Banipal 51, Celebrating Saadi Youssef

Front cover painting:Portrait of Saadi Youssef by Mansour Mansour


EDITORIAL - Saadi, the Internationalist

Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine – Selected Poems, translated by Ghada Mourad

Youssef Rakha: An except from the novel The Book of the Sultan’s Seal, translated by Paul Starkey

Ghalya Al Said: An excerpt from the novel Days in Heaven, translated by Charis Bredin


Saadi Youssef: Poems from two collections: The Flights of Buzzards and Poems of Harefield on the Hill, translated by Khaled Mattawa

Khaled Mattawa: Skyping with Saadi, Channeling Li Po

Hussein Bin Hamza: Young Poet Turns Eighty

Mona Anis: One of the most valuable friendships

Saadi Youssef: Four poems, translated by Mona Anis

Peter Money: From Where I Sit

Jack Hirschman: A Poem for Saadi THE WAY TO END WAR

Stephen Watts, with Cristina Viti, interviews Saadi Youssef

Salih J Altoma: Recollections about Sa’di Yusuf’s College Experience

Rawi Hage: A Poem for Saadi – BIOGRAPHY

Khalil Suwailih: The Eternal Exile

Yair Huri: Exile and Imagination in Sa‘di’s Poetry

Hassan Najmi: A Poem – With Saadi Youssef at the foot of a mural in Tangier, translated by Camilo Gómez-Rivas

Salah Awwad: What do you see, Saadi?

Cristina Viti reviews I giardini dell’oblio (The Gardens of Oblivion) by Saadi Yousef


Victor Schiferli
                       A Brief Excursion into Fiction from The Netherlands

Franca Treur: From the novel Confetti on the Threshing Floor, translated by Laura Watkinson

Robbert Welagen: The Disappearance of Robbert, an excerpt from the novel, translated by David Doherty

Stephan Enter: GRIP, an excerpt from the novel, translated by Michele Hutchison

Jan-Willem Anker: An excerpt from A Civilized Man, translated by Brian Doyle

Hanna Bervoets: Everything There Was, an excerpt from the novel, translated by Michele Hutchison

Benjamin Burg: Restaurant Des Arènes – a short story translated by Hester Velmans


Paul Starkey
: Beirut, Beirut by Sonallah Ibrahim

Susannah Tarbush: Gertrude by Hassan Najmi

Margaret Obank: Tales of the Marvellous and News of the Strange

Robin Ostle: Warfare and Poetry in the Middle East

Margaret Obank: Land of No Rain by Amjad Nasser

Stephen Watts: Nothing More to Lose by Najwan Darwish

Norbert Hirschhorn: Willow Trees Don’t Weep by Fadia Faqir

Susannah Tarbush: Rain over Baghdad by Hala El Badry

Peter Clark: The Bridges of Constantine by Ahlem Mosteghanemi

Susannah Tarbush: Days of Ignorance by Laila Aljohani


Fiction, Poetry, Memoir, Non-Fiction


Aoe Tanami: A Dialogue with Arab Literature in Japan



The translators in Banipal 50 are:
Ghada Mourad, Paul Starkey, Charis Bredin, Khaled Mattawa, Camilo Gómez-Rivas, Laura Watkinson, David Doherty, Michele Hutchison, Brian Doyle, Hester Velmans

The writers, artists and book reviewers are:
Peter ClarkNorbert Hirschhorn, Margaret Obank, Robin OstleSusannah Tarbush, Cristina VitiStephen Watts

For more information on all the authors in Banipal 51 and all the translators, writers, book reviewers and artists, please go to:






Banipal No. 51
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Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine

Ghalya al-Said

Khaled Mattawa

Hussein Bin Hamza

Jack Hirschman

Benjamin Burg

Franca Treur

Jan-Willem Anker

Aoe Tanami

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