Hawad is a Tuareg poet, born in 1950 in the Aïr region in what is today Niger, and from the mid-1980s publishing many literary works. These include books of poetry, combined literary forms similar to mythical epics, lyrical prose, and novels. Hawad deploys a method he calls furigraphy (a play on the word calligraphy) to create space in his poetry and to illuminate certain themes, while composing his poems aloud in Tamazight. He currently lives and publishes from Aix-en-Provence, France. His Testament nomade was translated into Arabic by Adonis.

Hawad was awarded the Moroccan International Argana Poetry Prize in 2017.  An article about the Prize and and poem, translated by Jake Sayersak, was published in Banipal 67 (Spring 2020).

Contributor's Issues

Banipal 67 - Elias Khoury, The Novelist (Spring 2020)