Banipal 1 - February 1998

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Why an Arab literature magazine?

Adonis: Poem – Songs of Mihyar the Damascene


Iraqi poet Sargon Boulus talks to Banipal’s editor

Mohammad Ali Farhat and Muhi Al-Din Lazikani talk about
the Arab literary scene today

Henry Miller on Albert Cossery

Nathalie Handal
Mai Mudhaffar
Amjad Nasser
Hashim Shafiq
Khaled Mattawa
A K El Janabi
Kamal Abu Deeb
Salah Niazi
Ghazi Algosaibi
Khaled Al-Najar
Muhi Al-Din Lazikani
Amjad Nasser


Samira Al-Mana
Zakariyya Tamir
Ibrahim Ahmed
Ghalia Kabbani
Wigdan al-Sukhni
Hassouna Mosbahi
Tarek Eltayeb
Abdullah Sakhi
Samira Al-Mana
Samuel Shimon


Nathalie Handal: Ismailia Eclipse poetry collection by Khaled Mattawa
Matthias Munsch : The Green Donkey and other short stories by Hassouna Mosbahi
Faisal Darraj: Dregs of the Day by Youssef Qua’id

INTERVIEW A Cultural Mirror
Saqi Books publisher Mai Ghoussoub talks to Banipal

Remembering Sa'dallah Wannus
Peter Clark pays tribute to the late Syrian playwright

A Time for Pluralism
INTERVIEW with Iraqi artist Faisal Laibi Sahi

The compassionate condition
Fadhel Sultani on William Trevor

INTERVIEW The Patient Camel
Mona Naggar on Al-Jamel publishing house