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From 1998 to 2018

Banipal 62 - Safar: A Literary Journey through Arab Cinema (Summer 2018)
Banipal 61 – A Journey in Iraqi Fiction (Spring 2018)

Banipal 60 – Alaa al-Deeb: A Writer Apart (Autumn/Winter 2017)
Banipal 59 - The Longlist (Summer 2017)
Banipal 58 - Arab Literary Awards (Spring 2017) 

Banipal 57 - Syria in the Heart (Autumn/Winter 2016)
Banipal 56 – Generation '56 (Summer 2016)
Banipal 55 – Sudanese Literature Today (Spring 2016)

Banipal 54 – ECHOES (Autumn/Winter 2015)
Banipal 53 – The Short Stories of Zakaria Tamer (Summer 2015)
Banipal 52 – New Fiction (Spring 2015)

Banipal 51 – Celebrating Saadi Youssef (Autumn/Winter 2014)
Banipal 50 – Prison Writing (Summer 2014)
Banipal 49 A Cornucopia of Short Stories (Spring 2014)

Banipal 48 – Narrating Marrakech (Autumn/Winter 2013)
Banipal 47 – Fiction from Kuwait  (Summer 2013)
Banipal 46 – 80 New Poems (Spring 2013)

Banipal 45 – Writers from Palestine (Winter 2012)
Banipal 44 – 12 Women Writers (Summer 2012)
Banipal 43 – Celebrating Denys Johnson-Davies (Spring 2012)

Banipal 42 – New Writing from the Emirates (Autumn/Winter 2011)
Banipal 41 – Celebrating Adonis (Summer 2011)
Banipal 40 – Libyan Fiction (Spring 2011)

Banipal 39 – Modern Tunisian Literature (Autumn/Winter 2010)
Banipal 38 – Arab American Authors (Summer 2010)
Banipal 37 – Iraqi Authors (Spring 2010)

Banipal 36 – Literature in Yemen Today (Autumn/Winter 2009)
Banipal 35 – Writing in Dutch (Summer 2009)
Banipal 34 – The World of Arab Fiction (Spring 2009)

Banipal 33 Autumn/Winter 2008
Banipal 32 Summer 2008
Banipal 31 Spring 2008

Banipal 30 Autumn/Winter 2007
Banipal 29 Summer 2007
Banipal 28 Spring 2007

Banipal 27 Autumn/Winter 2006
Banipal 26 Summer 2006
Banipal 25 Spring 2006

Banipal 24 Autumn/Winter 2005
Banipal 23 Summer 2005
Banipal 22 Spring 2005

Banipal 21 Autumn 2004
Banipal 20 Summer 2004
Banipal 19 Spring 2004

Banipal 18 Autumn 2003
Banipal 17 Summer 2003

Banipal 15/16 Autumn 2002/Spring 2003
Banipal 14 Summer 2002
Banipal 13 Spring 2002

Banipal 12 Autumn 2001
Banipal 10/11 Spring/Summer 2001

Banipal 9 Autumn 2000
Banipal 8 Summer 2000
Banipal 7 Spring 2000

Banipal 6 Autumn 1999
Banipal 5 Summer 1999
Banipal 4 Spring 1999

Banipal 3 October 1998
Banipal 2 June 1998
Banipal 1 February 1998

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ABASSI, Ines (Tunisia), 'Three poems: A bridge broken between two banks; October's mirrors' translated by Allison Blecker, 39, 124-127.

ABBAS, Bakr R (1929-2000), translation of 'Inside the Night' by Ibrahim Nasrallah, reviewed by Susannah Tarbush, 31, 150-52.

ABBAS, Luay Hamza (Iraq), ‘Two Short Stories: Closing his Eyes; A Much-travelled Man’, translated by Yasmeen Hanoosh, 27, 5-8; ‘The Pictures’ and ‘Ali the Red’, translated by Maia Tabet, 37, 34-41.

ABBOUBI, Abdellatif (Morocco), ‘A language of searing sincerity’, translated by James Kirkup, 10/11, 10-12.

