she has published four more, and five novels. [read more] [top]
Haitham Hussein Haitham Hussein is a Syrian Kurdish novelist and literary critic from Hasaka. [read more] [top]
William Maynard Hutchins has translated many contemporary Arabic novels including Palace Walk, Palace of Desire, Sugar Street, and Cairo Modern by Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouz (Anchor Books). He is Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Appalachian State University in North Carolina. [read more] [top]
Michele Hutchison translates literary fiction and nonfiction, poetry, graphic novels, and children’s books from Dutch to English. [read more] [top]
Michele Hutchison (b. UK, 1972) worked as an editor in the publishing industry before turning to translation. [read more] [top]
Heind R. Ibrahim is an Iraqi poet who has lived in USA. [read more] [top]
Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim is a prize-winning poet, born in Dubai. He also works with a number of cultural organisations in the UAE. [read more] [top]
Abdullah Ibrahim Abdullah Ibrahim's nine-volume Encyclopedia of Arabic Narrative published in 2016 (in Arabic) represents a culmination of nearly thirty years of research. [read more] [top]
Sonallah Ibrahim is an Eqyptian novelist and short story writer. [read more] [top]
Suhail Idriss Lebanese intellectual, writer, novelist, translator, lexicographer and publisher Suhail Idriss passed away in Beirut on Tuesday February 19, 2008. [read more] [top]
Julia Ihnatowicz is a freelance translator of Arabic. [read more] [top]
Kim In-sook made her literary debut at the age of 20 when her short story was named winner of the annual spring literary competition sponsored by The Chosun Ilbo. [read more] [top]
Hamid al-Iqabi Hamid al-Iqabi (1956-2017) was an Iraqi author of poetry, novels and short stories [read more] [top]
Hamid al-Iqabi was born in 1956 in al-Kut, Iraq. He left in 1982 and since 1985 has been living in Denmark. Between 1986 and 1994 he published five collections of poetry. [read more] [top]
John Irons (born 1942) studied French, German and Dutch at Cambridge University before specialising in Dutch poetry for his PhD. [read more] [top]
Abed Ismael was born in Lattakia, Syria in 1963 and is a poet and translator, teaching American literature at Damascus University. [read more] [top]
Ismail Fahd Ismail is considered the spiritual father of the Kuwaiti novel and, from 1965 to 2013, has published 23 novels, 2 collections of short stories and 3 plays. [read more] [top]
Alia al-Ismaily is an amateur writer of short stories and poems. [read more] [top]
Ibrahim Issa is a well-known award-winning Egyptian journalist, born in 1965, and is the author of five novels. [read more] [top]
Ali Issa is from Iraq. He has an MA in Arabic studies from the University of Texas and currently lives in New York where he is a freelance Arabic instructor. [read more] [top]
Abid Jaafar was born in Baghdad in 1954. he studied Arabic literature in Baghdad University. [read more] [top]
Rabee Jaber is a profilic and award-winning novelist. [read more] [top]
Yehia Jaber Biodata coming soon [read more] [top]
Inaya Jaber is a Lebanese poet and has published six collections of poetry. [read more] [top]
Amal al-Jabouri was born in Baghdad, Iraq, in 1967. She has a degree in English Literature from Baghdad University. [read more] [top]
Kim Jaeyong is a Korean critic. He teaches modern Korean Literature at Wonkwang University, Korea. [read more] [top]
Jure Jakob was born in 1977 in Celje. He has three collections of poetry, and some works translated into English, Italian, German, Polish, Serbian and Hungarian and forthcoming in Croatian. [read more] [top]
Muhayman Jamil was born in Baghdad in 1956 and has lived and worked in the UK since the early 1990s. [read more] [top]
Hatif Janabi was born in Iraq in 1952. He studied Arabic Literature at Baghdad University. [read more] [top]
Abdel Kader El-Janabi is a poet born in Baghdad in 1944. He settled in France after living in London and Vienna and in 1973, in Paris, he founded the first surrealist Arabic review, Le Désir Libertaire, which was banned in the Arab world. [read more] [top]
Koutaiba al-Janabi is a photographer, film-maker and screenwriter, born in Baghdad. [read more] [top]
Clara Janès is from Barcelona, Spain, and is regarded as one of Spain’s best contemporary love poets. [read more] [top]
Elisabeth Jaquette is a writer and translator. Her translations of Arabic literature have been published in Words Without Borders, Asymptote, Jadaliyya, and Portal 9. [read more] [top]
Nouri al-Jarrah is a Syrian poet, born in Damascus in 1956. [read more] [top]
Sara al-Jarwan , a former soldier in the UAE army, has written numerous novels and short stories, which have brought her increasing recognition in the wider Arab world. [read more] [top]
Abdel Aziz Jassim has been publishing poetry and literary articles since the 1980s. His poetry has been translated into English, French and German. [read more] [top]
Ghassan Jawad is a poet and journalist from southern Lebanon. He lives and works in Beirut. [read more] [top]
Salma Khadra Jayyusi was born in Palestine in 1928, of a Palestinian father and Lebanese mother. [read more] [top]
Khaled al-Jbaili was born in 1954, in Aleppo, Syria. He graduated from Aleppo University in 1976 with a BA in English Language and Literature, and Diploma in Translation. [read more] [top]
Kadhim Jihad Hassan was born in southern Iraq in 1955. He has lived in Paris since 1976. [read more] [top]
Hussain Jilaad was born in Irbid in 1970. He graduated in Political Science. He has published one collection of poetry and has two novels in printing. [read more] [top]
Alice Johnson is a freelance journalist and novelist based in Dubai. [read more] [top]
Denys Johnson-Davies was born in 1922 in Vancouver, Canada but grew up in Sudan, Egypt and East Africa, later settling permanently in the Arab world. [read more] [top]
Do Jong-hwan was born in 1954 and is among the foremost poets in Korea, his works depicting the struggle of common people in a divided country. [read more] [top]
Pierre Joris has published some 50 books of poems, essays, texts & translations. Until his retirement he taught poetry and theory at New York University, Albany. [read more] [top]
Lawrence Joseph Lawrence Joseph is the author of five books of poems. Originally from Detroit, he has lived in New York City since 1981. [read more] [top]
Fady Joudah is a Palestinian American poet, a practising physician and poetry translator. [read more] [top]
Abdelkarim Jouiti was born in 1962 in Beni Mellal, Morocco. He is a writer, researcher and translator and author of five novels. [read more] [top]
Dhia Jubaili is an award-winning Iraqi novelist and short story writer, born in Basra, Iraq, where he still lives. [read more] [top]
Laila al-Juhni was born in 1969 in Tubuq, Saudi Arabia. She has a BA in English Literature from King Abdul Aziz University in Medina, an MA in Foreign Languages, and is working for an PhD in education at the University of Tiba in Medina. [read more] [top]
Assef al-Jundi was born in Syria but lives in Texas. His poetry has appeared in various literary publications and Anthologies including Inclined to Speak 2008. [read more] [top]
Barbara Jursa was born in 1986 in Maribor. Her current research topic concerns ecocriticism. She has also published her poetry in several Slovenian literary magazines. [read more] [top]
Aisha al-Kaabi is a short story writer, artist and translator, born in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. She has recently won the Emirati Woman Award in Literature and Art for her latest book. [read more] [top]
Ghalia Kabbani is a Syrian writer. She spent her childhood in Kuwait, leaving after the invasion in 1990. She has worked as a journalist since 1979. [read more] [top]
Inaam Kachachi was born in Baghdad in 1952, and studied journalism, working in the Iraqi press and radio. [read more] [top]
Samir Kacimi was born in 1974 in Algiers. His novel A Great Day to Die was longlisted for the IPAF in 2009. [read more] [top]
Fawaz Kaderi is a poet from Deir Zour in Syria. [read more] [top]
Said al-Kafrawi was born and brought up in a village in the Egyptian Delta. He has published 6 collections of short stories. The hill of Gypsies is the first volume to be translate. [read more] [top]
Mohja Kahf was born in Damascus, Syria, and emigrated to the US as a child with her parents, both university students. [read more] [top]
Isra'a Kalash is a Palestinian writer. Her collection Khata’ matba‘i (Misprint) won the A. M. Qattan Foundation Award in 2010. [read more] [top]
Pauline Kaldas is assistant professor of English and creative writing at Hollins University. She was born in Egypt and emigrated to the US in 1969. [read more] [top]
Peter Kalu Peter Kalu is a writer and editor, based in Manchester, UK. He has nine published novels, ranging from science fiction to romantic comedy, and a number of radio and theatre plays. [read more] [top]
Ezzat El-Kamhawi Is a novelist and journalist and has published six novels and two short story collections. [read more] [top]
Ezzat el-Kamhawi was born in 1961 in Sharqia Governorate, Egypt, and is a novelist and journalist. [read more] [top]
Volker Kaminski is a German novelist and writer, living in Berlin. [read more] [top]
Khaled al-Karaki was born in al-Adnaniya in 1946. He is a critic and scholar, graduated in Arabic Literature and has a PhD in Philosophy from Cambridge University, UK. [read more] [top]
Abdel Ghani Karamallah is a Sudanese writer from the Blue Nile area south of Khartoum. [read more] [top]
Adel Karasholi was born in Damascus, Syria, in 1936 to Kurdish parents. A member of the Arab Writers Association, he left Syria in 1957 after it was banned. [read more] [top]
Mona Kareem was born in 1987 in Kuwait. [read more] [top]
Fawzi Karim was born in Baghdad in 1945. [read more] [top]
