Arab Love Stories

Banipal 44 Arab Love Stories

Banipal 44, Summer 2012, will be dedicated to ‘Arab Love Stories’.

The call for submissions is open to all Arab authors, male and female, writing works which reflect the creative power and sophistication of the modern short story from the Arab world.

A special editorial committee of noteworthy writers and publishers will select the best stories for translation and publication. The committee members are:

The Iraqi author Salima Salih

The Algerian publisher Assia Moussei

The Iraqi author Sinan Antoon

The Libyan writer Omar Abulqassim Alkikli

Entry requirements:

Submission must be of high artistic merit.

Principal subject must be ‘love’.

Must be between 2000 and 4000 words.

Must be submitted before 15th January 2012.

Applicants should send their story with a short passage about themselves and a photograph to the following email address:

To read about this in Arabic go to




Published Date - 22/11/2011