Free access all December to digital double issue Banipal 15/16 – Palestinian Literature

After enabling free access to Banipal 45– Palestinian Writers in November, we are continuing for the whole of December with free access to Banipal 15/16, the double issue from 20 years ago, on Palestininan literature. 

Banipal is giving free access to the digital edition of Banipal 15/16 from 2002/2003 with its major feature on PALESTINIAN LITERATURE. This double issue was  for Autumn/Winter 2002 and Spring 2003, and published published in Spring 2003. The link to the digital edition is free for everyone to acess and to read for one month from today, 1 December 2023.

This link, will expire on 31 Dec 2023 14:54 GMT.

This second link, will take you to the contents page, with some selected texts that can be read directly on


Published Date - 01/12/2023