Hassan Najmi was born in 1959 in Ibn Ahme, Morocco. He has a diploma in Arabic Literature from Rabat College of Literature and Humanities. In 1977, he started publishing his work in various newspapers. He has published four collections of poems, one novel and two books of essays, one with Kacimi.

He worked for many years as arts editor of Al-Ittihad al-Ishtiraki newspaper, was President of the Moroccan Union of Writers from 1998 to 2005. He is presently director-general of the Book and Publications Department of Morocco's Ministry of Culture.

Contributor's Issues

Banipal 5 - Summer 1999

Banipal 35 - Writing in Dutch (2009)

Banipal 43 - Celebrating Denys Johnson-Davies (2012)

Banipal 51 - Celebrating Saadi Youssef (2014)

Banipal 41 - Celebrating Adonis (2011)