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BANIPAL's 50th issue is published

Banipal 50 title – Prison Writing

's Summer issue on Prison Writing is timely and much needed. We are proud that the 50th issue of Banipal is celebrated with thought-provoking testimonies and texts by some of the most renowned and respected of Arab authors from Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Palestine and Syria, authors who have never stopped defending the right to free expression, tolerance and social justice. Their struggles continue today, and are ever more needed, ever more vindicated in this strange world we live in, where religious fundamentalists and bigots of all persuasions are in ascendance, dictatorships and unelected bureaucracies are still in control, and whistleblowers defending basic human rights are on the run.

Banipal’s work over the last 17 years has been to be witness to the living literary scene in the Arab world, commissioning translations of newly published works to bring to the Anglophone world the richness and variety ever present in today’s Arab literary landscape.

This massive work of 50 issues has been produced by a small, dedicated team, backed by a brilliant army of translators, consulting and contributing editors, reviewers . . . and of course, all the authors. We salute them all.

Cover painting by the New York based Iraqi painter Ahmed Alsoudani

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Saif Ghobash Banipal Arabic Literary Translation Prize logoThe 2014 Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation has received 17 entries, all of them novels.

The translators of the 17 entries are: Kareem James Abu-Zeid, Roger Allen (2 novels), Sinan Antoon, Aida Bamia, Raphael Cohen (2 novels), Robyn Creswell, Humphrey Davies, Michelle Hartman, Paula Haydar, Kay Heikkinen, William M Hutchins, Nancy Roberts (2 novels), Maia Tabet and Michael K. Scott, and Max Weiss. For more details of the entries, click here

The newly appointed judging panel comprises the current co-winner Jonathan Wright, Paul Blezard, Lulu Norman and Samuel Shimon. The winner will be decided at a meeting towards the end of this year, and awarded early in 2015 along with the other literary translation prizes administered by the UK's Society of Authors. For more information about the Judging Panel, click here

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