More works from Banipal 45 by Palestinian authors

The digital edition of Banipal 45 – Writers from Palestine is available for free acccess until 31st November. Its mega size – 256 pages instead of the usual 224, included 27 Palestinian authors.  The contents page on the Banipal  website includes images of some of the authors, plus links to selected works from the issue, and especially for this issue, extra poems that could not find space in the printed and digital pages.


We also include the introduction to the feature by Anton Shammas, as much relevant today as it was in 2012.

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Checki out Asma'a Azaizeh – Poems continued from Banipal 45

Check out Reem Ghanayem – Selected Poems continued from Banipal 45

Check out Yousef el-Qedra – Poems continued from Banipal 45

Check out Dalia Taha – Selected Poems continued from Banipal 45

and also Marwan Makhoul – Selected Poems continued from Banipal 45

Short Stories

The short story by Eyad Barghuthy,  A Fateful Meal, translated by John Peate, is a full reprodution from the magazine issue, not a new work: Eyad Barghuthy – A short story A FATEFUL MEAL 

However, the short story online, Perhaps, by Isra'a Kalash is extra. Her two stories published in Banipal 45, and this third one are all translated by Ibtisam Barakat for Banipal 45, from Isra'a's short story collection Khata’a Matba’i (Misprint), published by al-Dar al-Ahliya, Amman, in 2011.   Click the link for the story Isra'a Kalash – A third short story PERHAPS



Also from the feature is the long interview with Palestinian actor and director Mohammad Becki. Only the first part was in the magazine, wiht the second only accessible on the website. Here they are both available. 

Mohammad Bakri – Interview (Part 1) by Imad Khachan, published in Banipal 45 (2012)

Mohammad Bakri – Interview (Part 2) continued online

Published Date - 20/11/2023