Banipal 60, Alaa al-Deeb, A Writer Apart

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CONTENTS BANIPAL 60 – Alaa al-Deeb, A Writer Apart
(Autumn/Winter 2017)


Safi Said: A chapter from the novel Kitsch 2011, translated by Jonathan Wright

Abdallah Uld Mohamadi Bah: A chapter from the novel Birds of al-Nab’a, translated by Julia Ihnatowicz

Lamia Makaddam: Four poems, translated by Karen McNeil & Miled Faiza

Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin: A short story, My Mother, the Other Women and I, translated by Adel Babikir

Widad Nabi: Five poems, translated by Jonathan Wright



Opening pages of feature on Alaa al-Deeb in Banipal 60

Chapters from Alaa al-Deeb’s novel Lemon Blossom, translated by Jonathan Wright

Mahmoud el-Wardany: The Trans-generational Alaa al-Deeb

Yasser Abdel Latif: A Lofty Eucalyptus Tree in Maadi

Mansoura Ez-Eldin: The Defeated Leftist Intellectual

Alaa al-Deeb: An excerpt from the novella Al-Qahira, translated by Raphael Cohen

Alaa al-Deeb: A chapter from the novel Children without Tears, translated by Raphael Cohen

Alaa al-Deeb: An excerpt from the novel Moon over the Swamp, translated by Paul Starkey

Ibrahim Farghali: Observing the Distortion of Intellectual Identity

Youssef Rakha: Five Memories of Alaa al-Deeb

Alaa KhaledAlaa al-Deeb’s Cairo, translated by Suneela Mubayi

Ben Koerber reviews Alaa al-Deeb’s novel Lemon Blossom

Alaa al-Deeb: A short story The River beneath the Rocks, translated by Nariman Youssef

Alaa al-Deeb: Chapters from his memoir Pause before the Decline, translated by Sally Gomaa & Jonathan Wright



Lina Hawyan Alhassan: Chapters from the novel Wolves Do Not Forget, translated by Samira Kawar



Paul Starkey: No Road to Paradise by Hassan Daoud
To read the review click here

Laura Ferreri: The American Quarter by Jabbour Douaihy

Susannah Tarbush: Him, Me, Mohammad Ali by Randa Jarrar

Margaret Obank: Farewell, Damascus by Ghada Samman
To read the review click here

Paul Blezard: The Book of Safety by Yasser Abdel Hafez
To read the review click here

Hassouna Mosbahi: Birds of al-Nab’a by Abdallah Uld Mohamadi Bah
To read the review click here

Becki Maddock: Maryam, Keeper of Stories by Alawiya Sobh

Clare Roberts: The Baghdad Eucharist by Sinan Antoon



The Scent of Jasmine: Coming of Age in Jerusalem and Damascus by Anan Ameri

Codename: Butterfly by Ahlam Bsharat



Denys Johnson-Davies (1922-2017)

Pages from Tribute to Denys Johnson-Davies in Banipal 60


LONDON: Sheikh Zayed Book Award Seminar

BERLIN: Banipal at the International Literature Festival

FRANKFURT: ICORN-Banipal panel discussion

ASSILAH: Banipal Symposium marking 20 years


The translators of the issue are:

Adel Babikir, Raphael Cohen, Miled Faiza. Sally Gomaa, Julia Ihnatowicz, Samira Kawar, Ben Koerber, Karen McNeil, Paul Starkey, Jonathan Wright, Nariman Youssef

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Banipal No. 60
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Safi Said

Abdallah Uld Mohamadi Bah

Widad Nabi

Mahmoud El-Wardany

Yasser Abdel Latif

Mansoura Ez-Eldin

Ibrahim Farghali

Lina Hawyan Alhassan (al-Hassan)

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Mahmoud el-Wardany

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