Norbert Hirschhorn is a physician specializing in the public health of women, children and communities in the USA and the Third World. In 1993 he was commended by President Bill Clinton as an “American Health Hero.” His work has been recognized by awards from the Dana and Pollin Foundations. Austrian-born, he currently lives in London and Beirut. In 1994 Hirschhorn received a Master in Fine Arts degree from Vermont College.

His first pamphlet, Renewal Soup and his first full collection, A Cracked River, were published by Slow Dancer Press (UK) in 1996 and 1999. Two pamphlets followed resulting from competitions: The Empress of Certain from Poet’s Corner Press, Stockton, California, in 2005; and Sailing with the Pleiades from Main Street Rag Publishing Co. North Carolina, 2007. A fourth pamphlet, The Terrible Crystal, was published in 2008 by Hearing Eye Press (UK). A second full collection, Mourning in the Presence of a Corpse, appeared in 2008 from Dar al-Jadeed, Lebanon. A third collection, Night-Time Shadows, is now out to publishers.

His poems have appeared many journals in the US and UK

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