Banipal 58 - Arab Literary Awards (Spring 2017)

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Ahmad Yamani: Poem The Funeral


Sally Gomaa interviews the Egyptian author Alaa Khaled in his home city of Alexandria

Alaa Khaled: Excerpt from his autobiographical first novel A Pain as Light as a Bird’s Feather Floating Quietly from One Place to Another, translated by Sally Gomaa

Muhammad Khudayyir: A short story “The Three Wise Men”, translated by William Tamplin

Shahla Ujayli: A short story “A Dead Hand”, translated by Ayane Ezaki

Naguib Mahfouz: A short story “The Secret Organisation”, translated by Nathaniel Greenberg and Hagar Hesham Ahmed

Elias Farkouh: A chapter from the novel Drowned in Mirrors, translated by Jonathan Wright


Abdo Wazen: The novel in the lead

Fatma Alboudy: The role of the literary editor

Ibrahim Farghali: Reviving the Arab literary scene

Chip Rossetti: On book prizes in the Arab world

Khalil Suwaileh: Awards, what have you done to the Arabic novel!

Hassan Yaghi: Reversing the course of regression

Ismail Ghazali: Pushing open frontiers

Fadia Faqir: Reflections on my experience as a judge of a literary prize

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Mohammed Hasan Alwan: Excerpt from the novel A Small Death, translated by Paul Starkey

Najwa Binshatwan: A chapter from the novel The Slave Pens, translated by Raphael Cohen

Ismail Fahd Ismail: excerpt from the novel Al-Sabiliat, translated by William M. Hutchins

Elias Khoury: An excerpt from the novel The children of the ghetto – My name is Adam, translated by Humphrey Davies

Mohammed Abdel Nabi: An excerpt from the novel In the Spider’s Room, translated by Jonathan Wright

Saad Mohammed Raheem: An excerpt from the novel The Bookseller’s Murder, translated by Jonathan Wright

Painting of Yahya al-Sheikh, published in Banipal 58


Ashur Etwebi: An essay,
Yahya al-Sheikh’s Objectives
illustrated with night and day drawings by Yahya al-Sheikh





Mahmoud Saeed: Delineating Existence, translated by William M Hutchins





Fadia Faqir: Al-Khaima al-Baidha’ (The White Tent) by Liana Badr

Clare Roberts: Hend and the Soldiers by Badriah Albeshr

Olivia Snaije: The Shell: Memoirs of a Hidden Observer by Mustafa Khalifa

Abdo Wazen: Sulaf min Baghdad (The Sulaf  Tavern of Baghdad) by Muhsin al-Musawi

Susannah Tarbush: A Rare Blue Bird Flies with Me and A Beautiful White Cat Walks with Me by Youssef Fadel

Adil Babikir: Saba’t Ghurabaa’ fil-Madina (Seven Strangers in Town) by Ahmad Al Malik

Laura Ferreri: Otared by Mohammad Rabie

Becki Maddock: The Holy Sail by Abdulaziz al-Mahmoud and The Weight of Paradise by Iman Humaydan



Hussain al-Mozany


“A marshlander has left us”
by Stefan Weidner




London and Manchester:

The 2016 Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation

Audience at the Anthony Burgess Foundation celebrate Saif Ghobash Banipal Prizewinner Jonathan Wright and his author Saud Alsanousi

Audience at the Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, celebrate Saif Ghobash Banipal Prizewinner Jonathan Wright and his author Saud Alsanousi



Front cover of Banipal 57 Syria in the Heart
Celebrating Banipal 57 – Syria in the Heart
with three authors from the issue at Waterstones Piccadilly:
Syrian poet Nouri Al-Jarrah
Iraqi novelist Muhsin al-Ramli


Flemish poet Charlotte van den Broeck
from the Guest Literature on Literature from Flanders




The translators of the issue are:
Hagar Hesham Ahmed, Adil Babikir, Raphael Cohen, Charlotte Collins, Humphrey Davies, Ayane Ezaki, Sally Gomaa, Nathaniel Greenberg, William M Hutchins, Paul Starkey, William Tamplin, Valentina Viene, Jonathan Wright

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