Shubbak Festival's Literature Weekend at the British Library

Arab Literature at the British Library
25 and 26 July

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This weekend, 25 and 26 July, as part of the Shubbak Festival, the British Library Conference Centre is hosting a series of events on Arab literature. A celebration of the depth and diversity of Arab writing across the world, through talks, readings and workshops, ranging from poetry, fiction and graphic novels to new literary forms and performance. 

Among the authors who will be taking part in the events are many who have been published in Banipal:

Sinan AntoonAhmed Khaled TowfikMourid BarghoutiSamar YazbekAtef Abu SaifAbdelkader BenaliLeila AboulelaHoda BarakatElias Khoury and Mustafa Stitou.

Banipal has also published works by Ahmed SaadawiJokha Al-Harthi and Ali Al-Muqri who, to our knowledge, do not yet have their books in English translation.

Reviews of Robin Yassin-Kassab's and Faïza Guène’s books are also available in Banipal.

FREE access to the digital edition of Banipal for iPhone and iPad is available at the British Library for the duration of the weekend festival.

 For detailed programme of the events at the British Library, click here

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Published Date - 23/07/2015