Banipal 5 - Summer 1999


Ounsi el-Hage: The Messenger with Hair Long to the Springs
(part 1) with appreciation by A K el-Janabi

Badr Shakir al-Sayyab: Poems – with appreciation by Fadhil Sultani

Nizar Qabbani: Poem –
with review by Stephen Watts of Arabian Love Poems

Sargon Boulus: Poem

INTERVIEW with Ghazi Algosaibi

Mohammed Bennis: Poems
with appreciation by Subhi Hadidi
Mohammed Zefzaf: Short story In the Forest
Mahmoud Abdel Ghani: Poem
Wassat Mubarak: Poems
Ahmed Bouzfour: Two short stories A happening at Bald Mountain and The Indian
Driss Maliani: Poem
Idriss el-Khouri: Short story Black and White
and comment piece In the beginning was the Slander!
Hassan Najmi: Poems
Izz al-Din al-Tazi: Short story The Myth of the North
Abd Eddin Hamrouch: Poem
Abdelkarim al-Tabbal: Poems
Wafa’a Lamrani: Poems
Mona Zaki reviews Driss Chraïbi’s Muhammad
Abdulmajid Ben Jalloun: "A Moroccan in Manchester" excerpt from the memoirs Fi’l Tufula [In my Childhood]
Jalal Hakmaoui: Poem
Abdulilah Salhi: Poems
Ahmed Barakat: Poems
James Kirkup introduces Mostafa Nissabouri A Metric of the Desert
Mostafa Nissabouri: Poems
Kacimi, the painter

INTERVIEW with Mohamed Choukri

Salah Stetié: Short story The Night of Abu al-Qassim
Elias Khoury: Excerpt from the novel Bab al-Shams
Abdullah Taezi: Short story Lord of the Birds
Wacini Laradj: Excerpt from the novel Sayedat al-Maqam [Lady of the Tomb]
Issa J Boullata: Short story Without a Court Trial
Fatima Mahmoud: Poems
Jalil Heidar: Poems
Mohja Kahf: Poems
Hazim Saghieh: Comment – Separating the author from his text

Samir el-Youssef: Men In the Sun by Ghassan Kanafani
Peter Clark: Return to Childhood by Leila Abouzeid
Lorraine Pounds: Unreal City by Tnny Hanania
Margaret Obank: Dear Mr Kawabata by Rashid al-Daif
Hartmut Fähndrich: Outremer by Nabil Saleh
Margaret Obank: Grandfather's Tale by Ulfat Idilbi
and The House on Arnus Square by Samar Attar


Amsterdam: Mémoires de la Méditerranée Writers' Forum
Fez, Morocco: Poetry Conference
Oxford: Palestine Day

Banipal No. 5