Manour El Souwaim was born in 1970 in Nyala, in the Darfur District of Sudan. He studied Critique Studies at the College of Music and Drama of the Sudan University of Sciences and Technology.

He has published four novels. Tukhoum el-Ramad (2011), Dhakirat Shirrir (2011) (A Rogue's Memory) translated into French as Souvenir d'un enfant des rues (Paris 2012) and excerpted in Banipal 55 – Sudanese Literature Today, Ashbah Frensawy (Cairo 2014), Akhir el-Salateen (Cairo 2014).

He was selected as one of the Beirut39, the Hay Festival's project for the best young Arab authors under the age of 39, and published his work in the Beirut39 Anthology (Bloomsbury UK/ USA (edited by Samuel Shimon) and New Voices, by IPAF, containing works of eight writers who participated in the IPAF Prize's writers' workshop in Abu Dhabi, in Arabic and English (Al-Saqi, London, 2010). Several of his novels and short stories have been translated into English and French.

Contributor's Issues

Banipal 55 - Sudanese Literature Today (Spring 2016)