Banipal 10 - /11, Spring 2001/Summer 2001



FEATURE ON Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine

with translations by
Marilyn Hacker, Hédi Abdel-Jaouad, James Kirkup,
Martin Wilmot Bennett and Nadia Benabid;

tributes and discussion from J M Le Clézio, Jean-Paul Michel, Jean Orizet, Abdellatif Abboubi, Pierre Joris, Samuel Shimon

Abdallah Laroui: Excerpt from the novel Papers
with profile by Kamel Abdellatif

with Abbas Beydhoun Writing the language of absence
conducted by Camilo Gomez-Rivas

Etel Adnan: Text Further on . . .
Halim Barakat: Excerpt from the novel The Crane
Bassam Frangieh and Roger Allen: Afterword to The Crane
Khaled Mattawa: Poems
Mohammed al-Ghozzi: Poems
Hassan Ben Othman: Excerpt from the novel Promosport
Rachida el-Charni: Short stories Life on the Edge and The Furnace
Hassouna Mosbahi: Excerpt from the novel Tarshish Hallucation

with Tayeb Salih conducted by Mohammed Shaheen
with excerpt from Season of Migration to the North

Habib Tengour: Poems
Taleb al-Refai: Short stories The Statue, The Sidra and The Seafront
Salima Saleh: Short stories The Wheat Watchmen and The Enemy
Nora Amin: Excerpt from the novel The Empty Pink Shirt
Iman Mersal: Poem The Clot
Abdel-Monem Ramadan: Poems
Lukman Derky: Poem Guests who stir up the dust
Ghalya al-Said: Poems
Buthayna al-Nasiri: The short story of Samah
Salah el-Moncef: Al Dente Excerpt from a novel in progress
Suad al-Kawari: Poems
Seema Atalla: Poems
Ahmed El-Shahawy: Poems from The Book of Death
Nacera Mohammedi: Poems

Adonis’ Collage Exhibition: Alain Jouffroy writes on the collages
Adonis: Poem Travel guide to the forest of meaning
translated by Marilyn Hacker with Vénus Khoury-Ghata

Margaret Obank: Under the Naked Sky – Short Stories
from the Arab World, trans. Denys Johnson-Davies
Ignacio Cembrero: Talking with Cannibales author Mahi Binebine
Samir el-Youssef: I Saw Ramallah by Mourid Barghouti
James Kirkup:
Chants de la Folie de l’Etre poems by Kadhim Jihad, and
Anthology: The Poetry of Arab Women ed. Nathalie Handal
Mona Zaki The Cairo House by Samia Serageldin


London: Dialogue through Poetry
Paris: Franco-Arab Poetry Festival
Kuwait: Arab Cultural Capital 2001

Banipal No. 10