ABD AL JABAR, Faleh (iraq), co-translation of ‘The Iraqi migrant novel’ by Fatma Mohsen, 2, 76-77.

ABDALLAH, Hassan (Lebanon), ‘Four Poems: Remembrance of Sidon; Misery; Absence; Assassination’, translated by Issa J Boullata, 28, 111-116.

ABDALLATIF, Kamal (Morocco), ‘Abdallah Laroui, apologist for modernity and historicism’, translated by Hassan Hilmy, 10/11, 28-31.

ABDEL BAQI, Yasser (Yemen), ‘The Black Cat’, translated by Ali Azeriah, 36, 126-33.

ABDEL GHANI, Mahmoud (Morocco), ‘Creatures I Picked up in the world swamp’, a poem translated by Mohja Kahf, 5, 29.

ABD EL-HAFEZ, Yasser (Egypt), excerpt from the novel, ‘On the Occasion of Life’, translated by Ali Azeriah, 25, 109-16.

ABDEL HALIM, Sarah H (Palestine), translation of ‘Jerusalem There, All Alone’ by Mahmoud Shukair, 49, 148-153; translation of 'Do Not Tell Them I Cried' by Osama Alaysa, 50, 163-178.

ABDEL-JAOUAD, Hedi (Tunisia), translation of ‘No burial allowed’ by Mohammed Khair-Eddine, 10/11, 8-9; translation of ‘Barbarian’ by Mohammed Khair-Eddine, 10/11, 9.

ABDEL LATIF, Yasser (Egypt), ‘The Law of Inheritance’, translated by Tarek Sherif, 26, 98-103.

ABDELMEGID, Bahaa (Egypt), ‘Saint Theresa and Sleeping with Strangers’ reviewed by Susannah Tarbush, 40, 214-216.

ABDEL MEGUID, Ibrahim (Egypt), ‘How clocks and watches stopped or Why we heard only the verses of hell in the large tent’, translated by Issa J Boullata, 30, 126-34; 'The House of Jasmine' reviewed by Susannah Tarbush, 45, 243-244.

ABDEL-MESSIH, Marie-Therese (Egypt), translation of ‘Three poems: Before cold winters; Romantic secrets; An appeal’ by Abdel-Monem Ramadan, 10/11, 106-07; ‘Debunking the heroic self’, 25, 22-23; translation of ‘Bewilderment; Absence’ by Chawki Bazih, 28, 115-16; ‘The Nomad’, 33, 34-35.

ABDEL NABI, Mohammed (Egypt), an excerpt from the novel ‘In the spider’s Room’, translated by Jonathan Wright, 58, 130-134.

ABDELSHAFY, Ashraf (Egypt), ‘Two Short Stories: Bus Stop; Imagination suits the Blind’, translated by Christina Phillips, 25, 104-07.

ABDEL WAHAB, Farouk (Egypt), translation of Zayni Barakat by Gamal el-Ghitani, reviewed by Peter Clark, 22, 136-37; 'The Lodging House' by Khairy Shalaby, reviewed by Susannah Tarbush, 30, 142-45;  translation of 'Chicago' by Alaa al-Aswany, reviewed by Zuzana Kratka, 34, 194-96; translation of 'The Zafarani Files' by Gamal al-Ghitani, reviewed, 35, 214.

ABDULAHAD, Noel (Jordan), translation of ‘New Testament Commandments’ by Muhi Al-Din Lazikani, 1, 36-37; translation of ‘Three Poems: Bells, The Road to Jerusalem, Between Silence and Sun’ by Mohammed Bennis, 2, 56-57; translation of ‘Autumn’ by Mohammad Ali Farhat, 3, 53; translation of ‘Seven poems: Names, My brother, Shadows, A Flower, Glass, The Seats, Death’, by Mohammad Afif al-Hussaini, 4, 48; translation of ‘Two Poems: Biography for a Withered Rose; An Elegy’ by Mubarak Wassat, 5, 30; translation of ‘Malika’ by Abd Eddin Hamrouch, 5, 42; translation of ‘Imagination’ and ‘A Mere Question’ by Abdelkarim al-Tabbai, 5, 43; translation of ‘Poems’ by Othman Loucif, 7, 67; subject of ‘Noel Abdulahad 1939-2007’, 30, 93.

