Banipal 36 - Literature in Yemen Today (2009)


Beirut39 – Selecting the 39 top young Arab writers

Editorial – by Youssef Bazzi

Alawiyya Sobh – Excerpted from the novel It’s Called Love, translated by Maia Tabet

Yahya Taher Abdullah – Five short stories, translated by Elliott Colla

Berlin International Literature Festival – Focus on the Arab World



with landscape and city photos by Paola Crociani

Bassam Shamseldin – A short story A Fight to the Finish, translated by Michael Scott

Laila Elhan – Three poems, translated by Rasheeda Plenty

Habib Abdulrab Sarori – Excerpts from the novel The Bird of Destruction, translated by William M Hutchins

Shawqi Shafiq – Seven poems, translated by Sinan Antoon

Ali Al-Muqri – Excerpt from the novel Taste Black . . . Smell Black, translated by Tony Calderbank

Fathi Abul Nasr – Seven poems, translated by Akram Rhomdan

Ahmad Zein – Excerpts from the novel American Coffee, translated by Michael Scott

Nadia Alkowkabani – Excerpt from the novel It’s Just Love, translated by Kat Stapley

Yasir Abdel Baqi – A short story The Black Cat, translated by Ali Azeriah

Abdel Aziz al-MaqalihSummer Sonnets and other poems, translated by Issa J Boullata

Mohammad al-Shaibani – Three poems, translated by Fadhil al-Azzawi

Mohammad al-Qaood – Eight poems, translated by Allison Blecker

Sawsan al-Areeqi – Five poems, translated by Suneela Mubayi

Nabila al-Zubair – Ten poems, translated by Khaled al-Masri

Samir Abdulfattah – An excerpt from the novel The Tale of Mr M, translated by Ali Azeriah

Huda Ablan – Two poems, translated by Sinan Antoon

Wajdi al-Ahdal – A chapter from the novel A Land without Jasmine, translated by William M Hutchins



Amir Taheri Cockroach by Rawi Hage

Susannah Tarbush Sunset Oasis and As Doha Said by Bahaa Taher

Alfred Corn The Baghdad Blues by Sinan Antoon


Fiction, Poetry and Travel


Anwar al-Ghassani – 1937–2009 by Fadhil al-Azzawi


Morocco: Assilah Cultural Festival

UK: Ledbury Poetry Festival and LRB Bookshop

Syria: Al-Sendian Cultural Festival


The translators in Banipal 36 are: Sinan Antoon, Fadhil al-Azzawi, Ali Azeriah, Allison Blecker, Issa J Boullata, Anthony Calderbank, Elliott Colla, Ghenwa Hayek, William M Hutchins, Khaled al-Masri, Khaled Mattawa, Suneela Mubayi, Rasheeda Plenty, Micheal Scott, Jenny Steel, Maia Tabet.

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Banipal No. 36