Wayne Karlin is an American author, editor, and teacher born in Los Angeles. He is best known for his books about the aftermath of the Vietnam War [read more] [top]
Tarek al-Karmy is a Palestinian writer and musician. He has participated in various local and international music festivals and has written several books of poetry. [read more] [top]
Abdelkareem Kasid was born in 1946 in Basra, Iraq. He graduated in 1967 in philosophy from Damascus University, Syria, and has an MA in Translation from the University of Westminster, UK (1995). [read more] [top]
Ali al-Kasimi is an Iraqi author and academic who lives in Morocco. [read more] [top]
Ulla Kasten was born in Denmark in 1945. She studied in Greece and Turkey. [read more] [top]
Akram al-Katreb was born in Salamiah, Syria, in 1966. He graduated in law from the university of Damascus and worked as a journalist from 1990 to 2001, publishing articles in main Arab dailies. [read more] [top]
Ahmad Kattouah was born in Jeddah in 1965. He has published his poetry in several literary and arts magazines. [read more] [top]
Samira Kawar is a journalist and translator. [read more] [top]
Su'ad al-Kawari is a poet from Qatar, where she lives and works. She has published two collections of poetry. [read more] [top]
Sattar Kawoosh is a painter from Iraq, settled in the Netherlands since 2001. He has exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions around the world, including in Iraq, Jordan, Italy, United States, Ukraine, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Germany, France and The Netherlands. [read more] [top]
Judith Kazantzis is a poet, novelist, translator, painter and printmaker. [read more] [top]
Ziad Khaddash was born in 1964 and works as a teacher and journalist. [read more] [top]
Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine (1941–1995) is considered one of the most innovative of francophone Moroccan writers of the 20th century, sometimes called the Dylan Thomas of Morocco. [read more] [top]
Abdo Khal was born in 1962 in Saudi Arabia. He has a degree in Political Science from King Abdel Aziz University, Jeddah. [read more] [top]
Ebrahim al-Khaldi was born in Kuwait in 1971. He has published two collections of poetry and a book of essays. [read more] [top]
Alaa Khaled Alaa Khaled is a well-known poet, novelist and literary editor from Alexandria, Egypt. [read more] [top]
Yousef Khalifa is an author, photographer and weekly columnist for the newspaper al-Kuwaitiyya. [read more] [top]
Khaled Khalifa was born in Aleppo, Syria, in 1964 and holds a BA in Law from Aleppo University. He has written many successful screenplays for TV series as well as for the cinema. [read more] [top]
Moustafa Khalife is a Syrian writer who studied law. [read more] [top]
Suleiman al-Khalifi is a poet, writer and critic born in Kuwait in 1946. [read more] [top]
Dhabiya Khamis is an author, translator and diplomat with over 45 published works, including 18 poetry collections, 4 works of fiction, 9 volumes of essays and 12 translated works. [read more] [top]
Edwar al-Kharrat is from Alexandria, Egypt. [read more] [top]
Mohammad Khashan was born in Suhmata, Palestine, in 1934 [read more] [top]
Basma el-Khatib was born in 30 November 1975 in Lebanon. [read more] [top]
Walid Khazendar is a Palestinian poet born in Gaza in 1950. He has published three collections of poetry. [read more] [top]
Jonas Hassen Khemiri born in Sweden in 1978 to a Tunisian father and Swedish mother, is an award-winning author. [read more] [top]
Yasmine Khlat was born in Ismailia, Egypt, into a Lebanese French-speaking family. [read more] [top]
Idriss al-Khouri was born in 1939 in Casablanca, Morrocco. He writes short stories, and si a journalist on al-Ittihad al Ishtiraki newspaper. [read more] [top]
Elias Khoury was born in Beirut in 1948. A polymath literary critic, journalist, novelist, playwright, academic and intellectual. [read more] [top]
Venus Khoury-Ghata was born in Lebanon, in Besherri, the village of Gibran Kahlil Gibran. [read more] [top]
Adel Khozam is a poet, journalist, editor and broadcaster from the Emirates, born in 1963. [read more] [top]
Samiha Khreis has published five novels and two short story collections, the second of which, Shajarat al-Fuhood (Amman, 1995), was awarded the State Prize for Literature. [read more] [top]
Bilal Khubbayz is a poet and journalist, and writes for An-Nahar weekly cultural supplement. [read more] [top]
Nadia al-Khudari was born in Karkh, Baghdad. She has a diploma in economic systems administration and a degree in programming. [read more] [top]
Muhammad Khudayyir was born in Basra, Iraq, in 1942 where he still lives. [read more] [top]
Omar el-Kiddi (Keddi) was born in Gherian in Libya in 1959. He is a poet and journalist and published one poetry collection, which was refused distribution by the authorities. [read more] [top]
Ken Kincaid is an editor, writer and translator who lives and works in Paris. [read more] [top]
James Kirkup (23 April 1918 – 10 May 2009) was a poet, novelist, dramatist and translator. He has many collections of poems on a variety of themes: No More Hiroshimas (Spokesman Books), A Correct Compassion, The Descent into the Cave, The Prodigal Son, Refusal to Conform, The Body Servant. [read more] [top]
Khalid Kishtainy was born in Baghdad, and has lived in the UK since shortly after the 1958 coup in Iraq. [read more] [top]
Raouf Kobeissi is a Lebanese Journalist and writer. [read more] [top]
Ben Koerber is an assistant professor of Arabic at Rutgers University, USA. [read more] [top]
Ibrahim al-Koni was born in 1948 in the desert of the Tuareg, Libya. He grew up there, not learning to read or write Arabic until he was 12 years old. He has authored over 50 novels, short stories, poems and aphorisms, all inspired by the desert. [read more] [top]
Zuzana Kratka was born in the Czech Republic in 1978. She lived and studied in France for many years, and graduated in Arabic and Middle East Studies from INALCO-Langues d'Orient, Paris, later studying at SOAS, London. [read more] [top]
Park Kyung-ri is a translator of Korean literature. [read more] [top]
Charles La Shure is a translator of Korean literature. [read more] [top]
Abdellatif Laâbi was born in 1942 in Fes, Morocco. He is a poet, essayist, playwright and author of children’s books. [read more] [top]
Latifa Labsir was born in Casablanca in 1965. Since 2003 she has published three collections of short stories in Arabic, Raghba Faqat (Just a Desire, 2003), Dafa’ir (Braids, 2006) and Akhafu min . . . (I’m Afraid of . . ., 2010. [read more] [top]
Abdelrahim Lahbibi Abdelrahim Lahbibi is a Moroccan novelist, born in Safi, Morocco in 1950. [read more] [top]
Shakir Laibi is a poet, born in Iraq and settled in Switzerland. He has a degree in Psychology from Al-Mustansiriya University, Baghdad, and a Masters in Political and Social Sciences from Lausanne University. [read more] [top]
Faisal Laibi was born in Basra, Iraq, in 1947. [read more] [top]
Feri Lainscek born in 1959 in the Slovenian village of Dolenci, is a prolific writer, playwright, and screenwriter of more than 100 works. [read more] [top]
Laila Lalami was born in Rabat and educated in Morocco, Great Britain, and the United States. [read more] [top]
Rachida Lamrabet (b. 1970) is a Belgian author of Moroccan origin. She works as a lawyer for the Centre for Equality of Opportunity and Opposition to Racism in Brussels. [read more] [top]
Wafa'a Lamrani was born in 1960 in Al-Qasr al-Kabir, Morocco. In 1982, she received her diploma in Arabic Literature from the College of Literature and Humanities in Rabat. [read more] [top]
Judith Landry is a translator of French and Italian. [read more] [top]
Wacini Laradj was born in 1954 in Sidi Boujnan, Algeria. [read more] [top]
Abdallah Laroui was born in Morocco in 1933. [read more] [top]
Fouad Laroui (Oudja, Morocco, 1960) is a French writer and scientist of Moroccan descent who, since the early 2000s, also publishes in Dutch. He went to Paris in 1979 to study engineering and later, specialised in econometrics. [read more] [top]
Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio has been awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize for Literature, being described by the Nobel committee as an "author of new departures, poetic adventure and sensual ecstasy, explorer of a humanity beyond and below the reigning civilization". [read more] [top]
Luke Leafgren is a translator of modern Arabic fiction and an Arabic language teacher. [read more] [top]
Thomas Lehr is a prize-winning novelist. He lives in Berlin. [read more] [top]
Vesna Lemaic (b. 1981) lives in Ljubljana. Her debut book of short stories Popularne zgodbe (Popular Stories) in 2008 won three awards. [read more] [top]
Srpko Lestaric is a translator of Arabic into Serbo-Croat. [read more] [top]
Yang Lian is one of the founders of the 'Misty' school of contemporary Chinese poetry. His poems became well-known and influential inside and outside of China during the 1980s. [read more] [top]
Andrew C Long teaches in the Department of Cultural Studies at the Claremont Graduate University. [read more] [top]
Ramona Lupu is a Romanian translator born in 1979. [read more] [top]
Mansour M'henni Is a Tunisian poet, journalist and editor. [read more] [top]
Khalid al-Maaly was born in al-Samawa, Iraq, in 1956. He is a poet, translator and publisher. [read more] [top]
Shukri al-Mabkhout was born in Tunis in 1962. [read more] [top]
Rachida Madani was born in Tangiers, in 1951, where she lives and works as a teacher of French. [read more] [top]
Becki Maddock is a translator and researcher, living in London. [read more] [top]
Raba'i al-Madhoun was born in Ashkilon, Gaza. He studied history at Alexandria University, Egypt, and in 1970 was deported to Jordan because of his political activities. [read more] [top]
Ahmed el-Madini is a Moroccan writer, born in 1947 [read more] [top]
Perihan Magden is a Turkish journalist, novelist and poet. [read more] [top]
