Selections of poems and fiction, sampling the richness and variety of the hundreds of authors in the issues. Plus a chance to hear and see a few of the authors in performance.

Selected Issue: Banipal 62, A Literary Journey through Arab Cinema (2018)


Lutfiya al-Dulaimi

An excerpt from the novel Lovers, a Phonograph and Times

Lovers, a Phonograph and Times, by Iraqi author Lutfiya al-Dulaimi, presents an account of Iraq’s development from the early twentieth century under Ottoman rule through to the century’s end and the post-US-occupation era through four generations of the Kutubkhani family.



Amin Zaoui

Opium and the Stick: the novel's poetics and the film's ambitions

Algerian novelist Mouloud Mammeri’s novels are thoroughly visual and rich in descriptions, vividly written with an abundance of fine details of nature and human life. Screening of the film contributed significantly to circulation of the novel while, conversely, the popularity of the novel and the name of its celebrated writer have granted the film a unique reception.