Banipal 43 - Celebrating Denys Johnson-Davies (2012)


EDITORIAL - Samuel Shimon
Saadiah Mufarreh – Poems, translated by Allison Blecker

Khaled Najar –  Alexandria, trans. Ghenwa Hayek 
Saadi Youssef  – Poems, trans. Sinan Antoon & Peter Money
Maram al-Massri – Poems, trans. Khaled al-Masri
Youssef Rakha – Poem, trans. the author 
Sonallah Ibrahim:  Calling Things What They Are
interview by Camilo Gomez-Rivas

Denys Johnson-Davies – 60 years of Arabic literature in translation       
Roger Allen – In celebration
Khaled Mattawa – Such a standard bearer           
Mark Linz – A unique and long-lasting legacy
Peter Clark – An enormous debt
Paul Starkey – Putting modern Arabic writing on the map
Humphrey Davies – He made me a translator
William M. Hutchins – Hats off to the dean of translators!
Musa al-Halool – Not even a typo
Brahim Oulahyane – With Denys in Marrakesh
Margaret Obank – First and foremost an art, not a science

Saleh Snoussi – Abu Saleem’s Prison – an excerpt from a novel, trans. William M Hutchins
Jad El Hage  – A tale, Cats up a Pole
Nael el-Toukhy – A short story The Machos, trans. Wiam El-Tamami
Hassan Najmi – An excerpt from the novel Gertrude, trans. Nancy Roberts

The Shortlist
Jabbour Douaihy – The Vagrant, trans. Ghenwa Hayek
Ezzedine C Fishere – Embrace on Brooklyn Bridge, trans. John Peate
Rabee Jaber – The Druze of Belgrade, trans. Nancy Roberts
Nasser Iraq – The Unemployed, trans. Robin Moger
Bashir Mufti – Toy of Fire, trans. William M Hutchins
Habib Selmi – The Women of Bassatin, trans. Maia Tabet     

Kim Jaeyong – Korean fiction at the border of globalization   
Park Soo-yeon – Introduction to Korean poetry 
Jeong Do-sang – Zebra, trans. Jeon Miseli
Kim Sun-woo –  Poem, trans. Sam Cha
Kim In-sook   – Sea and Butterfly, trans. Sohn Suk-joo
Son Taek-Su – Poem, trans. Brother Anthony of Taize
Ra Hee-duk – Poems, trans. Kevin O’Rourke
Jeon Seong-tae – The Korean Soldier, trans. Jae Won Chung
Do Jong-hwan –  Poems, trans. Park Kyung-ri
Kwon Yeo-sun – To Believe in Love, trans. Charles La Shure

André Naffis Sahely: The Traveler & Innkeeper by Fadhil al-Azzawi
André Naffis Sahely: Disordered World by Amin Maalouf
Susannah Tarbush: The Art of Forgetting by Ahlem Mostaghanemi
Norbert Hirschhorn: Heavenly Life: Selected Poems by Ramsey Nasr

BOOKS IN BRIEF – The Mahfouz Centennial Library, Homecoming: Sixty Years of Egyptian Short Stories, The World Through the Eyes of Angels, Arabian Tales: Baghdad-on-Thames, Sarmada, The Night Counter, Bar Balto, The Conquest of Andalusia, We Are All Equally Far From Love, Taxi, Gathering The Tide; An Anthology of Contemporary Gulf Poetry, The War on Idigna, Poet in Andalucia, In the Presence of Absence, Absent Presence, I Was Born There, I Was Born Here, Balconies; A Mediterranean Memoir, Voices From Iraq; A People's History, Standing By the Ruins; Elegiac Humanism in Wartime and Postwar Lebanon, The Road to Tahrir; Frontline Images by Six Young Egyptian Photographers, Reflections on Islamic Art, Cairo; My City, Our Revolution, Immigrant Narratives

Rachida el-Charni – Letter from Tunis

The translators from Arabic in Banipal 43 are:
Sinan Antoon, Allison Blecker, Camilo Gomez-Rivas, Ghenwa Hayek, William M Hutchins, Khaled al-Masri, Robin Moger, Peter Money, John Peate, Nancy Roberts, Maia Tabet, Wiam El-Tamami.

The writers and book reviewers are:
Roger Allen, Rachida el-Charni, Peter Clark, Humphrey Davies, Camilo Gomez-Rivas, Musa al-Halool, Norbert Hirschhorn, Denys Johnson-Davies, Mark Linz, Khaled Mattawa, Brahim Oulahyane, André Naffis Sahely, Paul Starkey, Susannah Tarbush.

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The Guest Literature Feature on Korean Literature has been produced with the support of
the Asia Africa Latin America Literature Forum and the Korean Literature Translation Institute

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