Mon 05 May 2008
BBC Radio 4

Readings from Sardines and Oranges

cover of Sardines and Oranges

Monday 5th : The Crop by Gamal el-Ghitani
(translated by Mohammed Shaheen, pub. Banipal 21 & Sardines and Oranges)

Tuesday 6th : The Furnace by Rachida el-Charni
(translated by Ali Azeriah, pub. Banipal 10/11 & Sardines and Oranges)

Wednesday 7th : If She Comes by Tayeb Salih
(translated by Shakir Mustafa, pub. Banipal 22 and Sardines and Oranges)

Thursday 8th : Provisions of Sand by Said el-Kafrawi
(translated by Mona Zaki, pub. Banipal 9 and Sardines and Oranges)

Friday 9th : You Taught Me To Love Life, Father by Aroussia Naluti (translated by Ali Azeriah, pub. Banipal 24)