Banipal 9 - Autumn 2000



Saadi Youssef on Mohammed Zefzaf The horizon of the narrow balcony
Mohammed Zefzaf: Short stories Sardines and Oranges and The Flower Seller
and Chapters 1 and 2 from the novel [The Cockerel’s Egg]

Anton Shammas on Hoda Barakat At eye-level a tiller of (masculine) souls
Hoda Barakat: Excerpts from [The Tiller of Water]

Bassam Hajjar: Poem The Second Elegy
Ferial Ghazoul As though in a dream: Said al-Kafrawi’s narrative universe
Said al-Kafrawi: Two short stories Provisions of Sand and A Plait for Maryam

Vénus Khoury-Ghata: Poem They

Hani al-Raheb (1939-2000) Excerpt from the novel [The Epidemic]
To download a pdf of the excerpt, click here
Bassam K. Frangieh Hani al-Raheb and writing in the sands
To download a pdf of the tribute to Hani al-Raheb, click here

Translation is first and foremost an art and not a science

Sharif Elmusa: Nine poems
Mohamed Makhzangi: Short story The Pilot
Salim Matar: Excerpt from the novel [Woman of the flask]
Mohammed Bentalha: Four poems
James Kirkup: Ahmed Abodehman’s Saudi childhood
Ahmed Abodehman: Chapters 2 and 3 from La Ceinture [The Belt]
Zakiya Ali MalalLah: Two poems
Amina Saïd: Poems from Strata of Light
Ashraf Aboul Yazid: Four poems
Tarek Eltayeb: Short story The Train
Nasri Hajjaj: Six short stories
Mahi Binebine: Excerpts from the novel Cannibales
Salwa al-Neimi: Four poems
Mohammad Ali Farhat: Essay The Prose of Darkness

James Kirkup: Flowing with the poem –
Cold Water Shielded: selected poems by Salah Stétié

Books in Brief

Casablanca 2nd International Poetry Festival
Yemen Arab-German poetry festival
Cairo Translation conference
London and Amman British Council literary translation seminars

Banipal No. 9