Mansour M'henni
Two Poems translated by Keith Bosley


Translated from the French by Keith Bosley





An opened flower

In the garden of dream and crazy fads

Why blush at the poppy that sings

The manly shadow

Of sensitive sentences

When the boldest looks

And the more catlike smiles

Violate your unconcern

And trample your modesty


But this fear . . . Oh! This fear . . .

Fear stiffens your resistance

And hardens your softness



Like the wounded string

The heart groans

The heavy tribute to the violent bow

And night walks on life

Towards the vague shadow of regret






Hello! Grain of beauty

Waking at the fountain

Filled with the valley

Splitting the plain


Hello grain of beauty

Hello caressing footprint

Teasing and enchanted

On the hillside


Hello grain of beauty

Greedy for my verses

Filled with pleasure

Full of love and eloquence


Hello grain of beauty

Hello plural ink

Making us relate

Your eternal history


Beauty awakening

To the smell of my verses

To the shade of my trellis

And of my various wishes

Beauty ennobling

All beauty of things

Adorning and filling

All mirrors of roses


I wait for your beauty

With which my glass runs over

In its eternity

To recall my verses