Banipal 68 - Short Stories (Summer 2020)


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Banipal 68 – Short Stories
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Cover Painting by Feryel Lakhdar

A HUGE THANKS to all our contributors, working from home under the continuing coronavirus restrictions


The 2020 Saif Ghobash Banipal Translation Prize: the entries and judging panel


Abdo Wazen: Poems, translated by Bassam Frangieh and Clementina Brown

Mohammed Hasan Alwan: Chapters from his novel A Small Death, translated by William M. Hutchins

Abeer Esber: A Chapter from her novel Free Fall, translated by Nancy Roberts

Katia Tawil: The Fall of an entire Generation

Moncef Ouhaibi: A poem – A Field of Watermelons, Harvested by the Stars, translated by Huda Fakhreddine and Jonathan Wright, from his collection The Penultimate Cup, winner of the 2020 Sheikh Zayed Book Award for Literature.




Sofiene Rajab: Two stories, translated by Maissa Arfoui

Sheikha Helawy: Three stories, translated by Raphael Cohen

Sherif Saleh: Three stories, translated by Raphael Cohen

    Mahmoud Al-Rahbi: Six stories, translated by William M Hutchins

   Mohammed Al-Sharekh: Three stories, translated by Jonathan Wright

   Mustafa Taj Aldeen Almosa: Three stories, translated by Maissaa Tanjour with thanks to Alice Holttum

Muhammad Khudayyir: A short story, “The Dying Painter”, translated by Zeena Faulk



Mohamed Berrada in conversation with Jonas Elbousty



Bothayna Al-Essa: I wrote all the fear that I knew; I’m still writing it, translated by Ben Koerber



Three letters from Ghassan Kanafani to Denys Johnson-Davies, translated by Jonathan Wright




Susannah Tarbush: Memories: The charms and follies of a lifetime’s publishing by Naim Attallah

Becki Maddock: Passage to the Plaza by Sahar Khalifeh

Stephanie Petit: The Mariner by Taleb Alrefai

and The Slave Yards by Najwa Bin Shatwan

Margaret Obank: Velvet by Huzama Habayeb




The Frightened Ones by Dima Wannous

Two Blankets, Three Sheets by Rodaan Al Galidi

Minor Detail by Adania Shibli

The King’s Fool by Mahi Binebine


Adrift: How Our World Lost Its Way by Amin Maalouf



Sheikh Zayed Book Award logo  The 2020 Sheikh Zayed Book Award

  The 2019 Saif Ghobash Banipal Translation Prize

  The 2019 Almultaqa Prize for the Arabic Short Story



Maissa Arfoui, Clementina Brown, Luis Miguel Pérez Cañada, Raphael Cohen, Jonas Elbousty, Huda Fakhreddine, Zeena Faulk, Bassam Frangieh, Alice Holttum, William Maynard Hutchins, Ben Koerber, Becki Maddock, Rosie Maxton , Stephanie Petit, Nancy Roberts, Natalie Shooter, Hannah Somerville, Maisaa Tanjour, Susannah Tarbush, Katia Tawil, Abdo Wazen, Jonathan Wright