Jack Hirschman
The Way to End War

Jack Hirschman



A Poem for Saadi





When the planet’s as it is today

chockablock with wars

at every click of the computer,

turn of the dial,

button on the teevee remote,


and greed and religions’ hatreds

hatch eggs of grief everywhere

like deathballs, and old ladies

are stamping on throwaway

soda cans worth pennies in the street


and fascist capitalism gives us

a digitalized semi-robotic

comic strip life with a laugh a minute

when that big busty bimbo

takes it all off,


how cam anyone say that communism

isn’t necessary? It’s failed, of course,


It’s the way to end war! The only

hope left. The rest is waiting

for atomicide.


Published in Banipal 51 - Celebrating Saadi Youssef

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