ABDULILAH, Luay (Iraq), ‘The Ice Guard’, story, translated by Fiona Collins, 2, 18-19.

ABDULFATTAH, Samir (Yemen), ‘The Tale of Mr M’, translated by Ali Azeriah, 36, 158-72

ABDULLAH, Einas (Palestine), chapter from the novel 'There are no Angels in Ramallah', translated by Robin Moger, 45, 122-132.

, Najat (Iraq), ‘To You I say, Sun’, translated by Tristian Cranfield, 37, 110-113.

ABDULLAH, Yahya Taher (Egypt), 'The Collar and the Bracelet', translated by Samah Selim, reviewed by Peter Clark, 33, 136-37; ‘Five Short Stories: The Banyan Tree; Ballad of Chase and Rain; Crying and the Third Person; Fantasia . . . Ugly Violence; Sunday’, translated by Elliott Colla, 36, 22-29.

ABDULKADER AL-ALI, Mona (UAE), ‘The Pigtail’, a short story translated by John Peate, 42, 44-45.

ABDULRAZZAK, Hassan (Iraq / America), ‘Love in the Time of Barriers’, 38, 182-188; translation of ‘Junction’ by Mahmoud al-Bayati, 49, 132-135; translation of ‘Baghdadi Bathhouse’, a play by Jawad al-Assadi, 54, 122-137.

ABDULWAHAB, Abdallah (UAE), ‘Selected Poems: Maze, Song, We are the Nobodies, The Herb of Immortality, Alone’, translated by Fadhil al-Azzawi, 42, 121-123.

ABED, Kareem (Iraq), ‘Photographic Life’, translated by Fiona Collins, 3, 26-27; ‘Troubles, Laughter and Sparrows’, translated by Fiona Collins, 3, 27; ‘Three Poems: Invitation; Your Face; Fear’, translated by Dunya Mikhail, 6, 72.

ABINADER, Elmaz (America), ‘Burning Bush’, 38, 65-71.

ABI SAAB, Pierre (Lebanon), ‘Portrait of Hassan Yaghi’, translated by Jonathan Wright, in ‘Generation ‘56’ section, 56, 122-134. 

ABLAN, Hoda/Huda (Yemen), ‘Twelve poems: Scraps; Corner; Road; Parting; Belongings; Mission; Confession; Compensation; Partition; Hurt; Spillage’, translated by Seema Atalla, 8, 71-72; ‘Two Poems: Superfluous Works; Paris’, translated by Sinan Antoon, 36, 173-77.

ABODEHMAN, Ahmed (Saudi Arabia), subject of ‘Ahmed Abodehman’s tales of Saudi childhood’ by James Kirkup, 9, 52; ‘The Little Prophet’, translated by James Kirkup, 9, 53-55; ‘The Other World’, translated by James Kirkup, 9, 56-59.

ABOUL-ELA, Hosam (US), translation of ‘Stealth’ by Sonallah Ibrahim, 34, 16-31.

ABOULELA, Leila (Sudan); ‘He was the people’s true ambassador’, 34, 13-15; 'Farida’s Eyes', a short story, 44, 64-71; ‘The Kindness of Enemies’, reviewed by Susannah Tarbush, 54, 210-211; ‘Amulet and Feathers’, a short story, 55, 36-43.

, Ashraf (Egypt), ‘Four poems: Memory of silence, Every evening, Benha, Evenings’, translated by Ashraf Abou-Yazid, 9, 61.

ABOUZEID, Leila (Morocco), 'Return to Childhood', translated by Leila Abouzeid and Heather Logart Taylor, reviewed by Peter Clark, 5, 85; 'The Last Chapter', translated by Leila Abouzeid and John Liechety, reviewed, 10/11, 140.