Nashwan Ali al-Maghafi was born in 1976 and has been running the Yemen Book Shop since he was 19 years old. [read more] [top]
Azza Kamil al-Maghour is a lawyer and short story writer from Libya, with three collections of short stories. [read more] [top]
Mohammad al-Maghut poet, playwright and columnist, was born in al-Salamiyaa of Syria in 1934. [read more] [top]
Naguib Mahfouz was born in the Gamaliya suburb of Cairo, and began writing when he was seventeen. [read more] [top]
Jamal Mahjoub is an award winning writer of mixed British/Sudanese heritage, born in London in 1960, and raised in Khartoum. [read more] [top]
Haydar Mahmoud is the Jordanian Minister of Culture. [read more] [top]
Fatima Mahmoud is a Libyan poet, writer and journalist. [read more] [top]
Abdelrashid Mahmoudi is an Egyptian short-story writer, poet, critic, translator, who worked for UNESCO for 20 years. [read more] [top]
Lisa Suhair Majaj is a Palestinian-American. She grew up in Jordan, studied in Lebanon and the USA and lives in Cyprus. [read more] [top]
Abdel Rahman al-Majedi was born in Baghdad in 1965. He graduated from Faculty of Languages, Baghdad University, in 1989. [read more] [top]
Lamia Makaddam was born in 1971 in Sousse, Tunisia. [read more] [top]
Issa Makhlouf is a Lebanese writer and poet who lives in Paris. [read more] [top]
Marwan Makhoul is a Palestinian author. In 2009 he won the prize of best playwright in The Acre Theatre Festival. Selections from his poetry have been translated into several languages. [read more] [top]
Mohamed Makhzangi was born in 1950 in the Delta of Egypt. [read more] [top]
Layla al-Maleh (Almaleh) Is associate professor of English literature at Kuwait University and director of the Comparative Literature Graduate program. [read more] [top]
Driss Maliani was born in Fez, Morocco, in 1945. [read more] [top]
Wafa Malih was born on 21 July 1975 in Bouzkarn, Morocco. [read more] [top]
Ahmad Al-Malik is a Sudanese novelist and storyteller. [read more] [top]
Rania Mamoun is a writer and journalist from Wad Medani in east central Sudan. [read more] [top]
Samira al-Mana was born in Basra, Iraq, and studied Arabic Language at Baghdad University. [read more] [top]
Alberto Manguel was born in 1948 in Buenos Aires. He is an internationally renowned writer, translator, film and literary critic, settled in Canada, and currently living in France. [read more] [top]
Mansour Mansour is an Iraqi artist, based in Germany since 1987. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Art, Baghdad, the Academy of Art, Perugia, and University of the Arts, Berlin. [read more] [top]
Abdel Aziz al-Maqalih In his poetry and literary criticism Abdel Aziz al-Maqalih is a modernist voice, not only in his own country of Yemen but also in the Arabian Peninsula as a whole and there he is certainly the first modernist voice. [read more] [top]
Trinidad Ruiz Marcellan is a well-known Spanish poetry publisher. [read more] [top]
Leila Marouane was born in 1960 in Algeria. She studied French literature at the University of Algiers and the University of Paris VIII. [read more] [top]
Ruth Martin is a translator of German and teaches at the University of Kent. [read more] [top]
Sherry Marx is a freelance Canadian editor and translator of Dutch fiction and non-fiction, and lives in Amersterdam. Her translations include Darwin's Dreampond: Drama in Lake Victoria, The Way of All Flesh, Tonguecat, and Daalder's Chocolates. [read more] [top]
Soheir el-Masadfa is an Egyptian poet, novelist, translator and scholar, and has a PhD in Philosophy from Moscow University. [read more] [top]
Herbert Mason (1932-17) was Emeritus Professor and the William Goodwin Aurelio Professor of History and Religious Thought at Boston University. [read more] [top]
Khaled al-Masri is a regular translator for Banipal. [read more] [top]
Monzer Masri is a poet and painter from Lattakia, Syria where he still lives. [read more] [top]
Maram al-Massri (al-Masri) is from Lattakia in Syria, now settled in Paris. [read more] [top]
Gladys Matar was born in Lattakia in 1962. [read more] [top]
Hisham Matar was born in New York City in 1970 into a Libyan family, and has lived in Tripoli, Cairo, and London. He has two novels, the first "In the Country of Men" being shortlisted for the 2006 UK Booker Prize. [read more] [top]
Khaled Mattawa "is a cultural ambassador and poet-translator of Arabic poetry giving voice to a vast literature largely unknown in the Western hemisphere. In masterful translations that evoke the rhythm and cadence of Arabic, he renders the beauty and meaning of the poems accessible to an English reader," announces the MacArthur Foundation, in awarding him a Fellowship in September 2014. [read more] [top]
Rosie Maxton has a BA from St Andrews University in Arabic and Medieval History. [read more] [top]
Mohammad Mazloom was born in Baghdad in 1963. [read more] [top]
Fatima al-Mazrouei writes short stories, poetry and plays. Since 2003 she has published four collections of short stories, a play and a novel. [read more] [top]
Mohammed al-Mazrouei has published five volumes of poetry and one of short stories. He was born in Egypt in 1962, and lives in Abu Dhabi. [read more] [top]
Gretchen McCullough Gretchen McCullough is an American writer and translator, raised in Harlingen, Texas. [read more] [top]
Karen McNeil has an MA in Arabic from Georgetown University, with a specialty in Tunisian Arabic and Arabic linguistics. [read more] [top]
Rachel McNicholl is a freelance editor and translator based in Dublin. [read more] [top]
Abdelwahab Meddeb (1946-6 November 2014) was an internationally renowned and prolific writer, poet, novelist and intellectual. [read more] [top]
D H Melhem was born in Brooklyn, the daughter of Lebanese immigrants. [read more] [top]
May Menassa was born in Beirut in 1939 and holds a postgraduate diploma in French Literature. [read more] [top]
Maher Menzalji Biodata coming soon [read more] [top]
Nada Menzalji is a poet from Lattakia, Syria. [read more] [top]
Bassem al-Meraiby was born in Iraq in 1960. He studied acting and theatre direction in Baghdad. [read more] [top]
Iman Mersal was born November 1966 in Mansourah, Egypt. [read more] [top]
Mo Mesrati is a young writer from Tripoli, Libya, living in the UK. [read more] [top]
Philip Metres is a writer of poetry and literary history. His latest work is an epic poetic meditation on becoming a (Arab American) father on the home front . . . [read more] [top]
Mohamed Metwalli was born in Cairo in 1970. He has a BA in English Literature from Cairo University, 1992. [read more] [top]
Mohammed El-Mezdioui was born in Jerrada, Morocco, in 1964. [read more] [top]
Moncef Mezghanni Tunisian performance poet and children's writer. [read more] [top]
Dunya Mikhail was born in Baghdad in 1965. She studied English Literature at Baghdad University and has published three collections of poetry in Iraq and one in Tunisia (1997). [read more] [top]
Jeon Miseli is a translator of Korean literature. [read more] [top]
Robin Moger is a translator of contemporary Arabic fiction currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. [read more] [top]
Razan Naim Moghrabi is a short story writer and novelist from Libya. She graduated in accountancy, and since 2000 has published nine works [read more] [top]
Youssef al-Mohaimeed was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 1964. He is a poet and writer. [read more] [top]
Hala Mohammad was born in Lattakia, Syria. She studied film-making in Paris and worked as a costume designer for two well-known Syrian films, al-Lail and Sandouq al-Dunya. Since 1994 she has published three collections of poetry. [read more] [top]
Zakariyya Mohammed is a Palestinian poet who lives in Ramallah. He is deputy editor of al-Karmel magazine of Mahmoud Darwish. He has published three collections of poetry. [read more] [top]
Nacira Mohammedi is an Algerian poet, journalist and radio broadcaster on cultural affairs. She publishes her poetry in newspapers and has two collections. [read more] [top]
Adnan Mohsen was born in 1955 in Baghdad, Iraq, in the working class district of Al-Kasrah, on the banks of the Tigris. [read more] [top]
Salah el-Moncef was born in Kuwait in 1962, and presently lives between France and Germany, teaching American culture at Nantes Univeristy. [read more] [top]
Peter Money , an American writer, has been publishing since 1985. In the late 1980s, his mentor was the legendary Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. [read more] [top]
Fleur Montanaro was born in Malta. She is the administrator for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction. [read more] [top]
Edward Morin is an American poet, translator, and song writer. His poems and his co-translations of contemporary Greek, Chinese, and Arabic poetry have appeared in many literary magazines. [read more] [top]
Ali Mosbah was born in 1953 in Zaghwan, Tunisia. He studied social sciences at the Sorbonne, Paris, and Philosophy and Social Sciences in Berlin. [read more] [top]
Hassouna Mosbahi was born in 1950 in Kairouan, Tunisia, and is a writer, literary critic and freelance journalist in German newspapers. [read more] [top]
Ahmad Moualla is a painter, photographer and set designer. Born in Syria in 1958, he graduated in Visual Communications from Damascus University’s College of Fine Arts in 1981. [read more] [top]
Ahmed Mourad is a photographer, graphic designer and the author of mystery-suspense novels. [read more] [top]
Ghada Mourad Ghada Mourad is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature and a Schaeffer fellow in literary translation at the university of California, Irvine. [read more] [top]
Michel Moushabeck founded Interlink in 1987 with the help of his former wife Ruth shortly after he graduated from New York University. [read more] [top]
Amel Moussa Amel Moussa was born in Tunisia in 1971. She is a poet and journalist. [read more] [top]
