is president of the Arab-American Educational Foundation. He is a highly regarded practitioner of clinical neurophysiology, neuromusculoskeletal medicine and neurology in Houston, Texas, graduating in 1983 from the Medical School of Mosul University, Iraq.

The Arab-American Educational Foundation, Inc. (AAEF) was established in 1985 to promote understanding of Arab culture, history and language, through the endowment of university chairs and the sponsoring of academic programs, lecture series, cultural performances, scholarships, and research. ??The AAEF has no political or religious affiliation, and depends solely on the generosity of its donors.

The programme of activities sponsored by the Foundation includes lecture series, film showings and festivals, cultural performances, a teacher workshop programme. An endowment campaign was established earlier this year to found a new chair of Modern Arab History at the University of Houston.

In October 2010,  the AAEF hosted a special lecture by Adonis at the Museum of FIne Arts in Houston on The Need for an Arab Revival.

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Banipal 41 - Celebrating Adonis (2011)