ABU AFASH, Nazih (Syria), ‘Three Poems: Before the Aspirin, A White Dream, Light Rain’, translated by Abed Ismael, 22, 56-60; ‘Seven Poems: The Door of Sin, Cain’s Grandsons, For How Long?, Tourists, A Portrait, Noah’s Desire, Shadow of a Cloud’, translated by Abed Ismael, 31, 85-87. Back to top

, Said Salman, co-author of 'Poetry and Politics in Contemporary Bedouin Society', reviewed, 34, 206.

ABU DEEB, Kamal (Syria), translation of ‘Songs of Mihyar the Damascene’ by Adonis, 1, 3-7; ‘Six Poems: Death, An Elegy from the Sura of Sadness, Closed Like a Stone, Death of the Body, Then After the Silence, Learning’, translated by the author, 1, 20-23.

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, Jareer (Lebanon), translation of ‘The Wind’ by Salah Niazi, 1, 24-25.

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, Samer (Palestine), ‘Three Poems: Before Building Starts to Collapse, Photoshop, After Bob Dylan’, translated by Sinan Antoon, 30, 60-61.

, Diana, (Iraq/USA), 'Origin', reviewed by Tarek el-Ariss, 31, 140-41.

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, Yusuf (Egypt), ‘Homecoming’, translated by Denys Johnson-Davies, 34, 116-19; 'Wedding Night', translated by R Neil Hewison, reviewed by Peter Clark, 34, 197-98; subject of ‘Yusuf Abu Rayya 1955-2009’ by Denys Johnson-Davies, 34, 210-11.

ABU SAIF, Atef (Palestine), An excerpt from the novel ‘A Suspended Life’, translated by William M Hutchins, 52, 105-111.

ABU SHAWAR, Rashad (Palestine), excerpt from a novel ‘I shall see with your eyes, my darling’, translated by Julia Ihnatowicz, 56, 36-47.

ABU-ZEID, Kareem James (USA), translation of 'Selected Poems' by Najwan Darwish, 45, 105-110.

ABULHAWA, Susan (USA/Palestine), ‘Mornings in Jenin’ reviewed by Norber Hirschhorn, 41, 210-211.

ABUL HAYYAT, Maya (Palestine), 'Secrets', chapter from a novel, translated by Nancy Roberts, 45, 52-67.

ABUL HUSN, Amira (Syria), ‘Fifteen Poems: Insomnia, from States: Mirage, Chaos, Sin, Love, Magic, Stupidity, Touch, Obituary, Birth, Thirst, Beginning, He, Absence, Reality’, translated by Youssef Rakha, 29, 100-2.

ABUL NASR, Fathi (Yemen), ‘Seven Poems: Strangers, An Aspirin or this Evening, A Vision, The Country, Abu Bakr al-Saqqaf, For Example, Here are his Fingers, Hotter than Ice’, translated by Akram Rhomdan, 36, 92-98.

ABU SALEH, Emad (Egypt), ‘Two Poems: Silence, First Step’, translated by Amir Allam, 25, 96-97.

ABUSHWESHA, Redwan (Libya), 'Five Tales', translated by John Peate, 40, 127-129.

ACHAARI, Mohammed (Morocco), A review of his novel 'The Arch and the Butterfly' by Paul Starkey, 50, 207-209.

ACOURY, Nadine, translation of 'La Pierre du Rire' by Hoda Barakat, reviewed by James Kirkup, 6, 83.

ADAM, Hisham (Egypt), ‘Nouvelles du Soudan’ with Ahmad al-Malik, Stella Gaitano, Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin, Abdel Ghani Karamallah and Rania Mamoun, translated by Xavier Luffin, reviewed by Olivia Snaije, 55, 155-156; excerpt from the novel ‘Kajoumi’, translated by Paul Starkey, 56, 176-186.

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al-ADHAMI, Mundher (Iraq), translation of ‘Parallel Lives’ by Haifa Zangana, 17, 50-52.

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