was born in southern Iraq in 1955. He has lived in Paris since 1976. He is a poet and translator, publishing his poetry in literary magazines for twenty-five years, with two collections.

He has translated Arthur Rimbaud’s collected works, and works of Rainer Maria Rilke, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Derrida, Jean Genet, Juan Goytisolo and Philippe Jaccottet into Arabic. He also made, with introductory study, the first free-verse translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy into Arabic (UNESCO, Paris, & Arab Institute for Research and Publishing, Beirut, 2003).

In 2006, his Le Roman Arabe – 1834 to 2004, was published by Actes Sud, France. 

Contributor's Issues

Banipal 19 - Spring 2004

Banipal 17 - Summer 2003

Banipal 12 - Autumn 2001

Banipal 49 - A Cornucopia of Short Stories (2014)

Banipal 33 - Autumn/Winter 2008