Sabri Moussa was born in 1932 in Dumiyat, Egypt, and lives in Cairo. [read more] [top]
Malika Moustadraf is a Moroccan writer. Her debut novel [Wounds of the Soul and the Body] was published in 1989 and her first collection of short stories Trente-Six in 2004. [read more] [top]
Hussain al-Mozany (1954-2016) is a writer and journalist, born in al-Amarah, Iraq, in 1954. [read more] [top]
Khulood Al-Mu'alla won the Buland Al-Haidari Award for Young Arab Poets, the first young Gulf poet to do so. [read more] [top]
Susan Muaddi Darraj Susan Muaddi Darraj’s collection of short stories, The Inheritance of Exile, was a finalist for the AWP Book Awards and named Book of the Year for short fiction by ForeWord Magazine. [read more] [top]
Ebtisam al-Mualla is an author and translator, born in Sharjah in 1969. [read more] [top]
Wassat Mubarak Biodata coming soon [read more] [top]
Suneela Mubayi is a translator. She has translated poems and short stories from young and upcoming Arab writers which have been published in Banipal and elsewhere. [read more] [top]
Saadiah Mufarreh is a poet and critic, and works as arts editor of Al-Qabas daily newspaper in Kuwait. [read more] [top]
Bachir Mufti was born in 1969 in Algiers and started writing in the mid-1980s. [read more] [top]
Ibrahim Muhawi is a Palestinian social scientist, linguist and literary translator, translating most notably Mahmoud Darwish’s Memory for Forgetfulness. [read more] [top]
Fatima al-Muhsin was born in al-Nasiriyah, Iraq. She has a PhD in Arabic Literature. She lives in Beirut and is a literary critic, writing regularly in the Arab press. [read more] [top]
Ahmed Al-Mulla is a Saudi poet, playwright and filmmaker. [read more] [top]
Ibrahim al-Mullah born in Sharjah in 1966, has published two collections of poetry. [read more] [top]
Matthias Munsch Matthias Munsch is a journalist and news photographer living in Marburg,Germany. [read more] [top]
Ali al-Muqri is a Yemeni writer with a controversial reputation. His first novel, Taste Black...Smell Black was published in 2008 to high acclaim. [read more] [top]
Mohammed al-Murr has published over 15 volumes of short stories, and is currently deputy chair of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. [read more] [top]
Akram Musallam published his first novel Hawajis al-Iskandar (Alexander’s Obsessions) in 2003. His second novel (The Tale of the Scorpion that Dripped with Sweat) was published by Dar al-Adaab in Beirut in 2008 after winning the A. M. Qattan Foundation Award and has been translated into French and Italian, and excerpted in Banipal 45. [read more] [top]
Najim A Mustafa was born in Baghdad, Iraq, in 1929, the grandson of Khadija. [read more] [top]
Shakir Mustafa is presently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures at Boston University, USA. [read more] [top]
Mohammed Mustagab was from the village of Dayrut in Upper Egypt. [read more] [top]
Haneen Naamneh She is a Palestinian writer and lawyer. She has published several articles and studies in different Arabic literary magazines. [read more] [top]
Basem el-Nabres is a Palestinian writer who currently lives in Barcelona. He has published seven collections of poetry and a book about last Gaza War. [read more] [top]
Hawra al-Nadawi was born in Azamiyah, Baghdad, in August 1984. After four years writing on a daily basis, her first novel, Under the Copenhagen Sky, was published. [read more] [top]
Suhail Sami Nader is from Iraqi and is 65 years of age. Al-Tell is his first novel. [read more] [top]
Karima Nadir began writing poetry at the age of 14 and started translating a year later. [read more] [top]
André Naffis-Sahely is a poet and translator of poetry and fiction from French and Italian. [read more] [top]
V.S. Naipaul was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2001, and was shortlisted for the Man Booker International Prize in 2009. He was knighted in 1989 and in 1993 was awarded the David Cohen lifetime achievement prize. [read more] [top]
Khaled Najar (al-Najar) was born in Tunis in 1949 and has travelled widely. [read more] [top]
Deborah al-Najjar Deborah Al-Najjar has had received numerous of awards and fellowships. "We are all Iraqis", an anthology of Iraqi-American writing, is due out soon. [read more] [top]
Hassan Najmi was born in 1959 in Ibn Ahme, Morocco. He has a diploma in Arabic Literature from Rabat College of Literature and Humanities. [read more] [top]
Hani Nakshabandi was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He edited Sadiyah, a London-based Arab women's magazine, then moved to live an work in Dubai, editing Al-Majallah magazine and presenting a television news show. [read more] [top]
Aroussia Naluti was born in 1950 in Jerba, Tunisia. [read more] [top]
Fatma Naoot is a poet and translator. [read more] [top]
Samir Naqqash was born into a Jewish family and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, one of many families forced to leave in the 1950s when he was a young teenager. [read more] [top]
Tamara Naser is a Palestinian writer who was born in Toronto and raised in Galilee. She is currently studying Film Studies and English Literature at the University of Tel Aviv. [read more] [top]
Buthaina al-Nasiri is an Iraqi writer presently living in Cairo. [read more] [top]
Ramsey Nasr was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 1974, into a Palestinian-Dutch family. Voted Poet Laureate of the Netherlands in 2009, he is also a well-respected film and theatre actor as well as an author of essays, drama and journalistic pieces. [read more] [top]
Hassan Nasr was born in 1937 in Tunis. He has been active in Tunisian literary life since Independence in 1956, and started publishing short stories in magazines in 1959. [read more] [top]
Ibrahim Nasrallah was born in Amman, Jordan, in 1954, and raised in a Palestinian refugee camp. He worked in journalism from 1978 to 1996. [read more] [top]
Amjad Nasser is a major contributor to today's Arab poetry scene, born in Jordan in 1955. [read more] [top]
Abdul Sattar Nasser was born in Baghdad. He published his first collection of short stories in 1968 in Baghdad and in 1971 his first novel. [read more] [top]
Nassif al-Nasseri was born in Nasiryah in Iraq in 1960. He has been publishing his poetry since the mid-1980s. [read more] [top]
Hikmat Nawayseh Biodata coming soon [read more] [top]
Amal Nawwar is a Lebanese poet and translator, who was born in Kuwait in 1964, and grew up in Sidon, Lebanon. [read more] [top]
Hamed el-Nazir is a writer and journalist, born in Sudan in 1975. [read more] [top]
Mohamed Nedali is a high school teacher of French and the author of six novels. [read more] [top]
Samira Negrouche is an Algerian poet and author who writes in French and translates Arabic poetry. She has participated in interdisciplinary projects involving drama, video, photography and plastic arts. [read more] [top]
Salwa al-Neimi was born in Damascus, Syria. Since the mid-1970s she has lived in Paris where she studied Islamic Philosophy and Theatre at the Sorbonne. [read more] [top]
Khalil al-Neimi was born in Badiya al-Sham [Syrian desert] in 1945. [read more] [top]
Marthe Nelissen is pursuing a Masters degree?in Arabic Literature at SOAS, London. [read more] [top]
Daniel Newman was born in 1963. [read more] [top]
Salah Niazi was born 1935 in Nasiriyah, Iraq, and has lived in Britain since 1963. [read more] [top]
Mostafa Nissabouri was born in 1943 in Casablanca, Morocco, and is a poet and short story writer. [read more] [top]
Bernard Noël is an internationally renowned poet and essayist, publishing more than 60 titles. [read more] [top]
Shakir Noori is a novelist and a journalist. [read more] [top]
Lulu Norman is a translator and writer, working mainly from French and Spanish with a particular interest in North African literature. [read more] [top]
Golala Nouri was born in Kirkuk, Iraq, in 1969. [read more] [top]
Rachid Novaire (b. Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1979) is a great talent, discovered at an early age when he took part in (the Dutch-Arabic cultural foundation) El Hizjra's writing competition. [read more] [top]
Amira Nowaira is Professor of English Literature at Alexandria University. [read more] [top]
Ahmad el-Nsour is a poet from Jordan. His poems were published in several magazines and he has two collections. [read more] [top]
Basma el-Nsour is a Jordanian short story writer and lawyer. She is editor-in-chief of the Jordanian Tayki magazine that specialises in women’s literature. [read more] [top]
Ahmad Nuaimi was born in Irbid, Jordan, in 1968. [read more] [top]
Naomi Shihab Nye Naomi Shihab Nye was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1952 to a Palestinian father and an American mother. She grew up in Ramallah, Jerusalem and San Antonio, Texas, where she graduated with a BA in English and world religions. She has published many collections of poems . . . [read more] [top]
Abigail O'Brien is an artist who focuses on oil painting and ink drawings. [read more] [top]
Kevin O'Rourke is a translator and has published more than twenty books of Korean literature in translation. [read more] [top]
Brian O'Rourke has pursued careers in law and diplomatic service. [read more] [top]
Ciaran O’Driscoll was born in Co. Kilkenny and lives in Limerick. He has published eight books of poetry including Moving On, Still There: New and Selected Poems and more recently, Surreal Man. [read more] [top]
Muhammad Obaid Ghubash was born in Dubai in 1950. [read more] [top]
Margaret Obank is the co-founder and publisher of Banipal Magazine of Modern Arab Literature in English translation [read more] [top]
Nazum al-Obeidi was born in Baghdad in 1964. He has been a member of the Iraqi Writers’ Union since 1995. [read more] [top]
Haggag Hassan Oddoul was born in Alexandria in 1944 into a family from the Nubian region of south Egypt. [read more] [top]
