Saadi Youssef 1934–2021

The great internationalist Iraqi poet Saadi Youssef is no more. He passed away early Saturday morning, 12 June 2021, at his home in Harefield on the outskirts of London. Born in Basra, Iraq, in 1934, he saw himself as a “resident of the world” rather than an Iraqi exile.  He will be buried in Highgate Cemetery, London, on Monday 14 June.

Banipal No 51 – Celebrating Saadi Youssef, celebrated the great poet’s 80th year. Information about the issue can be found at this link:



Selected works by Saadi and about him can be read on the links below:


In tribute and commemoration of Saadi Youssef we are pleased to make the digital edition of BANIPAL 51 free to read for 30 days from 13 June. Click here for the link.

Published Date - 13/06/2021