Almog Behar is a poet, novelist, translator, editor and critic. Behar was born in 1978, and now lives in Jerusalem. He has published six books, the latest being Kdey She-Hamelach Yitpazer al Ha-Ahava (Rub Salt into Love, 2021). His novel Chahla ve-Hezkel (Rachel and Ezekiel, 2010), excerpted in Banipal 72 – Iraqi Jewish Writers (2021), was translated into Arabic by Nael el-Toukhy and published in Cairo in 2016.

Behar is one of the founders of the Judeo-Arabic cultural studies program at Tel Aviv University, and teaches in the Literature Department at Tel Aviv University.

His other books include: Zim’on Be’erot (The Thirst of the Wells, 2008), Ana Min Al-Yahoud (I am one of the Jews (in Arabic in the original), 2009), Chut Moshekh Min Ha-Lashon (A Thread Drawing from the Tongue, 2009), Shirim Le-Asirei Batei-HaSohar (Poems for the Prisoners, 2016).

Contributor's Issues

Banipal 72 - Iraqi Jewish Writers (Autumn-Winter 2021)