Charis Olszok (née Bredin) is a Lecturer in Modern Arabic Literature and Culture at the University of Cambridge. [read more] [top]
Jamila Omairah was born in Zay, Al-Salt, Jordan, in 1964. [read more] [top]
Rasha Omran was born in Tartus, Syria, in 1964. [read more] [top]
Mohamed-Salah Omri is Lecturer in Modern Arabic Literature and Tutorial Fellow at St. John’s College, University of Oxford. [read more] [top]
Gregory Orfalea has written two acclaimed histories, The Arab Americans: A History and Messengers of the Lost Battalion and his new short story collection The Man Who Guarded the Bomb is now out. [read more] [top]
Rabia'a al-Ossaimi was born in 1975 in Sana’a, Yemen, where she still lives. She has one poetry collection. [read more] [top]
Robin Ostle is an Emeritus Research Fellow at St John’s College, University of Oxford, where the principal focus of his current research is on Literature and the Fine Arts in Egypt in the 20th century. [read more] [top]
Man'a Said al-Otaiba was born in Abu Dhabi in 1946. He studied in Qatar, Britain, and Baghdad and received his PhD from Cairo University in Economics and Political Science. He was Petroleum Minister in UAE. [read more] [top]
Laila al-Othman was born in 1943 into a prominent Kuwaiti family. [read more] [top]
Moncef Ouahibi is a award-winning poet, born in Kairouan, Tunisia, in 1949. [read more] [top]
Laila al-Ouhaydib is a Saudi short-story writer and has published one collection. She lives in Riyadh [read more] [top]
Saghir Ouled Ahmed (1955-2016) A forthright and progressive poet of Tunisia who committed himself to satirising authoritarianism and religious extremism through poetry. [read more] [top]
Wen-chin Ouyang was born in Taiwan, brought up in Libya and studied in the United States, gaining a PhD in Arabic Literature from Columbia University. [read more] [top]
Simon Pare translates literature, plays and for the cinema from German and French. [read more] [top]
John Peate is a translator, university teacher, academic researcher and language consultant based in the UK. [read more] [top]
Ana Pepelnik was born 1979 in Ljubljana. She translates (mostly) poetry from (mostly) American literature. [read more] [top]
Katja Perat was born in 1988 in Ljubljana. Since 2007, her poetry has appeared in the literary magazine Literatura and in Dignimo pero/Dvignimo pero, a bilingual collection of prose and poetry by young writers from Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. [read more] [top]
Christina Phillips has a PhD in Modern Arabic Literature from SOAS and has translated a number of works from Arabic, most recently Naguib Mahfouz’s Hadith al-Sabah wa’l-Masa (Morning and Evening Talk, AUC Press, 2008), exceprted in Banipal 30. [read more] [top]
Katarzyna Pieprzak is an Assistant Professor of French and Comparative Literature at Williams College, Williamstown, USA. [read more] [top]
Mojca Pisek Mojca Pišek is a journalist and literary critic on the culture section of the second largest daily Slovenian newspaper Dnevnik, and the magazine Literatura. [read more] [top]
Rasheeda Plenty has a BA in English (University of Missouri) and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan, where she is now a Zell fellow. [read more] [top]
Lorraine Pounds was born in the UK, is a sculptor and writer, and presently lives in San Francisco. [read more] [top]
Leri Price is an Arabic to English translator living in Cairo. [read more] [top]
Yousef al-Qa'eed was born in Al-Bihera, Egypt in 1944. [read more] [top]
Montasser al-Qaffash was born on 14 October 1964 and graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Cairo University in 1986. [read more] [top]
Jalil al-Qaissi was born in 1937 in Kirkuk, Iraq. [read more] [top]
Yahya al-Qaissi was born in Hartha, Jordan. He studied English at Philadelphia University, Jordan, and worked as a journalist in Tunisia. [read more] [top]
Insaf al-Qal'ajy is a short story writer and political journalist from Jordan. [read more] [top]
Mohammad al-Qaood was born in Taiz, Yemen in 1967. He is cultural editor of al-Thawra newspaper in Sana'a. He has published 13 books of poetry, prose and short stories. [read more] [top]
Fadwa al-Qasem is a Palestinian author, born in Libya in 1963. She has Canadian citizenship, and holds a BA in English Literature. [read more] [top]
Yousef el-Qedra is a poet and playwright who lives in Gaza. He has published four collections of poetry and some of his poems have been translated into French and Spanish. [read more] [top]
Xue Qingguo is a professor and dean of the Department of Arabic Studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University. [read more] [top]
Mehdi Qotbi is the cover artist of Banipal 31, Spring 2008 [read more] [top]
Saud Qubailat Saud Qubailat was born in the village of Melaih near Madaba in Jordan. He received his degree in Psychology from the University of Jordan in 1984. [read more] [top]
Mohamed Rabie is an Egyptian novelist, born in 1978. [read more] [top]
Sayed Ragab lives in Cairo. He is an actor and storyteller who has worked with the El-Warsha experimental theatre company in Cairo. [read more] [top]
Ziad Rahbani is one of the most prominent artistic figures in the Arab world in general and in modern Lebanon in particular through his major influence on society, and particularly on the youth [read more] [top]
Saif al-Rahbi is a poet and prose writer, born in 1956 in Sroor, a village in Oman. [read more] [top]
Saad Mohammed Raheem is an award-winning short story writer and novelist from Iraq. [read more] [top]
Hayet Raies is a Tunisian writer. She has an MA in Philosophy from Baghdad University, 1981, and a PhD in French language and literature from Sorbonne, Paris (2002). [read more] [top]
Rabia Raihane is from Morocco. She has been a teacher of Arabic language and literature, and currently works for the Ministry of National Education. [read more] [top]
Waleed al-Rajeeb is a Kuwaiti writer and poet. [read more] [top]
Mansur Rajih is a Yemeni poet and political activist for human rights, born in Yemen in 1958. [read more] [top]
Youssef Rakha was born on 12 June 1976 in Cairo. He has a first class BA Hons in English and Philosophy (Hull University, UK, 1998) and was awarded the Larkin Prize for English and the Chris Ayers Prize for Philosophy. [read more] [top]
Abdel-Monen Ramadan was born in Cairo in 1951, where he still lives and works. He has published three collections of poetry. [read more] [top]
Greet Ramael is manager for prose and theatre of the Flemish Literature Fund. [read more] [top]
Muhsin al-Ramli was born in 1967 in northern Iraq. [read more] [top]
Azza Rashad is an Egyptian writer who was born in the Eastern Province, where she is the chief paediatrician for the Ministry of Health. [read more] [top]
Mouayed al-Rawi was born in Kirkuk, Iraq, in 1939 and is a painter, poet and journalist. He played an important role in the cultural life of 1960s’ Iraq. [read more] [top]
Patrick Ray Has traveled widely [read more] [top]
Thoraya El-Rayyes is a literary translator based in Amman, Jordan. [read more] [top]
Mu'nis al-Razzaz was born in 1951 in Jordan and died unexpectedly in early 2002. [read more] [top]
Ali Abu al-Reesh is a prize-winning author, born in 1956 in Ras al-Kheimah. He is also managing editor of Al-Itihad newspaper. [read more] [top]
Taleb Al-Refai Please go to Alrefai [read more] [top]
Taher Riadh was born in Amman. Since 1983 he has published four collections of poetry and has translated a work of Herman Hesse and selections of Sufi poetry. [read more] [top]
Kamel Riahi is a Tunisian fiction writer. [read more] [top]
Susan Ridder (Rotterdam, 1966) translates to and from Dutch and English. Her work includes non-fiction and fiction, also children's literature and poetry, also numerous texts for the NLPVF. She is currently translating two new novels. [read more] [top]
Fuad Rifka was born in 1930 in Kafroun, Syria and now lives in Lebanon. [read more] [top]
Abdel Khaliq al-Rikabi was born in Diyalah, Iraq. [read more] [top]
Mahmoud al-Rimawi was born in 1948 in Bayt Rima, West of Ramallah. He has worked as a journalist in Beirut, Cairo, Kuwait and Amman, and lives in Amman. [read more] [top]
Dahlia Riyadh (Dalia Riadh) was born in 1970 in Baghdad, Iraq. [read more] [top]
Nancy Roberts is the translator of a number of contemporary Arab novelists into English including Ghada Samman, Ibrahim Nasrallah, Laila Aljohani and Ahlem Mosteghanemi [read more] [top]
Clare Roberts has an MA at SOAS, London,in Arabic Poetry and Turkish Politics. [read more] [top]
Tetz Rooke lives and works in Sweden. He has a PhD in Arabic from Stockholm University with a dissertation on Arabic autobiography In My Childhood. [read more] [top]
Chip Rossetti is Editorial Director of the Library of Arabic Literature book series at NYU Press. [read more] [top]
Abdel Rahman Majeed al-Rubaie was born in Nasiriyah in southern Iraq. [read more] [top]
Wadih Sa'adeh was born in Lebanon in 1954. He has published seven collections of poems. [read more] [top]
Hadia Sa'id is a Lebanese writer and journalist. Born in Beirut, she has lived in Iraq and Morocco and for many years in London. [read more] [top]
Mahmoud Sa'id (Saeed) was born in Mosul, Iraq, in 1939. He published his first collection of short stories Port Said and Other Short Stories in 1957. [read more] [top]
Raheem Saad Mohammed Saad Mohammed Raheem is an Iraqi writer, shortlisted for the 2017 IPAF prize for his novel The Bookseller's Murder. [read more] [top]
Ahmed Saadawi was born in Baghdad in 1973 and is a novelist, poet, painter and journalist. [read more] [top]
Ibrahim Saadi was born in Tikamra in the Kabyle mountains, Algeria, in 1950. [read more] [top]
Omar Sabbagh Omar Sabbagh is a widely published Anglo-Lebanese poet. [read more] [top]
Abdul H. Sadoun was born in Baghdad in 1968. He has a degree in Spanish language and literature. [read more] [top]
Mariam al-Saedi has had two collections of short stories published in 2009, and takes part in a writers' workshop aiming to produce original pieces of fiction. [read more] [top]
