Muhsin al-Ramli was born in 1967 in northern Iraq. Since 1995 he has published four books (two collections of short stories, a novel and a play). He has lived in Madrid, Spain, since 1995, where he has published 11 works – collections of short stories, novels, a play, essays and poetry). He has a PhD in Philosophy and Spanish Literature from the Autonomous University of Madrid (2003), and teaches at the Saint Louis University, Madrid.

He is a co-founder of Alwaha literary magazine and the author of [The Happy Nights of Bombing], Cairo, 1993; [Papers: Far Away from Tangier – Short Stories], Amman, 1998, and [Searching for a Vivacious Heart: A Collection of Plays], Madrid 1997.

The translation of his novel Scattered Crumbs by Yasmeen Hanoosh won the Arkansas Translation Award. See Banipal No 17 for a pre-publication excerpt of the novel. His novel Dates on My Fingers and The President's Gardens are both translated by Luke Leafgren, with a pre-publication excerpt of the latter published in Banipal 57.

Click here to read an interview with Mushin al-Ramli about writing The President's Garden, whose Arabic original was longlisted for the 2013 International Prize for Arabic Fiction.

Contributor's Issues

Banipal 8 - Summer 2000

Banipal 57 - Syria in the Heart (Autumn/Winter 2016)