Banipal magazine is a completely free and independent literary magazine. It was begun in 1998 by two individuals who loved Arab literature and believed in promoting dialogue between different cultures by bringing this literature with the world through translation into English.

In April this year, after 17 years, the 52th Banipal was published. This massive work of 52 issues has been produced by a small, dedicated team, backed by a brilliant army of translators, contributing and consulting editors, reviewers, interns, and, of course, all the authors. Over the years, Banipal has received great acclaim for its role in revealing the wealth of Arab literary works, with some academics even talking about “Before Banipal” and “After Banipal” in terms of the availability of English translations of contemporary literature from the Arab world.

In today’s world, Banipal's work is ever more relevant, and ever more needed – as a free and independent voice, as an ever more open window on the literature of Arab authors. And it is definitely continually expanding.

However, to continue to present this wide range of diverse creative talent in English translation, and reach out to new readers across the world, Banipal needs your support.

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"Not merely a bridge between two cultures but . . . a laboratory that illuminates the styles of modern Arabic writings” – Adonis

From Banipal No 1,
February 1998 

Banipal No 1, February 1998

to Banipal 50,
July 2014

Banipal 50 – Prison Writing

“A unique voice in the literary world, an exercise in the art of the possible. Long may it remain so.” – Nick March, The National

And, on to 
Banipals 51, 52, 53, 54, 55 and 56  . . .

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