Mahmoud Saeed is an Iraqi novelist and short story writer, who settled in the USA in 1999. [read more] [top]
Hazim Saghieh was born in 1951 in Lebanon. He is a writer and journalist and worked on As-Safir newspaper in Beirut 1974-1989. [read more] [top]
Mekkawi Said Mekkawi Said was born in Cairo in 1955. He has been a publisher, script writer and regular contributor to children's magazines, and has five collections of short stories, his first published in 1981. [read more] [top]
Amina Said is the author of fourteen collections of poems, most recently Les Saisons d’Aden, published in 2011 [read more] [top]
Ghalya al-Said is a poet and writer from Oman, living and working in London. [read more] [top]
Amina Saïd was born in Tunis in 1953 and has lived in Paris since 1978. She writes in French and has published eight volumes of poetry and two volumes of re-invented Tunisian folk-tales. [read more] [top]
Abdullah Sakhi Abdullah Sakhi is an Iraqi writer, journalist and translator, born in Baghdad in 1951. [read more] [top]
Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin born in Kassala, eastern Sudan, in 1963 is a novelist and short story writer. [read more] [top]
Jackleen Salam (pen name Jackleen Hanna) is a writer, poet and journalist who emigrated from Syria to Canada in 1997. [read more] [top]
Christa Salamandra is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Lehman College, City University of New York. [read more] [top]
Fakhri Saleh was born in Jenin, on the West Bank, in 1957. [read more] [top]
Fawziya Shuwaish al-Salem is a Kuwaiti poet and writer. [read more] [top]
Helmy Salem (1951-2012) Egyptian poet Helmy Salem passed away on 28 July 2012 after a long battle against lung cancer. Only 61 years of age, he was recognised as one of the most prominent poets of the 1970s poetry movement in Egypt. [read more] [top]
Abdullah Salhi was born in 1968 in Beni Milal, Morocco. Since 1990 he has lived in Bordeaux and Paris. [read more] [top]
Salima Salih is a writer, translator and journalist, born in Mosul, Iraq. [read more] [top]
Saniya Salih was born in town of Misyaf, northern Syria. [read more] [top]
Tayeb Salih died in London on 18 February 2009, aged 80. [read more] [top]
Farouq Salloum is an Iraqi poet and writer, born in Baghdad in 1948. [read more] [top]
Basil Samara is the founder of Caravelle Inc., a corporation for the promotion of Arab culture. [read more] [top]
Jerius Samawi Biodata coming soon [read more] [top]
Ibrahim Samuel was born in Damascus in 1951. He graduated in Philosophy and Social Studies from Damascus University in 1982. [read more] [top]
Boualem Sansal is an Algerian novelist and essayist, born in 1949. [read more] [top]
Aliaa Saqqa is a Palestinian writer who was born in 1988 in the Gaza Strip. Her first collection of poetry is due to be published in 2013. [read more] [top]
Mahdi Issa al-Saqr With the death of Mahdi Issa al-Saqr on 14 March 2006, Iraqi fiction has lost its pioneering author, just three weeks after his novel Beit ala Nahr Dijla [House on the Tigris], written in 1992, was published. [read more] [top]
Maisoon Saqr is a poet and painter, born in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. [read more] [top]
Salam Sarhan was born in Iraq in 1961. A poet and journalist, he lives in London and works in TV broadcasting. [read more] [top]
Saad Sarhan is a Moroccan poet. [read more] [top]
Habib Abdulrab Sarori is a professor of computer science at the University of Rouen, France. He has published many scholarly articles and books in French and English. [read more] [top]
Dusan Sarotar born in Murska Sobota in 1968, is a novelist, poet, playwright and screenwriter. [read more] [top]
Joachim Sartorius is a poet, translator and authority on international cultural policy. [read more] [top]
Muwaffak al-Sawad was born in Basra, Iraq, in 1971. [read more] [top]
Nazem al-Sayed Nazem al-Sayed was born in 1975. He has published four collections of poetry and his work has been included in several anthologies. [read more] [top]
Sadeq al-Sayegh was born in 1936 in Baghdad, Iraq. He has worked in the press, television and radio and published poetry and essays in Iraqi and Arab magazines. [read more] [top]
Habib Sayegh born in Abu Dhabi in 1955, is one of the pioneers of the prose poem. He has published eight collections of poetry since 1980. [read more] [top]
Badr Shakir al-Sayyab died tragically at the early age of 38, but in his short life he was largely responsible for a wholescale revolution in Arab poetics through his poetic experimentation and innovation at a time of great turmoil in the Arab world – the end of the Second World War and the creation of Israel. [read more] [top]
Fidel Sbeity biodata coming soon [read more] [top]
Christopher Schaefer is a translator from the Spanish and French [read more] [top]
Rafik Schami was born in Damascus in 1946, into an Aramaic-speaking family, and started writing at a young age. [read more] [top]
Annika Scheffel is an actress and novelist from Hannover. [read more] [top]
Victor Schiferli (b. 1967, the Netherlands) is a writer and poet, and international advisor for fiction at the Dutch Foundation for Literature (, supporting the translation of books from the Netherlands. [read more] [top]
Elke Schmitter is a poet, novelist and journalist, as well as the Cultural Editor of Der Spiegel newspaper. Her works have been translated into 22 different languages. [read more] [top]
Michael Scott teaches introductory Arabic and translates contemporary Arabic fiction. He spent 25 years in the Arab world and South Asia. [read more] [top]
Spencer Scoville is a professor of Arabic at Brigham Young University, Utah. [read more] [top]
Nadia El-Sebai is the Executive Director of the Arab British Centre. [read more] [top]
Samah Selim is an Egyptian-born translator and professor of Modern Arabic literature at Rutgers University. Her most recent translation is The Collar and the Bracelet, a novel by the late Yahya Taher Abdullah. [read more] [top]
Johanna Sellman was born in Göteborg, Sweden in 1979. She is pursuing a PhD on Arabic literature in Europe at the University of Texas at Austin. [read more] [top]
Habib Selmi was born in al-’Ala, Tunisia, in 1951. He has published seven novels and two collections of short stories. [read more] [top]
Jeon Seong-tae Jeon Seong-tae was born in 1969. His critically acclaimed stories deal with the problems of individual identity that arise from the oppressive effect of collectivism. [read more] [top]
Bachir Sfeir is a Lebanese writer [read more] [top]
Hashim Shafiq was born in Iraq in 1950. [read more] [top]
Shawqi Shafiq is a Yemeni poet and translator. He has published eight books of poetry some of which have been translated into English, French, German, Swedish and Hebrew. [read more] [top]
Ahmed al-Shahawy was born in Dumiyat, Egypt, in 1960. [read more] [top]
Mohammed Shaheen is Jordanian, and the Vice-President of Mu'tah University, Jordan. [read more] [top]
Mahmoud Shahin is a Palestinian writer and critic. [read more] [top]
Dhaen Shahine is a poet and journalist, born in Dubai in 1961. [read more] [top]
Mohammad al-Shaibani works as a cultural journalist and lives in Sana'a. He has published three collections of poetry. [read more] [top]
Aziz Shaibani MD is president of the Arab-American Educational Foundation. He practises clinical neurophysiology, neuromusculoskeletal medicine and neurology in Houston, Texas, graduating in 1983 from the Medical School of Mosul University, Iraq. [read more] [top]
Evelyn Shakir Boston based Evelyn Shakir has published short stories and personal essays in a number of journals and collections. She is also the author of Bint Arab: Arab and Arab American Women in the United States. [read more] [top]
Khairy Shalaby (1938-2011) one of Egypt’s most distinguished and popular authors, died at the age of 73 after a fatal heart attack on 9 September 2011 at his home in Cairo. [read more] [top]
Hassan al-Shami is a Lebanese literary critic and lives in Paris. [read more] [top]
Mona al-Shammari is a Kuwaiti author and journalist. [read more] [top]
Anton Shammas is a Palestinian poet and author, essayist and translator of Arabic, Hebrew and English. [read more] [top]
Bassam Shamseldin was born in Ib, Yemen in 1978. He has published three collections of stories and three novels. [read more] [top]
Hisham Sharabi was Professor of History Emeritus and founder of Centre for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University. [read more] [top]
Maher Sharafeddine was born in Sweida in the south of Syria. [read more] [top]
Sulaiman al-Shatti is a Kuwaiti academic, short story writer, novelist, and critic. [read more] [top]
Hooda Shawa is a short story writer, born in the UK in 1964 to a Palestinian father and British mother. [read more] [top]
Hanan al-Shaykh was born in Lebanon, and grew up there, moving to Cairo when she was a teenager and writing her first novel there. [read more] [top]
Deema Shehabi Deema Shehabi, a Palestinian-American poet, born in Kuwait, whose work has appeared in various anthologies and literary journals, has been nominated for the Pushcart prize three times. [read more] [top]
Yahya al-Sheikh is an Iraqi-Norwegian artist, born in Qalat Salih, Iraq, in 1945. [read more] [top]
Hassab Al-Sheikh Ja'far is an Iraqi poet and novelist, born in 1942. [read more] [top]
Tarek Sherif was born in Edmonton, Canada in 1978 of Egyptian parents. [read more] [top]
Adania Shibli was born in Palestine in 1974. [read more] [top]
Faris Al-Shidyaq Was born in Lebanon in 1804 and was an Ottoman writer, scholar and journalist. [read more] [top]
Naomi Shihab Nye was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1952 to a Palestinian father and an American mother. [read more] [top]
Samuel Shimon was born into an Assyrian family in 1956 in Al-Habbaniyah, Iraq. He left Iraq in 1979 to go to Hollywood and become a film-maker, and got as far as Damascus, Amman, Beirut, Nicosia, Cairo and Tunis. [read more] [top]
