Banipal 70 - Mahmoud Shukair, Writing Jerusalem (Spring 2021)

(Spring 2021)

Cover painting of Mahmoud Shukair created for the issue by Kawoosh

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Ammar Almamoun reviews al-Nawm fi Haql al-Karaz (At Rest in the Cherry Orchard), a novel by Azher Jirjees

Azher Jirjees: Three excerpts from the novel al-Nawm fi Haql al-Karaz (At Rest in the Cherry Orchard), translated by Jonathan Wright


Hassan Abdel Mawgoud: A Bicycle Brings an Old Comrade, a short story, translated by Raphael Cohen, from the author’s collection Huroub Fatina (Ravishing Wars), published by Al-Kotob Khan, Cairo 2018


Katia al-Tawil reviews Lam yusalli ‘alaihum ahad (No One Prayed Over Their Graves) by Khaled Khalifa

Khaled Khalifa: Excerpt from his novel Lam yusalli ‘alaihum ahad (No One Prayed Over Their Graves), translated by Leri Price


INTERVIEW with Lebanese writer Alawiya Sobh
by Katia al-Tawil

Alawiya Sobh: Three chapters from her latest novel An Ta’ashaq al-Hayat
(To Love Life), translated by Nancy Roberts




Mahmoud Shukair: Three short stories, translated by Samira Kawar

Fakhri Saleh: On the Literary achievement of Mahmoud Shukair

Aida Fahmawi Watad: Palestinian Writing, Inside a Closed-Open Cage    


Fayez Ghazi reviews the novel
Dhilal al-‘A’ilah (Shadows of the Family) by Mahmoud Shukair

Mahmoud Shukair: Excerpt from Shadows of the Family, translated by Karen McNeil and Miled Faiza



Hannah Somerville reviews Mordechai’s Moustache and his Wife’s Cats and other stories by Mahmoud Shukair, translated by Issa J Boullata, Elizabeth Whitehouse, Elizabeth Winslow and Christina Phillips


Susannah Tarbush reviews Jerusalem Stands Alone by Mahmoud Shukair, translated by Nicole Fares


Mahmoud Shukair: 26 Micro Stories, translated by Mayada Ibrahim


Ibrahim Nasrallah reviews Faras al-'A’ilah (The Family Mare) by Mahmoud Shukair


Mahmoud Shukair: The Phantom, a short story, translated by Paul Starkey



Trino Cruz The Fertile Shore, selected poems



Interview with the editors of Maktoob, the project for translation of Arabic literature into Hebrew




Joselyn Michelle Almeida reviews Fugitive Atlas: Poems by Khaled Mattawa

Stephanie Petit reviews De Weekendmiljonair (The Weekend Millionaire) by Abdelkader Benali

Becki Maddock reviews Agadir by Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine, translated by Pierre Joris and Jake Syersak



American translator Kay Heikkinen wins the Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation

for her translation of Velvet by Huzama Habayeb