Invitation to Celebrate 25 Years of Banipal Magazine

Invitation to 

A Grand Literary Party 

Celebrating 25 Years of Banipal Magazine

7pm, Wednesday 18 January

the Irish Cultural Centre
5 Black's Road, Hammersmith, London, W6 9DT



Banipal's publisher Margaret Obank invites all friends, editors, translators, and above all, all readers and lovers of world literature, to participate in this celebration of translating and publishing modern Arab literature in English 

– with poetry and fiction, videos, translations, discussions and questions

– and with two very special guests, Egyptian poet IMAN MERSAL and Syrian poet NOURI AL-JARRAHboth reading from their latest works with English editions



                                                                          Iman Mersal     •     Nouri Al-Jarrah  


at this free event, but please register to attend by emailing HERE

 RSVP to


 From the editorial of Banipal 75, the last issue

"Banipal magazine was created in response to the massive lack of translation of Arabic literature into English. Since it started it has always been a completely independent magazine that relied for its continued publication on the individual efforts of two people who set out to fill this void, to bridge the gap between Arabic literature and world literature and establish a base of readers who would love and value Arabic literature.

"With no commercial considerations to restrict our choice we were free to consider only literary questions. Undoubtedly, over the past twenty-five years, Banipal has made many achievements in relation to Arabic literature through translation into English – and also from English into other languages. Hence, there seems to be a “before and after Banipal” when it comes to the translation of contemporary Arabic literature."



Published Date - 31/12/2022