Banipal 35, Writing in Dutch (2009)


Makkawi Said - excerpt from the forthcoming novel Cairo Swan Song, translated by Adam Talib

Ibrahim Nasrallah - Selected Poems, translated by Issa J Boullata

Amina Saïd - Selected Poems translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker


Hassan Najmi - Selected Poems, translated by Sinan Antoon
Ouidad Benmoussa - Poems translated by Ali Issa
Siham Bouhlal - Poems translated from the French by Lulu Norman

Jokha al-Harthi
- two short stories, Beloved and The Wedding translated by Ibtihaj Al-Harthi

Thani Al-Suwaidi Excerpt from the novella The Diesel, translated by William M Hutchins

Ali Bader- Excerpt from the forthcoming novel Papa Sartre translated by Aida Bamia


Fouad Yazaiji - Under a London Sky, an excerpt from a travel memoir, translated by Ali Azeriah

Guest edited and introduced by Victor Schiferli

Introduction - Writing in a slipper and a clog

Abdelkader Benali - Excerpt from the novel, De stem van mijn moeder [My Mother's Voice], translated by Laura Watkinson

Rachida Lamrabet
- excerpt from the novel Vrouwland [Woman Country], translated by Sherry Marx

Naima el Bezaz - Excerpt from the novel Het gelukssyndroom [The Happiness Syndrome], translated by Susan Ridder.

Rada Sukkar (Iraq) De schatkamer van Babylonië. [The Treasure Room of Babylonia], translated by Laura Watkinson

Rashid Novaire - Excerpt from the novel Afkomst [Roots] translated by Laura Watkinson

Rodaan Al-Galidi - Excerpt from the forthcoming novel Thirsty River, translated by Luzette Strauss

Hafid Bouazza - Excerpt from the novella Spotvogel [Mockingbird], translated by Abdellah Bouazza

Ramsey Nasr - Selected Poems, translated by David Colmer

Fouad Laroui - Selected poems from Verbannen woorden [Banned Words], translated by Astrid van Baalen

Mustafa Stitou - Selected poems translated by David Colmer and Willem Groenewegen.


Tahar Ben Jelloun in conversation with Georgia de Chamberet


Susannah Tarbush Cairo Modern by Naguib Mahfouz

Olivia Snaije Berytos by Rabee Jaber

Zuzana Kratka In their Father's Country by Anne-Marie Drosso

Tamara Yousry A Map of Home by Randa Jarrar

Susannah Tarbush The Iraqi Cookbook by Lamees Ibrahim


BookHaus, London Denys Johnson Davies - Memories in Translation


Fiction, Poetry, Memoir and Biography


James Kirkup (1922-2009)


The translators in Banipal 35 are:
Sinan Antoon, Ali Azeriah, Aida Bamia, Issa J Boullata, Amal Chatterjee, David Colmer, William Groenewegen, Marilyn Hacker, Ibtihaj al-Harthi, William Maynard Hutchins, Ali Issa, Sherry Marx, Susan Ridder, Luzette Strauss, Laura Watkinson, Lulu Norman, Adam Talib

The writers, book reviewers and interviewers are:
Georgia de Chamberet, Zuzana Kratka, Victor Schiferli, Olivia Snaije, Susannah Tarbush, Tamara Yousry

This issue was supported by the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Flemish LIterature Fund



Banipal No. 35

Mekkawi Said

Hassan Najmi

Abdelkader Benali

Rachida Lamrabet

Hafid Bouazza

Mustafa Stitou

Ramsey Nasr

James Kirkup

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