Sheikh Zayed Book Award Short Lists

Abu Dhabi, 14 February 2019: The 13th edition of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award has announced the shortlists for two award categories: ‘Arabic Culture in Other Languages’ and ‘Publishing and Technology’. Three critical studies and four publishers have been shortlisted out of a total of 88 nominees. 

The ‘Arabic Culture in Other Languages’ shortlist consists of studies in English and French, including:

  1. L’Europe et les Géographes Arabes du Moyen  Age” by French researcher Jean-Charles Ducène, published by CNRS Éditions, 2018; 
  2. The Thousand and One Nights and Twentieth-Century Fiction: Intertextual Readings” by Richard Van Leeuwen from Holland, published by Brill, 2018; 
  3. Recognition in the Arabic Narrative Tradition” by British scholar Philip Kennedy, published by Edinburgh University Press, 2016.

The ‘Publishing and Technology’ shortlist includes Dar El Machreq (Lebanon), The Arabic Center for Geographic Literature “Irtiyad al-Afaq” (United Arab Emirates), al-Kamel Verlag (Lebanon) and the Arab Institute for Research & Publishing (Lebanon).

The ‘Arabic Culture in Other Languages’ category received 64 nominations this year, while the ‘Publishing and Technology’ category received 24 nominations. 


Published Date - 26/02/2019