Banipal 61 - A Journey in Iraqi Fiction (2018)

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Banipal 61 – A Journey in Iraqi Fiction is available as a paperback (ISBN 9780995636958)
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Front cover painting by Sci Sarhan



Abdallah Zrika: Three Poems, translated by Tim DeMay

Ashur Etwebi: Norwegian Blue and other poems, translated by the poet and James Byrne



Articles, reviews and excerpts from novels

Hussain Alsagaaf: “The Iraqi novel emerges from the womb of disaster”, translated by Jonathan Wright

Abdullah Ibrahim: "Shifting Identities in the Iraqi Novel", translated by Adil Babikir

Abdullah Sakhi: “Execution in the Stadium”, from the novel Paths of Loss, translated by Paul Starkey

Fatima al-Muhsin: Reviewing Paths of Loss "The Tragedy of al-Thawra City", translated by Suneela Mubayi

Salima Salih: An excerpt from the novel The Abyss, translated by Samira Kawar

Dhia Jubaili: An excerpt from the novel The Cloven Man, translated by Yasmeen Hanoush

Zuheir al-Hiti: An excerpt from The American Dust, translated by Ghenwa Hayek

Hamid al-Iqabi: An excerpt from The Necklace, translated by Raphael Cohen

Mohamed Hayawi: An excerpt from the novel Bayt al-Sudan, translated by Jonathan Wright

Ahmed Saadawi: An excerpt from The Chalk Door, translated by Jonathan Wright



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Excerpts from the 2018 Shortlist



Amir Tag Elsir: Flowers in Flames, translated by Raphael Cohen

Aziz Mohammad: The Critical Case of “K”, translated by Paul Starkey

Ibrahim Nasrallah: The Second War of the Dog, translated by Nancy Roberts

Shahad Al Rawi: The Baghdad Clock, translated by Luke Leafgren

Walid Shurafa: Heir of the Tombstones, translated by Wen-chin Ouyang

Dima Wannous: The Frightened Ones, translated by Jonathan Wright



Suneela Mubayi: Najaf: Memory and the City (Arabic) by Zuhair al-Jezairy

Salih Altoma: Encyclopedia of Arabic Narrative (Arabic) by Abdullah Ibrahim

Susannah Tarbush: Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed Saadawi
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Clare Roberts: Gaza Weddings by Ibrahim Nasrallah

Becki Maddock: All the Battles by Maan Abu Taleb

Valentina Viene: Suslov’s Daughter by Habib Abdulrab Sarori

Laura Ferreri: The Queue by Basma Abdel Aziz

Peter Kalu: Bled Dry by Abdelilah Hamdouchi



Luay Abdul-Ilah interviewed by Valentina Viene about his novel Divine Names


Faleh Abdul Jabar (1946-2018)TRIBUTE


Faleh Abdul Jabar



Sami Zubaida




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The translators of the issue are:

Adel Babikir, James Byrne, Raphael Cohen, Tim DeMay, Ghenwa Hayek, Samira Kawar, Luke Leafgren, Suneela Mubayi, Wen-chin Ouyang, Nancy Roberts, Paul Starkey, Jonathan Wright

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