Banipal 39 - Modern Tunisian Literature (2010)


Cover photo of dishes in a Sidi Bou Said market by Samuel Shimon


Adonis – Poems from “Printer of the Planets’ Books”, translated by Khaled Mattawa

Fadhil al-Azzawi – From the novel The Traveller and the Innkeeper, translated by William M. Hutchins

Rafik Schami – An excerpt from the novel The Calligrapher’s Secret, translated by Anthea Bell

Omar Sabbagh – Poems

Mekkawi SaidMy Father’s White Shawl, a short story, translated by Leri Price



Hassouna MosbahiOutstanding Figures in 20th Century Tunisian Culture

Abu al-Qassim al-Shabi 1909–1934 – Portrait

The Taht Essour Literary Group

Habib Selmi, Excerpt from the novel The Women’s Orchards, translated by Maia Tabet

Amel Moussa – Poems, translated by Khaled al-Masri

Rachida el-CharniThe Way to Poppy Street, a short story, translated by Piers Amodia

Moncef Ouahibi – Poems, translated by Sinan Antoon

Walid SolimanEinstein’s Last Hour, a short story translated by Jayson Casper

Samir Ayadi 1947–2008 – Portrait

Noura Bensaad – A chapter from the novel When Birds Dream, translated by Lulu Norman

Mansour M’henni – Selected Poems, translated by Keith Bosley

Hassouna MosbahiThe Ashes of Life, an excerpt from the novel, translated by Leri Price

Ezzedine Madani – Portrait

Amina Saïd – Two Poems, translated by Marilyn Hacker

Mohamed Ghozzi – Selected Poems, translated by Issa J Boullata

Faouzia AlouiA Living Corpse, a short story translated by Ghenwa Hayek

Salah Eddine Boujah – Portrait

Saleh al-DamesThe Blacktop Bar, a short story translated by Ghenwa Hayek

Ines Abassi – Three Poems, translated by Allison Blecker

Tahar Bekri – A Sequence-in-Progress, translated by Marilyn Hacker

Nouredine Betayeb – Four Poems, translated by John Peate

Miled Faiza – Two Poems, translated by Karen McNeil and Tristan Cranfield

Adam Fet’hi – Selected Poems, translated by Camilo Gomez-Rivas

Kamel Riahi – An excerpt from the novel The Gorilla – Last of the Leader’s Children, translated by Peter Clark

Brahim DargouthiThe Story of the Fisherman Who Continues to Search, translated by Issa J. Boullata

Moncef Mezghanni – Poems translated by Sinan Antoon

Mohamed Ali YousfiThresholds of Paradise, excerpts from the novel, translated by Thomas Aplin

Hassan Ben OthmanThe Berlin Wall, a short story translated by Ali Azeriah

Saghir Oulad Ahmed – A poem "The Will", translated by Tristan Cranfield

Fawzia Zouari – Essay: Time’s running out for Scheherazade, translated by Judith Landry



Lulu Norman The Jokers by Albert Cossery

Olivia Snaije The Scents of Marie-Claire by Habib Selmi

Norbert Hirschhorn Inclined to Speak by Hayan Charara

André Naffis-Sahely Journal of an Ordinary Grief by Mahmoud Darwish

Zuzana Kratka The American Granddaughter by Inaam Kachachi

Stephen Watts Treason by Hédi Kaddour

Susannah Tarbush Moon over Samarqand by Mohamed Mansi Qandil



Taher Wattar – 1936–2010

Farouk Abdel-Kader – 1938–2010



Fiction and Non-Fiction



Emirati poets at UK Festivals, Ledbury and London



The translators in Banipal 39 are:

Piers Amodia, Sinan Antoon, Thomas Aplin, Ali Azeriah, Allison Blecker, Keith Bosley, Issa J Boullata, Jayson Casper, Peter Clark, Tristan Cranfield, Marilyn Hacker, Ghenwa Hayek, William M Hutchins, Judith Landry, Khaled al-Masri, Karen McNeil, Lulu Norman, John Peate, Leri Price, Camilo Gomez-Rivas, Maia Tabet


The writers and book reviewers are:

Bernard Goyder, Norbert Hirschhorn, Zuzana Kratka, André Naffis-Sahely, Lulu Norman, Olivia Snaije, Susannah Tarbush and Stephen Watts