Mahmoud Shukair is a prodigious Palestinian writer of short stories and novels for adults and teenagers, with forty-five books, six television series, and four plays. [read more] [top]
Girgis Shukry was born in Sohag, Egypt, on 27 August 1967. [read more] [top]
Walid Shurafa is a Palestinian writer, born in Nablus, Palestine, in 1973. [read more] [top]
Fawziyya al-Sindi is a Bahraini poet. Since 1982 she has published five collections of poetry. [read more] [top]
Nihad Sirees was born in 1950 in Aleppo, Syria, and has been a novelist and screenwriter since the 1980s. [read more] [top]
Adel El-Siwi is an Egyptian painter and translator of Italian poetry into Arabic. [read more] [top]
Roderick Six is a Flemish literary journalist and columnist. [read more] [top]
Vivian Slioa was born in Baghdad in 1976. She writes in Arabic and Swedish. [read more] [top]
Olivia Snaije is a journalist covering Middle East cultural affairs, living in Paris, France. [read more] [top]
Saleh Snoussi is Professor of International Law and Relations at the University of Benghazi and author of five novels. [read more] [top]
Tamara M. Soban was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 1962. Since 2002 she has worked as a translator and editor for the Moderna galerija/Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana. [read more] [top]
Alawiya Sobh was born in Beirut in 1955. She studied Arabic and English Literature at the Lebanese National University in Beirut and has authored four novels. [read more] [top]
Mohammed Sof was born in Casablanca in 1950. He studied Arabic and Islamic Studies at Bordeaux University. [read more] [top]
Walid Soliman Is a successful Tunisian writer and translator. [read more] [top]
Park Soo-yeon is a Korean critic and teaches modern Korean literature in Chungnam National University. [read more] [top]
Mansour El-Souwaim is a novelist and short story writer from the Darfur district of Sudan. [read more] [top]
Mbarek Sryfi Is from Morocco and is currently a lecturer in Arabic language at the University of Pennsylvania. [read more] [top]
Kathryn Stapley has a DPhil in Arabic Linguistics from Oxford University, an MSt in Arabic from Oxford University and a BA Hons in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Exeter University. [read more] [top]
Paul Starkey is Emeritus Professor of Arabic, University of Durham, Vice-President of the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies and Chairman of the Banipal Trust for Arab Literature. [read more] [top]
Jenny Steel was born in London in 1980. She has a 1st Class BA in Oriental Studies from King's College, Cambridge, and is fluent in Arabic, Persian, and French. [read more] [top]
Salah Stétié was born in Beirut in 1929. He is an internationally renowned poet, essayist and critic and has been writing and publishing his poetry since the mid 1960s. [read more] [top]
Mustafa Stitou (b. Tetouan, Morocco, 1974) made his debut with Mijn vormen [My Forms] in 1994. The combination of its unusual tone with original images and perspective prompted a nomination for the C. Buddingh Prize for first collections of poetry. [read more] [top]
Ulf Stolterfoht is a poet and translator. He won the 2008 US PEN Award for Poetry In Translation. [read more] [top]
Mark Strand was US Poet Laureate in 1990 and in 1999 won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his collection Blizzard of One. [read more] [top]
Luzette Strauss studied Afrikaans/Nederlands at the University of Cape Town. She has worked as a journalist, teacher and translator in South Africa and the UK, where she now lives. She has translated Mahala by Chris Barnard from Afrikaans (Aflame Books 2009). [read more] [top]
Mehmet Hakki Sucin is a Turkish academic, translator and Arabist. [read more] [top]
Sohn Suk-joo is a former journalist who currently works as a translator of Korean literature into English and vice versa. [read more] [top]
Rada Sukkar (b. Iraq, 1961) studied civil engineering in Baghdad and Delft. [read more] [top]
Firas Sulaiman is a Syrian poet, born in Tartus in 1969. [read more] [top]
Nabil Sulaiman was born in 1945 and graduated from Damascus University in 1967. [read more] [top]
Yasir Suleiman is His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said Professor of Modern Arabic Studies at the University of Cambridge, Professorial Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge and Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. [read more] [top]
Fadhil Sultani was born in Iraq in 1948 and left the country in 1977. [read more] [top]
Kim Sun-woo was born in 1970 and is active in all facets of literature, from poetry to essays and fiction. [read more] [top]
Thani al-Suwaidi was born in 1966 in Ras al-Khayma (UAE). [read more] [top]
Khalil Suwailih (Sweileh) was born in Syria in 1959. He has a BA in History (Damascus University,1986). [read more] [top]
Abdelkarim al-Tabbal is a poet, born in 1931 in Morocco. He has a diploma in Islamic Studies and started publishing his work in 1954. [read more] [top]
Maia Tabet was born and raised in Beirut but is now based in the USA. She has worked as a journalist, editor and freelance translator. [read more] [top]
Son Taek-su Son Taek-su made his debut in 1998 when he won the Hankook Ilbo Spring Literary Contest for poetry. In his poems depicts the loss of unity in modern daily life and the values of farming culture and folklore prior to modernization. [read more] [top]
Abdullah Taezi was born in 1964 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He has MAs in Engineering Communications and Electronics (1987) and in Management (1994), and works for Aramco. [read more] [top]
Abu-Youssef Taha was born in 1946 in Marrakech, Morocco, and now works as an inspector of secondary schools. [read more] [top]
Dalia Taha is a Palestinian poet and a writer. She was awarded the 2013 "International Playwright Residency" from the Royal Court Theatre in London. [read more] [top]
Abu Youssef Taha Is considered one of the pioneers of the Moroccan short story. [read more] [top]
Miral al-Tahawy was born in 1968 and studied Literature at Cairo University. [read more] [top]
Amir Tahiri is an Iranian-born journalist, educated in Tehran, London and Paris. He is the author of 11 books on Islam, Iran, the Soviet Union and the Middle East. [read more] [top]
Fuad al-Takarli was one of Iraq’s pioneering fiction writers. Born in Baghdad in 1927, he graduated in Law from Baghdad University in 1949 and worked in the Justice Ministry, becoming a judge in 1956. [read more] [top]
Adam Talib is an alumnus of the University of California, Los Angeles and the American University in Cairo, and is presently pursuing a doctorate in Arabic literature at Oxford. [read more] [top]
Wiam El-Tamami is an Egyptian freelance literary translation editor and winner of the 2011 Harvill Secker Young Translator's Prize. [read more] [top]
Zakaria Tamer is a Syrian short story writer. [read more] [top]
William Tamplin is a graduate of Georgetown University, and is pursuing a PhD in Comparative Literature at Harvard University. [read more] [top]
Aoe Tanami is a Japanese researcher in Middle Eastern Studies, currently serving as a Chief Research Fellow of the Center for Asian Pacific Studies, Seikei University. [read more] [top]
Nirvana Tanoukhi has a BA in English Literature from the American University of Beirut, and studied and worked at Arkansas and Texas universities. [read more] [top]
Baha Eddine Taoud was born in 1946 in Ksar El-Kebir, Morocco. [read more] [top]
Susannah Tarbush was born in Bognor Regis, England, and educated at Oxford University, from where she has a BA in Psychology and Philosophy and an MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies. [read more] [top]
Suleman Taufiq was born in 1953 in Syria and grew up in Damascus. He went to Germany in 1971 to study Philosophy and Comparative Literature. [read more] [top]
Waheed Taweela is an Egyptian writer, born in 1960. [read more] [top]
Sahar Tawfiq was born and grew up in Cairo, where she still lives. [read more] [top]
Izz al-din al-Tazi was born in 1948 in Fez, Morocco. In 1986, he obtained a diploma in Higher Education and currently teaches in Tatwan. [read more] [top]
Aurora Tellenbach is working for a PhD in filmmaking at Götenberg University, Sweden. [read more] [top]
Habib Tengour was born in Mostaganem, west Algeria, in 1947 and his family moved to France to escape persecution when he was five years old. [read more] [top]
Ho Anh Thai is one of the most prolific writers in Vietnam. An army veteran, a diplomat and now an editor for World Affairs Weekly,he has written hundreds of short stories. [read more] [top]
Ahmed Rashid Thani (1963-2012) started writing poetry in the late 1970s and in 1981 published a collection in colloquial Arabic, establishing him as a forthright modernist in both style and subject matter. [read more] [top]
Lina Tibi was born in 1963 in Damascus, Syria, and has lived in Kuwait, UAE, Lebanon, Cyprus, the UK, France and Egypt. [read more] [top]
Mai Tilmissany was born in Cairo in 1965. She has an MA in French Literature from Cairo University and is completing a doctorate on aspects of Egyptian cinema at the University of Montreal. [read more] [top]
Stefan Tobler is a translator from Portuguese and German [read more] [top]
Rana al-Tonsi was born in Cairo in 1981. She graduated from the American University in Cairo with a degree in Arab Studies and is currently teaching at the British School in Cairo. [read more] [top]
Ahmed Khaled Towfik , born in Egypt in 1962, started writing a series of horror and science fiction novels in 1993. [read more] [top]
Nasrin Trabulsi is a Syrian writer and news presenter on Kuwaiti television. [read more] [top]
Franca Treur won the 2010 Selexyz Debut Prize for her bestselling novel Dorsvloer vol confetti (Confetti on the Threshing Floor), excerpted above, which will be released as a feature-length film this autumn. [read more] [top]
