was born in 1969 in Tubuq, Saudi Arabia. She has a BA in English Literature from King Abdul Aziz University in Medina, an MA in Foreign Languages, and is working for an PhD in education at the University of Tiba in Medina. She has won prizes for her short stories – coming first in the 1993 short story competition of Medina Literary Club, and third place in the Tiaf Literary Club’s 1991 short story competition. She has three novels, with The Wasteland Paradise (1998) excerpted in Banipal 20, published in the newspaper supplement Kitab fi Jareeda, in February 2005 and published also in Italian translation in 2007. Her debut novel Love Always Remains earned second place of the Abha Prize for Culture in 1995.


Contributor's Issues

Banipal 20 - Summer 2004

Banipal 34 - The World of Arab Fiction (2009)