Abdelfattah Kilito is a prominent Moroccan writer and literary critic. Kilito (b. 1945) is currently Professor of Arts at Mohammed V University in Rabat and has won awards such as the French Academy Award (Le prix du rayonnement de la langue et de la littérature françaises) (1996), and the Sultan Al Owais Prize for Criticism and Literature Studies (2006).

Kilito is atypical among North African writers in that he writes and publishes in both Arabic and French. He has published several books in French and in Arabic and his stories and essays have also appeared in a variety of French- and Arabic-language magazines and newspapers.

A few of Kilito’s works in literary criticism have been translated into English and his collection of short stories La querelle des images (1995) was translated into English by Robyn Creswell as The Clash of Images (New Directions, 2010). The story “On Averroes’s Balcony” was first published in French (“Du balcon d’Averroès”) in the collection Le cheval de Nietzsche (Casablanca: Fennec, 2007) and was published in Arabic translation in 2009.

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