Shahla Ujayli is a Syrian novelist and short story writer from Aleppo who teaches Arabic Literature. [read more] [top]
Astrid van Baalen grew up in England and now works as a poet and translator. [read more] [top]
Tom van de Voorde is a writer, poet, curator of interdisciplinary projects and translator of American poetry into Dutch. [read more] [top]
Charlotte Van den Broeck is a household name in Belgium as a performance poet. [read more] [top]
Bart Van der Straeten is a Flemish poet from Ghent, and made his poetry debut with the publication of Onbalans (Imbalance). [read more] [top]
Sophia Vasalou studied Arabic in London and has a PhD in classical Islamic theology. She has taught philosophy and other subjects in the European College of Liberal Arts in Berlin. [read more] [top]
Max Véga-Ritter is Professor Emeritus in Anglophone Literature at Blaise Pascal University, France. [read more] [top]
Hester Velmans is a translator specializing in contemporary Dutch and French literature. [read more] [top]
Kathleen Vereecken is a freelance journalist and writer of fiction for children and young adults until her novel entitled "Hair". [read more] [top]
Valentina Viene is an Italian graduate in Arabic and English, living in London. [read more] [top]
Jani Virk (b. 1962) has degrees in German and Comparative Literature and his published work includes novels, short stories, essays and translations from German. [read more] [top]
Cristina Viti is a poet and translator of contemporary Italian poetry and fiction. [read more] [top]
Hinrich von Haaren has written a number of short stories and radio plays which have been broadcast by numerous German stations. He lives in London. [read more] [top]
Hussein al-Wad is a University Professor and researcher born in 1948 in Moknine, Tunisia. [read more] [top]
Yahya Wagdi is from Cairo. He has published his works in Egyptian and other Arab newspapers. [read more] [top]
Najm Wali was born in al-Amara, Iraq, on 20 October 1956, and has a degree in German Literature from Baghdad University. [read more] [top]
Dima Wannous studied French Literature at Damascus University and the Sorbonne. [read more] [top]
Patricia Sarrafian Ward Author and artist Patricia Sarrafian Ward grew up in Beirut during the Civil War. Her novel The Bullet Collection received the GLCA New Writers Award, the Anahid Literary Award and the Hala Maksoud Award for Outstanding Emerging Writers. [read more] [top]
Haytham al-Wardany was born in Cairo in 1972. He has a degree in electronic engineering from Cairo University (1995). [read more] [top]
Mahmoud El-Wardany is an Egyptian writer and journalist, and co-founder of Cairo’s weekly literary journal Akhbar al-Adab. [read more] [top]
Mubarak Wassat was born in 1955 in Al-Youssifiya, Morocco. [read more] [top]
Mubarak Wassat (Ouassat) was born in Mzinda Youssifiya, Morocco, in 1955. [read more] [top]
Laura Watkinson Laura Watkinson studied medieval and modern languages at St. Anne's College, Oxford University, and linguistics at Trinity Hall, Cambridge University. She translates from Dutch, German and Italian into English and has a particular interest in contemporary art, literature and children's books. [read more] [top]
Taher Wattar (15 August 1936 – 12 August 2010) Considered the father of the Algerian novel, he was born in 1936 into a Berber family. After his first collection of short stories in 1965, he published two plays, three volumes of short stories and twelve novels. [read more] [top]
Stephen Watts was born in London in 1952. He is a poet, poetry translator and indefatigable researcher into poetry translation. [read more] [top]
Abdo Wazen was born in Beirut in 1957. He is a poet, and cultural editor of the international daily Al-Hayat newspaper. [read more] [top]
Stefan Weidner is a literary translator from Arabic to German, a writer, editor and critic. [read more] [top]
Max Weiss earned his PhD in History from Stanford in 2007 and is now Postdoctoral Fellow in Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University. [read more] [top]
Robbert Welagen (b. 1981) made his debut at the age of twenty-five with the novella Lipari (Selexyz Debut Prize 2007). [read more] [top]
Rachel Willson-Broyles is a freelance literary translator (Swedish–English) and pursuing a PhD in Scandinavian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. [read more] [top]
Jae Won Chung is a writer and translator born in Korea in 1980. He now lives in New York City. [read more] [top]
Pippa Woodhead has a degree in Philosophy and History of Art and currently lives and works in London as a freelance journalist. [read more] [top]
Jonathan Wright is an award-winning literary translator of Arabic fiction into English, whose translations include three IPAF winners. [read more] [top]
Frank Wynne is a multi-award-winning literary translator from French and Italian. [read more] [top]
Hassan Yaghi is a well-known publisher from Lebanon at Dar al-Tanweer, with branches in Egypt and in Tunisia [read more] [top]
Kaoru Yamamoto is a Japanese academic, translator and researcher. [read more] [top]
Ahmad Yamani was born in Cairo in 1970. He has published four books of poetry and has been living in Spain since 2001. [read more] [top]
George Yaraq is a Lebanese novelist and journalist, born in 1958. [read more] [top]
Fouad Yazaji was born in the small village of Marmarita, Syria, in 1959. He studied in the Soviet Union for a year and after that lived in Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany before returning to Syria. [read more] [top]
Samar Yazbek was born in 1970 in Syria. [read more] [top]
Kwon Yeo-sun Kwon Yeo-sun was born in 1965 and received the Sangsang Literary Award for her debut novel Blue Crevasse at the age of 31, [read more] [top]
Basema Younes is an award-winning novelist and playwright. [read more] [top]
Iman H. Younes is a Lebanese writer, born in December 1956. She is married and has three children. [read more] [top]
Farouk Yousif is an Iraqi poet and art critic, born in 1955 in Baghdad, publishing his first collection of poems in 1996. [read more] [top]
Tamara Yousry is a freelance writer, editor and musician. [read more] [top]
Samir el-Youssef is a Palestinian writer, born in Lebanon in 1965. He has published two collections of short stories. [read more] [top]
Saadi Youssef was born near Basra, Iraq, in 1934. [read more] [top]
Sabri Youssef was born in al-Malikiya, Syria, in 1956. He has a collection of short stories and four collections of poetry. [read more] [top]
Nariman Youssef is an Egyptian translator. [read more] [top]
Adam Youssouf is a Chadian writer and journalist living in Kuwait. [read more] [top]
Zahra Yusri was born in Cairo in 1974. She studied Arabic literature and language. [read more] [top]
Mona Zaki is an Egyptian, born in Belgrade. She is a contributing editor of Banipal. [read more] [top]
Ali Zalah was born in Saudi Arabia in 1976. [read more] [top]
Haifa Zangana was born in Baghdad in 1950 and has lived in London since 1976. [read more] [top]
Amin Zaoui is a novelist, born in 1956 in Bab el-Assa, Algeria, writing in both Arabic and French. [read more] [top]
Matthew Zapruder is the author of three collections of poetry. His poems, essays and translations have appeared or are forthcoming in many publications. [read more] [top]
Ghassan Zaqtan is a Palestinian poet, born in 1954 in Beit Jala, near Bethlehem. [read more] [top]
Viktoria Zarytovskaya is a Russian Arabist academic and translator of contemporary Arabic fiction into Russian [read more] [top]
Ali Mohammed Zayd was born in Yemen in 1953. He has a BA and MA from the American University of Beirut, and a PhD from the Sorbonne. [read more] [top]
Mohammed Zefzaf was born in Souq Arbiya’ al-Gharb, Morocco. [read more] [top]
Hassan al-Zein biodata coming soon [read more] [top]
Ahmad Zein was born in Yemen in 1968. He lives in Saudi Arabia where he works as cultural editor for Al-Hayat newspaper. He has published two collections of short stories and two novels. [read more] [top]
Ahmad Ali El-Zein was born in Akar al-Atiqa, north Lebanon in 1955. [read more] [top]
Habib el-Zeyoudi was born in al-Alouk (near al-Zarqa, Jordan) in 1963. He has published three collections of poetry. He is head of the Jordanian House of Poetry. [read more] [top]
Hammour Ziada is a Sudanese writer and journalist, born in Khartoum in 1977. [read more] [top]
Youssef Ziedan was born in Suhag, Egypt, in 1958. He is a Professor of Islamic Philosophy and History of the Sciences, and Director of the Centre for Manuscripts and of the Museum of Manuscripts at the Library of Alexandria. [read more] [top]
Mustafa Zikri is an author and scriptwriter, born in Cairo on 13 December 1966. [read more] [top]
Haitham El-Zobaidi is an Iraqi writer based in London and is the Chairman and Executive Editor of Al Arab Publishing Group. [read more] [top]
Henry Zoghaib is a poet, writer and cultural advisor, born in Lebanon in 1948. [read more] [top]
Fawzia Zouari is a Tunisian writer and journalist. [read more] [top]
Abdallah Zrika (Zreka) was born in Casablanca in 1953, where he still lives. He published his first collection of poetry in 1977, five between 1981–1995, and two novels between 1991–1998, as well as three collections in French. [read more] [top]
Sami Zubaida Sami Zubaida is Emeritus Profesor of Politics and Sociology at Birkbeck, University of London. [read more] [top]
Nabila al-Zubair is a Yemeni poet, short story writer and novelist. She has written six books, and some of her poetry has been translated into English, Spanish and French. [read more] [top]
Uros Zupan is an award-winning poet and essayist, born in 1963 in Trbovlje. [read more] [top]
Sabah Zwein is a Lebanese poet and critic. She works for the Lebanese daily newspaper An-Nahar. [read more] [top]
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