Banipal 13 - Spring 2002


EDITORIAL – After New York and Washington, now Ramallah

Mohammad al-Maghut: Selected Poems

– Interview by Nabil Sharaf el-Din
– Excerpt from the novel To the Presidential Floor
with Translator’s Note by Mona Zaki
– A short story: Mystery Woman
– Faisal Darraj on The aesthetics of experimental narrative

Abbas Beydhoun: Six poems

Yasmine Khlat: Excerpt from award-winning novel Despair is a Sin

Abdul Kader El Janabi: Profile, Excerpt from memoirs Vertical Horizon, Six poems

Salah Jarrar: Why Amman, the centre for Arab culture?
Fakhri Saleh: Jordan’s literary scene inside out
Mu’nis al-Razzaz (1951–2002) The Orbits of Echo – an excerpt from the novel Confessions of a Silencer
Fakhri Saleh Farewell to Mu’nis
Haydar Mahmoud: Three Poems
Zuleikha Abu-Risha: Three Poems
’Arrar: Profile by Noel Abdulahad and Poems
Ziad Al-Anany: Four poems
Taher Riadh: Two poems
Khaled Al-Karaki: The Jordanian Cultural Scene after 1989
Samiha Khreis: Excerpt from novel The Poppy
Insaf Qal’ajy: A short story Estrangement
Ibrahim Nasrallah: Poems
Saoud Qabailat: Excerpt from novel Side Alley
Mohammad Shaheen: The magazine Al-Ufuq Al-Jadeed
Hashem Gharaibeh: A short story The Lovers’ Ending
Mofleh al-Adwan: A short story The Speckled Ones
Basma el-Nsour: The Man Who Crossed the Street
Mohammad al-’Amry: Four poems
Jamal Abu Hamdan: A short story Falha and Dahham
Yayha al-Qaissi: A short story The Lonely Supper
Hikmat Nawayseh: Excerpt from A Forest of Smoke
Jeryes Samawi: A poem
Habib al-Zeyoudi: Three Poems
Ahmad el-Nsour: Poem – Quiet Days in Amman
Elias Farkouh: Excerpt from novel Columns of Dust
Zuhayr Abu Shayeb: Two poems
Jameelh Amirah: A short story Things Chaotic
Issa Batarseh: A poem
Hussain Jilaad: Four poems
Amjad Nasser: Four Poems
Ghalib Halasa: A short story Fear

Samir El-Youssef The Author and his Doubles by Abdelfattah Kilito
Susannah Tarbush The Committee and Zaat by Sonallah Ibrahim
Yasir Suleiman On Identity by Amin Maalouf
Mona Zaki The Tiller of Waters by Hoda Barakat

Amsterdam Prince Claus Awards, December 2001
London World Poetry Day, 21 March 2002