Aisha Al-Kaabi (also Aysha) is an Emirati short story writer, artist, and translator. She spent five years in the United States, where she got her Masters degree in Biology, and worked for UAE University as a Teaching Assistant, at the Department of Biology for five years. She then worked as the Assistant Secretary-General and the Head of UNESCO Department at The UAE National commission for UNESCO, (Ministry of Education). She has worked as News presenter, editor, and correspondent at Abu Dhabi TV. Later, she joined Dubai TV as News presenter (Emirates News). She worked also as a Media & Publishing Supervisor for Kalima Project, Abu Dhabi Culture and Heritage. Now, She is The Outreach in charge for Khalifa University.

She has just won The Emirati Woman Award in Literature and Art, 2011 for her latest book “No consolation for House cats”. She has published  two short story collections, one book of translated international short stories, and another one of translated poetry.




Contributor's Issues

Banipal 42 - New Writing from the Emirates (2011)