14 April to 27 May
New film about Etel Adnan by the Otolith Group
Fabrica Gallery in Brighton


Etel Adnan

I See Infinite Distance Between Any Point and Another is a portrait of the Lebanese-American poet, essayist and painter Etel Adnan. She is one of Banipal’s editors and has contributed to a number of issues. Central to the film, made largely in her Paris apartment, is a reading of extracts from her recently published poem The Sea.

Fabrica Gallery
40 Duke Street
East Sussex BN1 1AG

tel. 01273 778 646

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The artist in residence at Fabrica Gallery during the Spring show, Maria Jastrzebska, is exploring the idea of the sea as a border between countries, cultures and languages, and will put on a number of different events on this theme. Those unable to make it to Brighton, are invited to visit her blog and take part in her project by answering a few questions about the role of borders.