Wednesday 22 November 2023
6.30pm to 8.00pm
November Book Club on Zoom

The November bookclub will discuss


Works by 16 Palestinian poets – selected, introduced, and translated

from the Arabic by Mohammed Sawaie,

who will be joining us at the discussion

Published by Banipal Books in the UK in April 2022,
and in the US in February 2024.


The poets in this collection span and represent different generations and narratives, different backgrounds, and different locations, some of whose voices have not been heard previously in English, and, by and large, others whose works are not previously translated into English.

They are:

Asma Rizq Tubi

Fadwa Tuqan

Mu’in Bseiso

Harun Hashim Rasheed

Tawfiq Zayyad

Youssef al-Khatib

Rashid Hussein

Abdel Wahab Zahida

Samih al-Qasim

Salem Jubran

Zeinab Habash

Muhammad al-Qaisi

Mahmoud al-Najjar

Yousef al-Deek

Rita Odeh

Marwan Makhoul

The Tent Generations, Palestinian Poems gathers together works by these 16 Palestinian poets, written over the past seven decades, that give expression to the Palestinian experience under Israeli military rule and Israeli occupation, as well as the experience of dispersion and displacement from their homeland following the Nakba of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, and the subsequent wars of 1967 and 1973. The poems illuminate Palestinian responses to these tragic conflicts and wars that contributed to the loss of homeland, life under Israeli military rule and occupation, and the fragmentation and ruin of society and community.



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Front cover image is from a painting by renowned Palestinian artist Toufic Abdul-Al 


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• The front cover image is from  the painting"Watani al Hazeen" (Melancholic Homeland), oil on canvas, 50x60 cm, 1985, by Toufic Abdul-Al (1938–2002), reproduced with kind permission of the Abdul-Al family.

Toufic Abdul-Al was born in Acre, and was forced to leave Palestine in 1948, and live the rest of his life in Lebanon. An artist, sculptor, and poet, his distinctive style enriched Palestinian cultural heritage with a varied spectrum of exceptional works as he joined the top ranks of artists in the post-Nakba Palestinian art scene. He participated in numerous exhibitions in the Arab world, with his work recognized through many awards.