Banipal 14 - Summer 2002

Cover Artist Faisal Laibi Sahi


EDITORIAL Towards 2003


Ferial Ghazoul: A Forest of Symbols – Iraqi Fiction Today
Mohammad Khodayyir: A short story Yusif’s Tales
Shakir Mustafa on Khodayyir: The grocery store of memory
Jabbar Yassin Hussein: Short stories
Shakir Mustafa introduces Mahdi Issa al-Saqr
Mahdi Issa al-Saqr: two short stories Breaking Away and The Returnee
Mayselun Hadi: short story Her Realm of the Real
Ibrahim Ahmad: short story The Man with the Umbrella
Fuad al-Takarli excerpt from the novel Ring of Sand

Paul Chaoul: Poem – excerpt from Leaves of the Absent One
introduced and translated by Abdul Kader El Janabi

Subhi Hadidi: Salim Barakat, poet and novelist
Salim Barakat: Three poems
Salim Barakat: Excerpts from The Iron Grasshopper
Tetz Rooke: Understanding the Landscape
Salim Barakat: Excerpts from Sound the Trumpet!
Salma K Jayyusi: Original, Stunning, Disturbing
Salim Barakat: Three poems
Interview with Salim Barakat: Criss-crossed realities like a game with no rules
by Nasir Mu’nis and Salah Abdel Latif
James Kirkup on Barakat’s novel Sages of Darkness with translations of extracts

Miral al-Tahawy: Excerpt from her novel Blue Aubergine

Habib Tengour: Excerpt from the novel The Old Man of the Mountain
Pierre Joris: A poetic voice of the post-colonial era

Hadia Sa’id: Three short stories

Sayed Ragab: Short story Rat, translated by Humphrey Davies

Rafik Schami: Two short stories The Scooter and The Birth

James Kirkup Le Poème de Tyr by Abbas Beydoun with extract
Zahia Salhi The trilogy Algerie by Mohammed Dib
Tetz Rooke Interpreting the Self ed. Dwight Reynolds
Margaret Obank Arabia of the Bedouins by Marcel Kurpershoek
Peter Clark The Road from Damascus by Scott C. Davis
Three Journeys in the Levant by Shusha Guppy

Leeds Conference: Arab Voices in the Diaspora