Khaled Mattawa is awarded MacArthur Fellowship

Khaled Mattawa

Banipal congratulates Khaled Mattawa on his award of a MacArthur Fellowship.


Khaled Mattawa is one of "21 Extraordinarily Creative People Who Inspire Us All", said the MacArthur Foundation in announcing the 21 "genius grants" for the 2014 MacArthur Fellows.

"Khaled Mattawa", said the announcement, "is a cultural ambassador and poet-translator of Arabic poetry giving voice to a vast literature largely unknown in the Western hemisphere. In masterful translations that evoke the rhythm and cadence of Arabic, he renders the beauty and meaning of the poems accessible to an English reader."

To listen to an interview with Khaled Mattawa by the MacArthur Foundation, released on YouTube, click here 

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The Detroit Free Press website announced the Award:

Khaled Mattawa is a founding editor of Banipal. For more information, click here.

Published Date - 18/09/2014