Hussain al-Mozany was born in al-Amarah, Iraq, in 1954 and grew up in Baghdad. He left Iraq in 1978 for Lebanon, and then after 1980 moved to Germany, living in Münster, where he studied German literature. Later he studied Arabic literature in Cairo.

He has published two collections of short stories and two novels written in German (1999 and 2002), and a book of essays Parallelwelten (2011).

He was awarded the Albert von Chamisso Prize for his second novel Mansur oder Der Duft des Abendlandes. He has translated many German authors into Arabic, including the Tin Drum of Günther Grass, and wrote his novels in German, while working as a journalist. He lived in Berlin.

Hussain died suddenly and unexpectedly on 5 December 2016. He was a good friend of Banipal magazine for many years, and contributed reviews of Arabic books, and essays, from time to time. Banipal also reviewed his novels and published an excerpt from Mansur oder Der Duft des Abendlandes. He was also a personal friend and is sorely missed.

The record in the INDEX on records his contributions and others' contributions on his works:
AL-MOZANY, Hussein (Iraq), ‘Trebeel’, translated by Lili al-Tai Milton, 4, 66-72; ‘Mansur, or the Allure of the Occident’, translated by Andrew Boreham, 17, 32-35; ‘Remembering the Iraqi poet Jean Dammo’, translated by Matthias Munsch, 17, 35; 'Mansur oder Der Duft des Abendlandes', reviewed by Matthias Munsch, 17, 76-77; ‘The story of a daring publisher’, translated by Margaret Obank, 18, 72-73; ‘The Last Wish’, translated by Sophie Richter-Devroe, 22, 61-70; review of 'Jidar Bayn Dhulmatain' by Rifat Chadirji and Balqis Sharara, 24, 137-39; review of 'Asrar Abdulla' by Habib Selmi, 24, 139-40; review of 'Al-Hudud Al-Barriya' by Maysalun Hadi, 24, 140-41; review of 'Sophia' by Mohammad Hasan Alwan, 26, 154; 'Das Gestandnis des Fleischhauers', reviewed by Volker Kaminski, translated by Martina Kirchhof, 30, 154-55; ‘The Last Trip to Baghdad’, translated by Ghenwa Hayek, 37, 6-19; 'A Day Out', a short story, translated by Hinrich von Haaren, 44, 30-36; an essay ‘Mother, Mother Tongue and Fatherland’, translated by William M Hutchins, 54, 138-146.

Contributor's Issues

Banipal 17 - Summer 2003

Banipal 4 - Spring 1999

Banipal 22 - Spring 2005

Banipal 44 - 12 Women Writers (2012)

Banipal 54 - ECHOES (Autumn/Winter 2015)

Banipal 37 - IRAQI AUTHORS (2010)