Abdo Wazen was born in Beirut in 1957. He is a poet, literary critic and translator.  He is currently literary editor of the online Independent Arabia (https://www.independentarabia.com/), after serving as cultural editor of the international daily Al-Hayat newspaper for many years until its demise.

Abdo Wazen is also a well-known translator of poetry from French into Arabic. He published his first collection of poems The Locked Forest in 1982, and since then six others. Copies of his book, Hadiqat al-Hawas (Garden of Sensation, 1993) were seized by the Lebanese Ministry of Interior on accusations of licentiousness.

In 1997 his translation of Jacques Prevert: 50 Poems was published by Dar An-Nahar. He later translated and introduced Nadia Twueni: 20 poems for a Love. Diwan al-Hallaj, edited and introduced by Abdo Wazen, is highly regarded.

His memoir, An Open Heart, was written after he underwent a major heart operation in 2010, and is excerpted in Banipal 40 – Libyan Fiction.

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