Banipal 59 - The Longlist (Summer 2017)

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CONTENTS BANIPAL 59 (Summer 2017)

Cover Photograph of Space Mohammed Kacimi, Harhoura, Morocco, by Samuel Shimon

Denys Johnson-Davies. Photo by Paola Crociani


Denys Johnson-Davies (1922-2017)





Habib Selmi: Chapters from the novel Goat Mountain, translated by Charis Olszok



Amir Tag Elsir: “I pawned my Rolex to publish my first book”, translated by Julia Ihnatowicz


Spanish poet Angel GuindaGUEST POET: ANGEL GUINDA

Trinidad Ruiz Marcellan: The Poetry of Angel Guinda

Angel Guinda: Selected Poems

Translated from the Spanish by Peter Bush



Yassin Adnan: Chapters from Hot Maroc, translated by Raphael Cohen

Ibrahim Farghali: Chapters from The Temple of Silken Fingertips, translated by Julia Ihnatowicz

Renée Hayek: Excerpt from The Year of the Radio, translated by Ghenwa Hayek

Zuheir Al-Hiti: Excerpt from Days of Dust, translated by Samira Kawar

Abdelkarim Jouaiti: Chapters from The Moroccans, translated by Mbarek Sryfi

Sultan Al Ameemi: Chapters from One Room is Not Enough, translated by John Peate

Laila al-Atrash: Excerpt from Hymns of Temptation, translated by Nancy Roberts

Sinan Antoon: Excerpts from Catalogue/Index, translated by Jonathan Wright


Pages from Arabic Literature in RussiaARABIC LITERATURE IN RUSSIA

Viktoria Zarytovskaya: From the beginnings to present day, translated by Benjamin Koerber


Mohammed Hasan Alwan with his winning novel Mawt Saghir (A Small Death)INTERNATIONAL PRIZE FOR ARABIC FICTION – THE TENTH AWARD

Mohammed Hasan Alwan wins 2017 IPAF

Valentina Viene interviews the tenth winner of the prize




The President's Gardens by Muhsin al-RamliBecki Maddock: The President’s Gardens by Muhsin al-Ramli

Susannah Tarbush: Two memoirs by Ibtisam Barakat – Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood and Balcony on the Moon: Coming of Age in Palestine

Laura Ferreri: Update on Embrace on Brooklyn Bridge by Ezzedine C Fishere





Kawoosh: Women of Turquoise

Sattar Kawoosh at his Alef Bookstore book launch



NEW YORK, April: Columbia University Conference on “Adab as an Interdisciplinary Pursuit”
Report by Ben Koerber

ABU DHABI, April: Banipal marks 20 years of publishing at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

LONDON, June: Literary Awards in the Arab World, panel discussion at Waterstones Piccadilly

Arab Literary Awards Event at Waterstones Piccadilly


From the Photo Album of Banipal 59

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The translators of the issue are:
Raphael Cohen, Paul Starkey, Jonathan Wright, Charis Olszok, John PeateNancy Roberts, Mbarek Sryfi, Ghenwa Hayek, Julia Ihnatowicz, Peter Bush, Ben Koerber and Samira Kawar

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