Banipal 56 - Generation '56 (Summer 2016)

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Ahmed Al-Mulla: Nine Poems, translated by Paul Starkey, Youssef Rakha and Raphael Cohen

Raouf Kobeissi: A short story Jane

Safaa Fathy: Poems from Revolution goes through Walls, translated by Ken Kincaid and Pierre Joris with the author

Rashad Abu Shawar: Excerpt from a novel I shall see with your eyes, my darling, translated by Julia Ihnatowicz

Mahmoud Shahin: Review of the above novel, translated by Robin Moger

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Introduced by SAMUEL SHIMON

ZIAD RAHBANI: Portrait by Bachir Sfeir
with Words & Sketches, translated by Paula Haydar

with Five Poems, translated by Allison Blecker

KHALID AL-MAALY: Twelve Poems, translated by Sinan Antoon, with Portrait

SAIF AL-RAHBI: Portrait by Farouk Yousif
and Two Poems

MAIA TABET: Self-Portrait

and Excerpt from his novel The Hoopoe’s Report, translated by William M Hutchins

HASSAN YAGHI: Portrait by Pierre Abi Saab

AMIN ZAOUI: Portrait by Max Véga-Ritter
and Excerpt from his novel Devil Street, translated by Robin Moger


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Tayeb Salih
: Excerpts from the novel Mansi: A Rare Man in his Own Way, translated by Adil Babikir

Abdel Aziz Baraka Sakin: Excerpt from the novel The Waste Man, translated by Spencer Scoville

Kamal Elgizouli: A short story, The Return of Grandma Wardeh, translated by Adil Babikir

Hisham Adam: Excerpt from the novel Kajoumi, translated by Paul Starkey

Bushra el-Fadil: A short story, Hahina and Hawahi, translated by Julia Ihnatowicz


Remembering Erdmute Heller

Erdmute Heller with Naguib Mahfouz, Hassouna Mosbahi (right) and film crew of the film she was making on Naguib Mahfouz in 1988m just before he was announced as Nobel Laureate.

Erdmute Heller with Naguib Mahfouz, Hassouna Mosbahi (right), and film crew of the film she was making on Naguib Mahfouz in 1988, just before he was announced as Nobel Laureate.


Margaret Obank: The Jungo Stakes of the Earth by Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin

Olivia Snaije: Ici Même by Taleb Alrefai

Becki Maddock: The Televangelist by Ibrahim Essa

Paul Blézard: Beirut Noir, ed. Iman Humaydan

Clare Roberts: Whitefly by Abdelilah Hamdouchi

Andrew C Long: Monarch of the Square by Muhammad Zafzaf


reviewed by Emma Branagan, Laura Ferreri, Margaret Obank, Susannah Tarbush and Aurora Tellenbach

FICTION: The Dove’s Necklace, The Automobile Club of Egypt, Ali and his Russian Grandmother, The Holy Sail, Via Negativa, Snow in Amman: short stories from Jordan, Translating Libya: in Search of the Libyan Short Story, Dreams of Maryam Tair, Timeless Tales: Folktales told by Syrian Refugees.

POETRY: Love is my Saviour: the Arabic Poems of Rumi.

MEMOIR: The Return: Fathers, Sons and the Land in Between.

NON-FICTION: Romeo and Juliet in Palestine: Teaching under Occupation, On Literature and Philosophy: The Non-Fiction Writing of Naguib Mahfouz, Aleppo: the rise and Fall of Syria’s Great Merchant City, The Crossing: My Journey to the Shattered Heart of Syria.

CHILDREN’S LITERATURE: Azizi and the Little Blue Bird.


: An Evening with Sudanese authors Ahmad Al Malik and Tarek Eltayeb (with Banipal 55)


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Writers of portraits are:
Pierre Abi Saab, Bachir Sfeir, Max Véga-Ritter and Farouk Yousif

The translators are:

Sinan Antoon, Adil Babikir, Allison Blecker, Raphael Cohen, Paula Haydar, Julia Ihnatowicz, William M Hutchins, Pierre Joris, Ken Kincaid, Robin Moger, Youssef Rakha, Christopher Schaefer, Spencer Scoville, Paul Starkey and Jonathan Wright

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