was born in al-’Ala, Tunisia, in 1951. He has published eight novels in Arabic, with four French editions by Actes Sud, and two in German translation. His novel The Scents of Marie-Claire was shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction 2008-2009 and published in English translation by Arabia Books in 2010.

He has two collections of short stories, with a number of stories translated and published in English, Norwegian, Hebrew and French in several international anthologies. 

His novels include Jabal al-’Anz (Goat Mountain), Ushaq Bayya (Bayya's Lovers) which was excerpted in Banipal 18 along with an in-depth interview, Surat Badawi Mayyit (Picture of a Dead Bedouin), 1990, Matahat al-Raml (Sand Labyrinth), 1994, Hufar Dafi’a (Warm Pits), 1999 and Asrar Abdallah (Abdallah’s Secrets), 2004.

Habib Selmi has lived in Paris since 1985.

His latest novel Nissa'u al-Bassateen (The Women of Al-Bassatin), published by Dar al-Adab, Beirut 2011, was shortlisted for the 2012 International Prize for Arabic Fiction. 




Contributor's Issues
Banipal No 4 Spring 1999
Banipal No 30 Autumn/Winter 2007
Banipal No 39 Modern Tunisian Literature (2010)
Banipal No 18 Autumn 2003
Banipal No 34 The World of Arab Fiction (2009)
Banipal No 44 12 Women Writers (2012)
Banipal No 43 Celebrating Denys Johnson-Davies (2012)

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