John Peate is a translator, university teacher, academic researcher and language consultant based in the UK.  He has bachelor’s degrees both in English and in Arabic from the University of Leeds, an MA in Translation from the SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), London and a PhD in Arabic Linguistics from the University of Salford. 

He has studied Arabic in Morocco, Egypt, Syria and Oman as well as in the UK and has taught Arabic, translation theory and practice and interpreting at the Universities of Salford and Leeds. He was also a Teaching Associate in Cognitive Linguistics at Bangor University. 

He is joint linguistics editor for the online peer-reviewed academic journal New Middle Eastern Studies. He has acted as language consultant to Assimil (producers of language self-teaching courses) and Oxford University Press.

He has translated poetry and prose pieces for a large number of projects for over 30 different authors in recent years. These include pieces for the Beirut39 anthology, an anthology of Saudi short stories, a collection of short stories by a leading Emirati writer, an anthology of women’s writing in Arabic, pieces for the Rotterdam Poetry Festival and regular pieces for Banipal magazine.

He is an established commercial translator as well, specializing in the legal and academic fields.  

Contributor's Issues

Banipal 53 - The Short Stories of Zakaria Tamer (2015)

Banipal 57 - Syria in the Heart (Autumn/Winter 2016)

Banipal 59 - The Longlist (Summer 2017)

Banipal 48 - Narrating Marrakech (2013)

Banipal 40 - Libyan Fiction (2011)

Banipal 41 - Celebrating Adonis (2011)

Banipal 42 - New Writing from the Emirates (2011)